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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 24/08/2012

Friday of "Daraa Don't Be Sad; God is With Us"

Summary for 24/08/2012:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 29
Number of protests: 21
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 6
Number of shelled places: 34
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 4
Number of defections: 3



1. Basheer Khayatah, father of 8 children, was killed from gunfire on his car (a pick up van) while he was traveling to Khan Touman.

2. Al Hellok: Anadan Jarkas, 25 years, killed after he was wounded with a sharpnel due to the warplane shelling in the morning.

3. Karam Al Jabal: a 12-year-old child was martyred from the fall of 3 shells.

4. Al Saliheen: Fares Ahmad Athab, killed when a shell fell in Al Maghsaleh street.

5. Saif Al Dowleh: Tal'at Mohammad, 42 years, killed from snipers while he was visiting his house with his wife to check up on it.

6. Saif Al Dowleh: female Duha Fadel Hamamee, killed from the shelling:

7-10. Bustan Al Basha: 4 unidentified martyrs who were killed from the fall of a shell on Al Khadaar market:

11. Al Sheikh Khadar: Yaser Al Asoud, Aby Karmo, killed from the warplane shelling.

12. Al Sha'ar: child Isma'eil Al Khatin, whose head was completely crushed from the artillery shelling that destroyed more than 25 houses. A whole family survived who were recovered from under the rubble:

13. Rural Aleppo - Al Othmaniyeh/Salah Al Deen: Omar Shahadeh, who died from wounds he had sustained  during clashes in Salah Al Deen. He died in Turkey.

14. Rural Aleppo - Qabasein: female Heba Al Rajoub, 19 years, died from wounds she had sustained from Asasd militia gunfire on displaced refugees on the way from Aleppo to Latakia.

15. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: Emad Mohammad Jamal Ni'mah, killed from the shelling on Al Areimah town.

16. Rural Aleppo - Mayer: Hussein Bin Ahmad Abdo Qasem, was killed in clashes in Aleppo.

17. Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: Mahmoud Al Help, 33 years, killed while praying Friday prayers in the town mosque that was targeted by warplanes. Bidding farewell to the martyr:

18. Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: Mohammad Ameir Haqanee, 55 years, killed from the shelling:

19. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: Khaled Ramadan Zameh, 18 years, killed from the shelling on Al Kbeer mosque.

20. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: Abdo Ahmad Zammeh, killed from the shelling on Al Kbeer mosque.

21. Rural Aleppo - Arshaf/Salah Al Deen: Zakariya Hussrin Al Yousef, 38 years, killed in Salah Al deen during clashes from Jundullah brigade.

22. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz/Bustan Al Qasr: Hasnee Haj Ibrahim Hamadan Kano, 19 years and from Azaaz, was killed while defending his brothers in Bustan Al Qasr. He was a hero of the Asifat Al Shimal brigade:

23. Rural Aleppo - Ratyan: Mahmoud Mustafa Samou', killed during the shelling of a building that he was in.

24. Rural Aleppo - Ratyan: Abdo Aboudee Tahhan, killed during the shelling of a building that he was in.

25. Rural Aleppo - Ratyan: Abdo Abdul Kareem Al Aswad, killed during the shelling of a building that he was in.

26. Rural Aleppo - Hardatnein: Adham Mohammad Sha'ban, media activist Aby Qateibeh Al Halabee, who was of the martyrs in Ratyan.

27. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: Azeiz Al Thaher, killed from army gunfire on a checkpoint in Al Ramousiyeh while he was  traveling to receive the body of his body.

28. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: Hassan Al Thaher, killed from army gunfire on a checkpoint in Al Ramousiyeh while he was  traveling to receive the body of his body.

29. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: Shaker Al Abdo, killed from army gunfire on a checkpoint in Al Ramousiyeh while he was  traveling to receive the body of his body.

