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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 22/08/2012

Summary for 22/08/2012:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 14
Number of protests: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 2
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 7
Number of shelled places: 33
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 6
Number of defections: 0



1.       Aqaywal: Ahmad Kholandee, killed from the shelling on Ugheer bakery with warplanes yesterday.

* A distressing video showing some of the victims of the Ugheer bakery massacre 21/08/2012:
-Emotional video of a child who was martyred in the Aqaywal Ugheer bakery massacre 22/08/2012:

2.       Bustan Al Qasr/Salah Al Deen: Radwan Yaseen, killed during clashes in Salah Al Deen yesterday.
3.       Masakin Hanano: Ahmad Habal Bin Mohammad, 16 years, killed during the artillery shelling.
4.       Masakin Hanano: female Halima A Abeid, 40 year, killed from the artillery shelling.
5.       Bab Al Nasr: unidentified martyr in his 30s, killed from snipers.
6.       Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb/Al Khaldiyeh: Ahmad Al Sayed Ibn Mohammad, 20 years, killed while he was defending Salah Al Deen. H was from Al Fateh brigade and was originally from Al Atareb.
7.       Saif Al Dowleh: elderly Subhi Thakree, 80 years, died from wounds he had sustained in his waist and shoulder a few days ago from the clashes in the district.
8.       Rural Aleppo – Al Atareb/Salah Al Deen: defector Omar Sameer Abdul Aziz, killed in Salah Al Deen while defending the district:
9.       Salah Al Deen: Ali (Abu Isma’eel) killed during clashes. He was from Al Aqsa brigade:
10.   Bustan Al Basha: university student Mohammad Ali Saleh, 22 years, killed from the artillery shelling.
11.   Bustan Al Basha: university student Ahmad Al Hassan, 22 years, killed from the artillery shelling.
12.   Al Sikaree: female child Rahaf Hisham Al Haj Ahmad, 13 years, killed from the shelling.
13.   Al Sikaree/Salah Al Deen: Zakariya Ghareer, 45 years, killed while he was visiting an area near Salah Al Deen.
14.   Aleppo: Hassoun Jasem Mukhtar, who used to work as a farmer in Daraa, was summary executed in Saida and his body was thrown near Al Kbeer mosque:

*Also documented:

-Salah Al Deen: 2 martyrs, one from the Kan’an family and the other from Adoush, were killed from the shelling near Sa’pid pharmacy on 21/08/2012.
-Al Ansaree/Salah Al Deen: Abdul Razzaq Tabash Bin Mustafa, 58 years, killed from snipers in Salah Al Deen 15/08/2012.
-Al Firdous: shelling of Al Hareth mosque and Al Waeed Bin Abdul Malek school caused the fall of 14 martyrs on the second day of Eid. Of the martyrs are:
                *Father Marwan Noor Al Deen, 42 years.
                *Child Ahmad Noor Al Deen, 9 years.
                *Child Abdul Hadee Noor Al Deen, 10 years.
                *Female child Heba Noor Al Deen, 3 years.
New information:
                *Female child Kaser Deibo Waysee, 3 years (documented yesterday.)
                *Female Azeiza Deibo Waysee, 55 years (documented yesterday.)

 *Delayed videos:

                -Al Firdous: bodies recovered from under the rubble that was caused by the shelling and lead to the complete collapse of a building, causing a massacre 21/08/2012:
                -Al Mashahed: bodies recovered after 3 days of not being able to access them. The bodies were withdrawn by the Martyr Hussein Al Ahmad detachment of the Tawheed brigade 13/08/2012:
                -Qadee Askar: painful footage of the massacre in Qadee Askar 17/08/2012:



1.       Injured and wounded:
·         Aqaywal bakery: painful and graphic scenes from the hospital showing casualties and martyrs from the massacre in Aqaywal yesterday:
·         Al Sha’ar: amputation of a civilian’s leg due to the warplane shelling. Caution: the video is very graphic:
-An unconscious child injured in the waist. The video is very graphic:
2.       Rural Aleppo – Al Atareb: impact of the destruction after the daily shelling by Assad militias:
3.       Rural Aleppo – Batano: impact of the barbaric shelling on the town:
-Shell fragments:
-A school that underwent shelling and the destruction in all areas of the school:
-Clip showing the great damage and casualties after warplanes targeted the area:
4.       Saif Al Dowleh: impact of the tank and plane shelling:
5.       Bustan Al Qasr: impact of the warplane shelling:
-Impact of the shelling of At Talaa’I’ Al Thawra school:
6.       Rural Aleppo – Mare’: place a bomb fell and warplane shells near the main bakery, which lead to another massacre:
7.       Masakin Hanano: extent of destruction and devastation from the warplane shelling:
-Extent of the holes created by Assad planes:

*A distressing video of children who were martyred in the massacre at Aqaywal bakery 22/08/2012:


Cases of gunfire:

1.       Rural Aleppo – Azam: violent clashes near the rocket battalion belonging to the brigade 80, after Al Sheikh Sa’d area, east of Aleppo.
2.       Saif Al Dowleh: very violent clashes and confrontations with Assad regime tanks in one of the roads.
3.       Al Midan: indiscriminate gunfire.
4.       Salah Al Deen: continuous clashes in the district and its surroundings.
5.       Al Itha’ah: clashes and sounds of gunfire from the district.
6.       Maysaloun: violent clashes in Maysaloun and Al Sayid Ali with machine guns and RPGs. Many are fleeing from the district.
7.       Al Sayid Ali: clashes and violent gunfire.


