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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 29/08/2012==================================

Summary for 29/08/2012:
Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 14
Number of protests: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 3
Number of shelled places: 17
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 6
Number of defections: 0


*Communications remain cut-off, making it difficult to verify all the news.

1. Bustan Al Qasr: female Wafa’ Omar, 60 years, killed from a plane shell. No one was able to aid him:

2. Al Sikaree: Mahmoud Ali, killed by snipers in Al Amariyeh:

3-5. Al Sikaree: 3 martyrs from the shelling.

6. Bustan Al Basha: female Um Hanan, 60 years, killed from the shelling.

7. Aqaywal: Yahya As’ad Shablee, killed from the shelling.

8. Jisr Al Neirab: Abdullah Kabbeh War, killed from the shelling.

9. Tareeq Al Bab: unidentified martyr from the shelling:

10. Saif Al Dowleh: Ahmad As’ad Boudaqa, killed on Tuesdau in hospita; after he was wounded with sniper gunfire in his stomach last week.

11. Rural Aleppo - Talqarah/Al Ahdath: Mustafa Deibo, from Talqarah, Mare’, was killed during clashes in Aleppo in Al Ahdath area:

*Idlib/rural Aleppo - Al Bab: 3 martyrs from the Shahabee family were stopped at a checkpoint in Idlib suburbs, where they were summarily executed with gunfire.

12. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: Omar Khaleel Yahya Shahabee, summarily executed at a checkpoint in Idlib suburbs.

13. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: Sa’eed Khaleel Yahya Shahabee, summarily executed at a checkpoint in Idlib suburbs.

14. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: Yaser Yahya Al Shahabee, summarily executed at a checkpoint in Idlib suburbs.

*Also documented: martyr Nizar Mohammad Hassan Ameen Jibra’eel, killed on 15/08/2012 from the warplane shelling in Al Atareb, rural Aleppo:


1. Injured and wounded:

•Bustan Al Qasr: an attempt to treat Wafa’ Omar, 60 years, from among the rubble, in an attempt to save her life. However, she died later:

•Rural Aleppo - Mare’: some of the casualties in the field hospital:

•Al Sheikh Khadar: a casualty who is very critically injured. It is thought that the video was taken two days ago:

2. Al Sakhour: impact of the torture of a young man from the district by the intelligence [mukhabaraat] forces in Sa’d Allah square:

3. A video leaked from inside a tank that shelled buildings:

4. Al Mayasar: impact of the destruction of government buildings:

5. Masakin Hanano: extent of holes created from the warplane shelling today:

6. Al Sikaree: impact of the shelling of civilian houses, which lead to the martyrdom of 3 people. Civilians talk about what happened:
-Even birds are not spared from the shelling:
-A woman gives a testimony of the suffering of civilians:

7. Bustan Al Qasr: high resolution footage of the impact of the shelling of residential buildings:

8. Bustan Al Basha: a hole created from the helicopter shelling:

9. Salah Al Deen: impact of the devastation:

10. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: impact of the warplane shelling on a school:

11. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz: a child recounts what he saw of the Azaaz massacre after the raid:

12. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: destruction after the continuous shelling:


Cases of gunfire:
1. Saif Al Dowleh: very violent clashes amid sporadic and violent artillery shelling.

2. Salah Al Deen: continued clashes, and Assad soldiers fleeing:

3. Rural Aleppo - Anadan: violent clashes in response to shabeeha [regime thugs] and security forces.


Places that were bombed/shelled:
1. Masakin Hanano: morning - renewed warplane shelling:
-Helicopter shelling:

2. Al Mayasar: renewed indiscriminate artillery shelling:
-Night: renewed indiscriminate artillery shelling.

3. Al Arqoub: warplanes shell, causing smoke to rise:
-Moment a shell fell:
-Warplane shelling:

4. Al Sakhour: shelling and smoke rising from the area of Al Sakhour roundabout:

5. Saif Al Dowleh: Assad militia severely and violent shell the district, in conjunction with warplane shelling and sporadic shelling with artillery shells.

6. Bustan Al Qasr: reports of violent shelling from Assad militias.
-Clip directly after the shelling:
-Moment a second shell fell:
-Night: indiscriminate shelling.

7. Al Sikaree: violent shelling, casing a number of martyrs and casualties and the suffering of the rest of the residents of the neighbourhood.

8. Al MaslamiyegL warplane shelling:

9. Sleiman Al Halabi: smoke rising from the indiscriminate shelling:

10. Salah Al Deen: shelling from artillery stationed in Al Ramouseh towards Salah Al Deen and Al Amariyeh.

11. Al Amariyeh: shelling from artillery stationed in Al Ramouseh towards Salah Al Deen and Al Amariyeh.

12. Bustan Al Zahra’: a shell fell in the heart of the district.

13. Rural Aleppo - Al Tawameh: shelling from the 46th regiment in the town in Aleppo suburbs before dawn.

14. Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: artillerys shelling on cities and villages in the northern suburbs in the early hours of dawn, and the fall of a shell on Hreitan city, which is densely populated with displaced refugees.

15. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: warplane shelling since the morning:

16. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: violent shelling from the school of infantry with artillery and rocket launchers, causes a number of casualties.

17. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: violent artillery shelling from Al Sheikh Suleiman artillery on the town.


Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:
1. Al Mayasar: warplanes hover overhead the district and its surroundings:

2. Al Hamdaniyeh: many warplanes comb the area:

3. Masakin Hanano: warplanes shell since the morning:
-Helicopters shelling:

4. Al Arqoub: warplanes overhead shower with shells:

5. Al Maslamiyeh: warplanes overhead:

6. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: warplanes overhead:


Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:
Freedom-callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Salah Al Deen, Aleppo suburbs and the districts being shelled, as well as to condemn the massacre in Dariya and to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

Reported demonstrations with no footage- Al Sha’ar.


1. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: a call for help from a doctor in a field hospital:


Delayed news and videos:
1. Bustan Al Qasr: demonstration despite the continuous shelling 28/08/2012:


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