*The following was documented:

1. Al Itha'ah: Hassan Ashrafee, 46 years, killed from a shell fragment while he was emerging from a taxi 17/08/2012.

2. 4 men were martyred in Al Saliheen from a shell that fell on a building. Their names are unknown 20/08/2012.

3. The family who was shot at with snipers in Salah Al Deen while attempting to flee in a taxi has been identified as: Abdul Rahman Shahto, his wife from Al Hadree family and his daughter. They were targeted in a Saba taxi, registration plate number 946, on 11/08/2012. They were documented as unidentified martyrs on 17/08/2012, where they were found in the car, their bodies disintegrated. Their were buried in Al Hadeithah cemetery:



1. Injured and wounded:

•Children's bodies remain the primary and largest target of the shelling:

•Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: dozens of injured from the warplane shelling on the town and the destruction of a number of houses. Civilians are still being searched for under the rubble.

•Al Sha'ar: rescue of a child and her mother:

•Saif Al Dowleh: an Al Jazeera correspondent injured in his leg:
-A woman was injured while coming with her husband to check up on their house. They were targeted by snipers; the husband was martyred and the lady is in a critical condition.

•Bustan Al Qasr: 2 men injured last night and their treatment in the hospital:

2. Masakin Hanano: polyclinics targeted:

3. Aqaywal: clip of a bomb falling from a plane (a barrel weighing around 250 kilograms)  that exploded near Osama Bin Zaid mosque around 25 metres from the toad. No human casualties were reported:

4. Qadee Askar: impact of the shelling even on cemeteries:

5. Saif Al Dowleh: shelling of residential buildings:
-Impact of the destruction in all the road:

6. Al SHa'ar: amount of destruction from the shelling. Civilians attempt to recover bodies and treat them from the rubble:

7. Bustan Al Basha: impact of the shelling that targeted Suleiman Al Idlebee mosque:

8. Al Firdous: impact of the continuous shelling today:
-Footage from above:

9. Bab Al Neirab: shelling of Bab Al Neirab roundabout and the targeting of mosques:

10. Bustan Al Qasr: impact of the warplane shelling:

11. New Aleppo [Halab Al Jadeideh]: overcrowding at the bakeries in Aleppo, with over 2000 people queuing.

12. Power outage to a number of districts being targeted in eastern Aleppo.

13. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: impact of the warplane shelling and searching for civilians under the rubble:

14. Rural Aleppo - Jabakas: a rocket that fell but did not explode:

15. Rural Aleppo - Batabo: warplane and helicopter shelling for the past week and shelling from the 46th regiment, which lead to the displacement of all people in the town.
-It is worth mentioning that civilians were wounded during the shelling from the fear and mania. Most complained that they showed symptoms such as stomach pains, fevers, nosebleeds and dehydrated throats. Activists with [medical] expertise are being asked to investigate the situation to determine the cause of the symptoms.


Cases of gunfire:

1. Al Kurah Al Ardiyeh: dawn - very violent clashes with heavy and medium weapons around Al Kurah Al Ardiyeh roundabout, Nadi Al Dabbat [officers club] and the rest of the entrances to Saif Al Dowleh district.

2. Al Midan: clashes:

3. Saif Al Dowleh: violent and non-stop clashes, in conjunction with continued shelling:

4. Bustan Al Qasr: very violent clashes in the roads separating Bustan Al Basha and Al Midan districts between the Free Syria Army and Assad militias, in conjunction with warplane and helicopter shelling.

5. Salah Al Deen: continuous violent shelling.

6. Southern suburbs: continuous clashes amid warplane and helicopter shelling near Azan.


Places that were bombed/shelled:

*Aleppo - violent shelling and smoke rising throughout the city:

1. Al Mayasar: before dawn - mortar shelling indiscriminately targeting civilian houses, causing a number of civilian casualties and outbreaks of fire in a building.

