Monday, April 30, 2012

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Monday 30/04/2012

    1. Aleppo Suburbs- Bayanoun: ‘Abd Al-Sameeh Hamdo Al’Hajji’ aged 45 years old, at the hands of government forces and thugs.
    2. Aleppo Suburbs- ‘Salih Radee Muhammad’ at the hands of security in the suburbs at the place of his military service, he was originally from Jurza in Deir Ezzor.
    3. Al’Ashrafieh neighbourhood- One person martyred as well as the injury of several others during an explosion that occurred between the first and second roundabout near Alfirsaan restaurant.

Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:


  • Al’Iza’a neighbourhood: At 6am raid and searches of the houses in the neighbourhood began, as a result, uncle of martyr ‘Abdul Wahid Hindawi’ was arrested along with a number of youth from the neighbourhood.
  • Aleppo suburbs- Maari: ‘Amer Mahmoud Al-Najjar’ was arrested by government forces at a checkpoint placed on the road that links Aleppo city to Maari.

    1. Faculty of Science: Evidence of torture that a student was exposed during yesterdays demonstration in the faculty.

    2. Aleppo suburbs- Al’Atareb: Effects of yesterdays bombings on civilian homes and buildings in the city.

    3. Aleppo suburbs- Anadaan: Assad forces attempt to hide the concrete rooms located at the entrance of Anadaan, moved away from the entrance and out of sight to the international observers after news of their arrival today to Aleppo, if they visit the northern countryside. Nevertheless, checkpoints still exist with tanks and government vehicles that undergo inspections of citizens.

    4. Hanano housing neighbourhood: campaign of raids and arrests in the neighbourhood overnight carried out by security gangs.

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Literature:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Information engineering: student sit-in, where they read ‘Al-Fatiha’ for the souls of the martyrs

    Aleppo university- Faculty of mechanical engineering:

    Videos from another demonstration by students from the faculty:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

    After which all became a large student demonstration:
    Picture of the student sit-in:
    The doors of the faculty of electrical engineering building were then closed onto the students participating in the sit-in inside, followed by the arrival of bus full of security forces resulting in the high presence of security forces in the area:
    The security forces and thugs waited outside the college doors, in preparation to raid upon the opening of the doors by the dean of the college:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Science: morning demonstration
    University campus-
    Al’Zahraa- Freedom callers in a demonstration along with students from ‘Mustafa Al’Akkad’ school

    Salah Al’Din- student demonstration from Al’Qunaitra school

    Al’Sakhour: student demonstration from ‘Mustafa Al’Badwi’ school on villa street

    Al’Sakhour: An evening demonstration in the neighbourhood
    Al’Sikaree- Large demonstration

    Al’Shaar- demonstration from ‘Noura AlShuhadaa’ mosque
    Kasr grove-

    Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:

    Minegh: Demonstration from ‘Ammar Bin Yasir’ mosque
    Kafar Noura:
    Daarit Izzeh:
    Demonstrations also took place in Al-Safira and Maaret Atareb.

    Saturday, April 28, 2012

    Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Saturday 28/04/2012


    Mohammad Al-Baroudi- he was wounded the day Al-Shaar neighbourhood was shelled, he died today as a result of these wounds aged 25 years old.
    Shaher Ahmad Obeid- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate shelling on Al-Atareb town 
    Saleh Hamoud- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate shelling on Al-Atareb town, aged 75 years old.
    Yousef Saleh Jalab- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate bombing on Hayan
    Rami Jamil Safi- martyred at the hands of Assad forces in Al-Sikaree neighbourhood, aged 30 years old, has three children.

    Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:

    Hayan- Assad brigades storm the town early this morning in BMB vehicles, carrying heavy machine guns and burn several houses.
    Second consecutive day in which the city was shelled, houses were burnt, smoke columns rise from the city, security reinforcements also arrive. 
    Damage resulting from the use of tanks shells and machine guns 
    Burning and looting of homes by Assad gangs, this video shows damage after Assad gangs left

    Bayanoun- thorough inspections occur at a checkpoint placed between Hayyan and Bayanoun 

    Anadaan- security reinforcements in the town 

    Hreitaan- heavy security presence at the entrance of the town 

    Aleppo university- Freedom callers stick satirical publications of bashar the duck in the faculty of Economics, Science and Law and on the wall placed by security forces that separates the faculty of science from the university’s main campus.

    Al‘Atareb- Heavy machine guns used by Assad gangs to fire onto the homes of citizens, sound of shells that shake the city are heard, video shows smoke columns rise from the city 
    Arrival of security reinforcements and three tanks were reported.

    Al’Baab- independence flag is raised in the town onto ‘15th March’ roundabout 

    Deir Jamal- Assad gangs use heavy machine guns to fire onto the town
    Al’Marjeh- Spray/ graffiti campaign in the neighbourhood 

    Aleppo- security checkpoint near ‘Al-Aazamieh’ bridge on ‘Nadi Al’dubaat’ street and the cement wall recently placed
    Aleppo- Al’Razi hospital, pick up trucks pass by carrying heavy machine guns 

    Salah Al’Deen- A young male, aged 17 years old working in an upholstery shop was kidnapped in a white Peugeot car. He is originally from Idleb, from Raji Jumah family.

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering- morning demonstration 
    Faculty of Science- morning demonstration
    Salah Al’Deen- demonstration after Asr prayer, two evening demonstrations from ‘Al-Khudur’ and ‘Al-Nasur’ mosques 
    Al-Zahra’a- evening demonstrations from ‘Al-shami’ mosque 
    Hanano housing- evening demonstration near Havana hall 
    Kasr grove, Al-Firdous, Al’Ashrafieh- evening demonstrations took place

    Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:
    Bza’a- evening demonstration 
    Kafar Karmeen- evening demonstration

    Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Friday 27/04/2012

    ‘Osama Darno’ died resulting from gunshot wounds by Assad security forces during a demonstration in Al’Sakhour neighbourhood.

    Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:

    Bayanoun : Renewed firing onto the town using heavy machine guns. A mortar shell fell 50meters away from where a demonstration took place earlier. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

    Hayan : Security forces based in the town intermittently fire onto civilians, resulting in the injury of a woman and two children from the shelling onto the town. 
    Intermittent but ongoing firing and shelling of the town. Columns of smoke rise as due to the burning of at least 10 homes as a result of shelling. 
    Tanks enter Hayan-
    Inhabitants leave the town due to the severity of shelling
    Presence of BMB vehicles in the town 

    AlMidan : The road was blocked outside AlBirj restaurant in preparation for Friday prayers

    Al‘Atareb : smoke columns rise from the town
    Heavy machine guns used as anti-aircraft weapons fire onto the town in order to terrorize the population

    Salah Al’Din- 

    Anadaan- Funeral of martyr ‘Amer Zaytoun’ took place after his corpse was returned to Anadaan. He died in Antakya National Hospital as a result of a gunshot wound he received when Assad brigades stormed the town almost 20 days ago.

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Kasr grove- Badr mosque
    Hanano housing- Othman Bin Afan mosque, demonstration after Asr prayer and in the evening
    Al’Marjeh- Demonstration after Friday prayer and in the evening 
    Al’Shaar- Noor Al’Shuhada mosque 
    Al’Baab way- AlJoura mosque
    Al’Sikaree- Ouais Al’Qarni mosque 
    Al’Sakhour- after Friday prayer and an evening demonstration in villa street 
    Suleiman Al-Halabi neighbourhood- 
    Aleppo University campus 
    Al-Firdous- after Friday prayer demonstration and in the evening after Isha’ prayer from Abu Hurayra mosque which reached Kasr grove where it was separated by security
    Al’Hamdaniyeh- Othman Thu Al’Nurain mosque 
    Saif Al-Dowleh- After Friday prayer and in the evening
    Al-Zahra’a- Ka’ab Bin Malik, demonstration after Asr prayer 
    Al’Ashrafieh, Al’Izaa
    New Aleppo- 
    Salah Al’Din- Demonstrators throw stones onto Assad thugs 

    Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

    Deir Jamal- 
    Kils camp- 
    Har Taneen- 
    Tal Rifa’at- 
    Daaret Izzeh- 
    Kafar Nouran- 
    Kafar Nasih- 
    Al’Islaahieh camp- 
    Jarablos, Kubtaan AlJabal, Tuqaad, Kafar Naya, Minegh

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Tuesday 24/04/2012

    Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:

    Al’Atareb: Assad tanks roam the city  

    Martyr in Anadaan: Residents of Anadaan found the decadent corpse of 55 year old martyr ‘Abdul Lateef Afesh’ who was among those imprisoned from the city on 05/04/2012. It was discovered in one of the ventilation outlets in the cultural centre that Assad brigades destroyed. It was also found that he received many close contact shots in the head.

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Aleppo university, faculty of Dentistry:

    Aleppo university, faculty of Science: 

    Al’Shari’a secondary school: protest near Aleppo citadel
    Ebla private university:
    Salah Al-Deen: evening demonstrations took place, gunfire was opened onto protestors. 
    Hanano housing: evening demonstration from ‘Othman Bin Mathoun’ mosque
    Other evening demonstrations also took place in: Al’Ashrafieh, Al’Hillok, Kasr grove, Al‘Myassar, Al‘Shaar.

    Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

    Daytime demonstrations: 
    Evening demonstrations: Hreitaan, Ihtimeelat, Kabbaseen, Al’Jeeneh
    Menbej (from Omar Ibn Alkhattab mosque)- 

    Monday, April 23, 2012

    Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Monday 23/04/2012

    Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:

    Tal Rifa’at: Shell explosion from Assad forces on the western side of the city that drilled a hole 4m deep into the ground. Thankfully, no-one was harmed.

    Al-Atareb: Fire was opened randomly by Assad gangs, BMB vehicles and tanks roamed the city in aim of intimidating the residents, reinforcements arrived into the city consisting of two buses full of Assad thugs

    Aleppo University: Students go on strike refusing to attend university. 

    Literature ‘Aadab’ roundabout: cases of kidnapping have been confirmed when the regime was dropping tear gas bombs onto protestors, more than ten bombs were dropped onto demonstrators that took off from the literature faculty in Aleppo university. 
    Videos show the security forces violently assaulting students and arresting them.
    Security forces attack students using knives

    A car of security forces storm university housing and arrest two students. At least ten students were also imprisoned outside the Literature faculty.

    Videos of tear gas being released onto university students: 
    Security forces also insult and threaten the freedom callers. 
    Security forces violently assault a student and other students try to pull him away from them. 

    Many explosions of unknown origins were also heard in many areas in Aleppo. 
    Deir Jamal- Heavy gun fire was opened onto houses and shops in the town by the army that is present. 

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Daytime demonstration: the following faculties in Aleppo university-
    Literature, Mechanics, Informatics, business and economics 
    ‘Bassam Al-Omar’ school in Saif Al-Dowleh neighbourhood.

    Evening demonstrations: Salah Al-Deen, Al’Ashrafieh, Al-Baab way, Al-Firdous, Hanano Housing, Kasr grove (three youth injured resulting from gunfire).

    Faculty of informatics: 

    Faculty of literature:

    Salah Al-Deen: Video streamed live

    Al-Baab way- Freedom callers in an evening demonstration

    Hanano Housing neighbourhood: Freedom callers in an evening demonstration

    Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

    Daytime demonstrations: Hayan

    Evening demonstrations: Batbo, Menbej (two separate protests, one in Al-Sirb neighbourhood, the other in Al-jazeera Way), Kubtaan Al-Jabal, Bza‘a, Daret Izzeh.

    Evening demonstration by the freedom callers in Bza’a.