Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Massacre in Azaaz, Aleppo suburbs

*Most important events of the massacre in Azaaz, Aleppo suburbs, up until now:

MiGs [Russian-made warplanes] belonging to the Assad army shelled Azaaz city with rockets. The rockets caused great and unprecedented destruction and claimed the lives of over 31 martyrs, including 8 children and an unborn baby, whose bodies were retrieved from under the rubble. There are reports of  dozens missing under the devastation, in addition to recovering live people. The shelling targeted civilian houses and destroyed them completely, amid panic and severe fear from residents. Sounds of these explosions reached the village of Tel Rif'at, which also saw clouds of smoke from the shelling.
-Recovering martyrs from under the rubble and searching for living people during the footage:

-Injured child crying from under the rubble:
-Panic and treating casualties:
-Children casualties from the barbaric shelling:

-Impact of the barbaric shelling today:

-The district completely destroyed:
-Civilians come out from under the rubble:

-Violent warplane shelling, sounds of explosions and smoke seen from Tel Rif'at:


*Names of the martyrs of the massacre in Azaaz documented up until now:
1. Yousef Riad Danoun, 80 years
2. Nadirah Yousef Riad Danoun, 45 years
3. Aminah Yousef Jameel Danoun, 65 years
4. Ideib Danoun and his father
5. Yousef Ideib Danoun
6. Ahmad Ideib Danoun
7. Shahoud Ideib Danoun
8. Amanee Ideib Danoun
9. Waleed Yousef Danoun
10. Yousef Waleed Danoun
11. Wisam Waleed Danoun
12. Amanee Waleed Danoun
13. Wiam Waleed Danoun
14. Yousef Sameer Danoun, 10 years
15. Aminah Sameer Danoun, 12 years
16. Samar Sameer Danoun, 11 years
17. Raneem Sameer Danoun, 12 years
18. Tasneem Sameer Danoun, 4 years
19. Mohammad Khadar Sameer Danoun, 1 month.
20. Khadeijah Danoun, 40 years
21. Yahya Mohammad Yaserjee, 7 years
22. Sarah Mohammad Yaserjee, 5 years
23. Ziad Waleed Ramadan, 15 years
24. Abdul Hafeeth Mohammad Haj Sa'eed, 35 years
25. Raghed Hisham Dadekhee
26. Ahmad Abdul Rahman Kharfaneh
27. Sameer Ahmad Al Hilo
28. Daran Ahmad Daran, 27 years
29. Alaa' Mostafa Mousa, 20 years
30. Mohammad Khalaf, 17 years
31. Lamees Jamal Hilal, who was 8 months pregnant.

*Missing names who have not been found:

-Salem Yaserjee
-Ahmad Yaserjee
-Yousef Danoun


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