Places that were bombed/shelled:

1.       Masakin Hanano: continued shelling of the district since the end of the night and up until dawn. A number of shells fell in the district, causing a number of casualties.
-Renewed artillery shelling since the early hours of the morning and up until 12pm, and the fall of more than 10 shells on residential buildings. A young man was martyred from the shelling, in addition to a number of casualties and outbreaks of fire from Al Abbas mosque from the mortar shelling.
-Footage of the moment a shell was launched by Assad militias, which fell near the cameraman:
-Smoke billowing from where the shell fell:
2.       Al Sakhour: the district has not been spared of the artillery shelling, and 2 shells fell near Al Mustaghfareen mosque, causing casualties and some material damage:
3.       Tareeq Al Bab: shelling on Al Sakhour and Tareeq Al Bab.
4.       Al Sha’ar: warplane shelling and reports that the field hospital was targeted with 3 rockets. The shelling was intensified on the district and a number of casualties fell.
5.       Aleppo citadel: warplanes flying overhead and the fall of shells on the old districts.
6.       Saif Al Dowleh: an attempt by tanks to raid one of the streets while shelling with heavy machine guns:
-Impact of the shelling and smoke rising from residential buildings:
7.       Bustan Al Qasr: warplane shelling in the evening:
8.       Al Saliheen: fall of a shell on Al Jeilanee mosque, that lead to the fall of a martyr from a shrapnel.
9.       Al Firdous: warplane shelling targeting Nizar Haj Sha’ban school and Abdullah Bin Hareth mosque. The shelling extended up until Jisr Al Haj.
10.   Al Midan: artillery shelling and the fall of shells near the bakery.
11.   Sleiman Al Halabi: artillery shelling and outbreaks of fire on the rooftops of a residential building in the evening.
12.   Bustan Al Basha: artillery shelling in the evening, which lead to the martyrdom of 2 young men and a number of casualties.
13.   Al Marjeh: violent shelling for the past few days amid a media blackout, and the fall of a number of shells today. Losses remain unknown.
-Night: renewed shelling.
14.   Al Mayasar: violent artillery shelling.
15.   Salah Al Deen: artillery and mortar shelling on Salah Al Deen and Saif Al Dowleh, and sounds of explosions are clearly heard.
16.   Al Hellok: fall of a shell near the market square, and the shelling is continuous for more than 2 hours. It is thought that the source of the shelling is from Al Intharat, specifically from the school of infantry.
17.   Al Sikaree: shelling that lead to an additional girl martyr.
18.   Al Muhafathah: artillery shelling and the fall of shells near Al Fatah mosque. An elderly man was wounded.
19.   Al Jamiliyeh: fall of a shell near the military court before midnight.
20.   Rural Aleppo – Taqad: shelling on the towns of Taqad and Al Ibzamo 2 hours before dawn with rocket launchers from the 46th regiment.
21.   Rural Aleppo – Al Ibzamo: shelling on the towns of Taqad and Al Ibzamo 2 hours before dawn with rocket launchers from the 46th regiment.
22.   Rural Aleppo – Kafar Hamra: helicopter shelling.
23.   Rural Aleppo – Azam: fire in Al Kateibeh area after warplanes targeted the surrounding areas, causing a number of civilian casualties.
24.   The southern suburbs: non-stop shelling from planes for the past 5 hours and up until now. The source of the shelling is from the air defence battalion is from Rasm Al Qadeimeh village on Al Safeira village, with clashes very close to the battalion.
25.   Rural Aleppo – Kaljibreen: smoke due to the warplane shelling:
-Warplanes shelling:
26.   Rural Aleppo – Batabo: smoke rising from the town due to the helicopter shelling:
27.   Rural Aleppo – Mare’: violent warplane shelling, where rockets and large bombs were fired.
-MiGs and attampts to target the principal bakery in the city:
28.   Rural Aleppo – Hayyan: warplane shelling on Hayyan and Anadan, and the fall of 2 bombs in the northern district.
29.   Rural Aleppo – Anadan: warplane shelling on Hayyan and Anadan, and the fall of 2 bombs in the northern district.
30.   Rural Aleppo – Maskanah: renewed shelling from Assad warplanes targeting Al Zira’iyeh high school.
31.   Rural Aleppo – Kafar Halab: renewed shelling from the 46th regiment.
32.   Rural Aleppo – Al Bab: warplane shelling:
33.   Rural Aleppo – Azaaz: indiscriminate artillery shelling from Manegh military airport.

*Masakin Hanano: very clear footage of warplane shelling:
-Smoke and fire rising from buildings:


Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:

1.       Rural Aleppo – Kaljibreen: warplanes overhead pound the city:
2.       Rural Aleppo – Ibeen: helicopters flying overhead that shelled neighbouring Batabo:
3.       Masakin Hanano: warplanes overhead pound the city with rockets:
4.       Saif Al Dowleh: attempts by a tank to raid a street while shelling with heavy machine guns:
5.       Rural Aleppo – Al Bab: warplanes shelling the city:
6.       Rural Aleppo – Anadan: warplanes overhead pound the city:


Demonstrations in Aleppo:

Freedom-callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Salah Al Deen, Aleppo suburbs and the districts being shelled, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1.       Al Sikaree: night demonstration despite the shelling:


Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1.       Rural Aleppo – Al Bab: a festival with colourful streets. The walls were decorated yesterday:
2.       Rural Aleppo – Jarablus: establishment of the Prospects for Freedom forum, of creative, cultural and purposeful activities.


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