3. Saif Al Dowleh: dawn - shelling targeting the district and clashes remain ongoing.
-Afternoon: continued shelling and footage of the fall of a shell on the post office:

3. Al Firdous: warplane shelling in the morning.
-Afternoon: renewed artillery shelling on residential houses.
-People who were praying emerged from Khayatah mosque before Friday prayers without praying due to the mosque being targeted by shelling a number of times.
-It should be noted that most mosques in the district are undergoing shelling: Najeeb Khayarah mosque, I'rabee mosque and Al Hareth mosque.
-Late afternoon: renewed shelling with machine guns from helicopters.
-Evening: fall of shells on the district, including one which targeted the street with Ibn Seina school, and another that wounded Mohammad Al Eisa, brother of lawyer Ibrahim Al Eisa. He was transported to the hospital.
-Heavy shelling that is thought to be the most violent on the district thus far/

4. Al Hellok: warplane shelling on all schools of the district.
-After Friday prayers: violent shelling from warplanes.
-Renewed helicopter shelling that pounded water tanks, caused smoke to rise from the district, and lead to an additional martyr who wounded with a shrapnel.
-Evening: warplane shelling near Ein Al Tal, which was followed by indiscriminate helicopter shelling after the warplanes emptied their ammunition.
-Assad regime forces shell an old church for the third time this month.
-Night: helicopters continue shelling with heavy machine guns.

5. Karam Al Beik: 3 shells fell on the district, which lead to the martyrdom of a 12-year-old boy and a number of casualties.

6. Tareeq Al Bab: machine gun shelling from a ergime helicopter.

7. Masakin Hanano: helicopter shelling.

8. Sleiman Al Halabi: helicopter shelling that lead to the collapse of a floor in a residential building.

9. Qadee Askar: helicopters overhead indiscriminately open fire with heavy machine guns.

10. Aqaywal: warplanes shell the districts of Aqaywal, Bab Al Hadeed and Al Sha'ar with heavy machine guns.

11. Al Sha'ar: warplanes shell the districts of Aqaywal, Bab Al Hadeed and Al Sha'ar with heavy machine guns.
-Fierce artillery shelling from warplanes and helicopters in the morning, which caused the martyrdom of a child whose head was completely crushed. More than 25 houses were destroyed and a whole family was rescued from under the rubble.
-Moment a bomb fell:
-Night: warplane shelling on the district and the fall of 2 bombs on the market, which caused several casualtyes.

12. Bab Al Hadeed: warplanes shell the districts of Aqaywal, Bab Al Hadeed and Al Sha'ar with heavy machine guns.
-Night: renewed artillery shelling.

13. Al Kallaseh: warplane shelling targeting Al Yarmouk smoke and black smoke fills the sky.
-Night: renewed artillery shelling.

14. Bustan Al Basha: helicopter shelling in the afternoon.
-Evening: violent clashes between the Free Syria Army and Assad militias, in conjunction with warplanes violently shelling.

15. Al Sheikh Sa'd: a number of shells fell, causing casualties.

16. Bustan Al Qasr: evening - warplanes shell Al Zanadiyeh, Saif Al Dowleh, Bustan Al Qasr and Al Mashahed.
-Night: renewed artilleries shelling.

17. Al Mashahed: evening - warplanes shell Al Zanadiyeh, Saif Al Dowleh, Bustan Al Qasr and Al Mashahed.

18. Al Zabadiyeh: evening - warplane shelling on the districts and its surroundings.

19. Al Sikaree: shelling in a number of places near Al Masree bakery and Al Sharabatee wal Mutawasef pharmacy.
-Night: repairts of renewed warplane shelling, which lead to the fall of 2 floors.

20. Al Itha'ah: helicopters open fire from machine guns, causing great fired to outbreak near the district.

21. Renewed violent shelling on the western suburbs of Aleppo from rocket launchers and artillery on the cities and towns.

22. Rural Aleppo - Al Areimeh: warplane shelling on the town, which is a part of Manbej. Civilians are in a state of panic.

