Saturday, April 28, 2012

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Saturday 28/04/2012


Mohammad Al-Baroudi- he was wounded the day Al-Shaar neighbourhood was shelled, he died today as a result of these wounds aged 25 years old.
Shaher Ahmad Obeid- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate shelling on Al-Atareb town 
Saleh Hamoud- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate shelling on Al-Atareb town, aged 75 years old.
Yousef Saleh Jalab- he was martyred as a result of indiscriminate bombing on Hayan
Rami Jamil Safi- martyred at the hands of Assad forces in Al-Sikaree neighbourhood, aged 30 years old, has three children.

Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:

Hayan- Assad brigades storm the town early this morning in BMB vehicles, carrying heavy machine guns and burn several houses.
Second consecutive day in which the city was shelled, houses were burnt, smoke columns rise from the city, security reinforcements also arrive. 
Damage resulting from the use of tanks shells and machine guns 
Burning and looting of homes by Assad gangs, this video shows damage after Assad gangs left

Bayanoun- thorough inspections occur at a checkpoint placed between Hayyan and Bayanoun 

Anadaan- security reinforcements in the town 

Hreitaan- heavy security presence at the entrance of the town 

Aleppo university- Freedom callers stick satirical publications of bashar the duck in the faculty of Economics, Science and Law and on the wall placed by security forces that separates the faculty of science from the university’s main campus.

Al‘Atareb- Heavy machine guns used by Assad gangs to fire onto the homes of citizens, sound of shells that shake the city are heard, video shows smoke columns rise from the city 
Arrival of security reinforcements and three tanks were reported.

Al’Baab- independence flag is raised in the town onto ‘15th March’ roundabout 

Deir Jamal- Assad gangs use heavy machine guns to fire onto the town
Al’Marjeh- Spray/ graffiti campaign in the neighbourhood 

Aleppo- security checkpoint near ‘Al-Aazamieh’ bridge on ‘Nadi Al’dubaat’ street and the cement wall recently placed
Aleppo- Al’Razi hospital, pick up trucks pass by carrying heavy machine guns 

Salah Al’Deen- A young male, aged 17 years old working in an upholstery shop was kidnapped in a white Peugeot car. He is originally from Idleb, from Raji Jumah family.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering- morning demonstration 
Faculty of Science- morning demonstration
Salah Al’Deen- demonstration after Asr prayer, two evening demonstrations from ‘Al-Khudur’ and ‘Al-Nasur’ mosques 
Al-Zahra’a- evening demonstrations from ‘Al-shami’ mosque 
Hanano housing- evening demonstration near Havana hall 
Kasr grove, Al-Firdous, Al’Ashrafieh- evening demonstrations took place

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:
Bza’a- evening demonstration 
Kafar Karmeen- evening demonstration

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