23. Rural Aleppo - Al Ataren: moment of warplane shelling and smoke rising:

24. Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: shelling of Al Bara; mosque during Fridya prayers, which lead to the destruction of a part of it and casualties. It should be noted that the mosque was targeted in Ramadan during taraweeh prayers.

25. Rural Aleppo - Anadan: Al Hassan wal Hussein mosque, situated at the entrance of the city, was targeted by a warplane bomb.

26. Rural Aleppo - Talafatah: warplanes flying overhead the southern suburbs shell Karam Zeitoun, belonging to the village, as a village that is a part of Idlib was shelled.

27. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: warplane shelling which lead to dozens of martyrs and the destruction of a number of houses. Civilians continue to search under the rubble:
-A bomb that targeted the city:
-2 martyrs and dozens of causealties were confirmed from the shelling that targeted Al Kbeer mosque.

28. Rural Aleppo - Jabakalas: warplane shelling and the fall of a rocket that did not explode:

29. Rural Aleppo - Mare': warplane shelling.
-Moment a shell exploded and smoke rising:
-Smoke rising from the shelling:

30. Rural Aleppo - Al Jeineh: shelling from the 46th regiment.

31. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz: warplane shelling and sounds of explosions resound in a number of areas in the city.

32. Southern Aleppo suburbs: continued clashes amid warplane and helicopter shelling near Azan, and reports of the fall of a rocket in Abtein town.

33. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: warplane shelling on the city and at the main bakery of the city.

34. Rural Aleppo - Ratyan: shelling targeting a building, that lead to the fall of 4 martyrs.

*Shelling of Anajareh in western Aleppo suburbs yesterday and smoke rising from the town:


Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:

1. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: warplanes flying overhead in the district.

2. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: warplanes overhead pound the city:

3. Mare': warplanes overhead:

4. Al Midan: warplanes overhead:


Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo

Freedom-callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Salah Al Deen, Aleppo suburbs and the districts being shelled, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Al Sakhour/Tareeq Al Bab: despite the shelling, freedom-callers headed towards Tareeq Al Bab to participate in a demonstration:

2. Al Sheikh Fares: demonstration and funeral procession for all martyrs of the district:

3. Al Sikaree: large demonstration:

Reported demonstrations with no footage- Al Khaldiyeh, New Aleppo [Halab Al Jadeideh], Al Firdous.

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo

All the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute Bashar and to show solidarity with Azaaz, Salah Al Deen, the districts being shelled and the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime, as well as to condemn the massacre in Azaaz and to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Kobanee: large demonstration after Friday prayers with the participation of women:

2. Dabeq: demonstration after Friday prayers:

3. Al Bab: large demonstration in Freedom Square:

4. Al Ibzamo: demonstration after Friday prayers:

5. Mare': demonstration after Friday prayers:

6. Baza'ah: large demonstration after Friday prayers:

7. Al Jeineh: large demonstration:

8. Al Shuyoukh Foqanee: large demonstration:

9. Manbej: large demonstration in the main square:

10. Deir Hafer: demonstration after Friday prayers from Al Kbeer mosque:

11. Azaaz: funeral procession for defector and hero Hasnee Ibrahim Hamadan, after his martyrdom in a battle in Aleppo:

Reported demonstrations with no footage- Ikhtarein, Manbej, Taqad, Al Hader.



1-2. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: the defection of soldiers Mohammad Ammar Al Barzawee and Mohammad Abdul Majeed Hamadah were secured from the checkpoint stationed at the entrance of Al Atareb city by the Tareq Bin Ziad brigade.

3. Members of Al Shahba' brigade, part of Ahrar Al Sham battalion, secured the defection of engineer Jamal Reihawee from the ranks of the Centre for Studies and Scientific Research (branch 4) in Aleppo. He defected because of the great violations committed by Assad militias.



1. A very important appeal from leaders of the Free Syria Army to civilians of Saif Al Dowleh and Salah Al Deen about lies of the regime media:


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