Monday, April 30, 2012

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Monday 30/04/2012

    1. Aleppo Suburbs- Bayanoun: ‘Abd Al-Sameeh Hamdo Al’Hajji’ aged 45 years old, at the hands of government forces and thugs.
    2. Aleppo Suburbs- ‘Salih Radee Muhammad’ at the hands of security in the suburbs at the place of his military service, he was originally from Jurza in Deir Ezzor.
    3. Al’Ashrafieh neighbourhood- One person martyred as well as the injury of several others during an explosion that occurred between the first and second roundabout near Alfirsaan restaurant.

Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:


  • Al’Iza’a neighbourhood: At 6am raid and searches of the houses in the neighbourhood began, as a result, uncle of martyr ‘Abdul Wahid Hindawi’ was arrested along with a number of youth from the neighbourhood.
  • Aleppo suburbs- Maari: ‘Amer Mahmoud Al-Najjar’ was arrested by government forces at a checkpoint placed on the road that links Aleppo city to Maari.

    1. Faculty of Science: Evidence of torture that a student was exposed during yesterdays demonstration in the faculty.

    2. Aleppo suburbs- Al’Atareb: Effects of yesterdays bombings on civilian homes and buildings in the city.

    3. Aleppo suburbs- Anadaan: Assad forces attempt to hide the concrete rooms located at the entrance of Anadaan, moved away from the entrance and out of sight to the international observers after news of their arrival today to Aleppo, if they visit the northern countryside. Nevertheless, checkpoints still exist with tanks and government vehicles that undergo inspections of citizens.

    4. Hanano housing neighbourhood: campaign of raids and arrests in the neighbourhood overnight carried out by security gangs.

    Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Literature:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Information engineering: student sit-in, where they read ‘Al-Fatiha’ for the souls of the martyrs

    Aleppo university- Faculty of mechanical engineering:

    Videos from another demonstration by students from the faculty:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

    After which all became a large student demonstration:
    Picture of the student sit-in:
    The doors of the faculty of electrical engineering building were then closed onto the students participating in the sit-in inside, followed by the arrival of bus full of security forces resulting in the high presence of security forces in the area:
    The security forces and thugs waited outside the college doors, in preparation to raid upon the opening of the doors by the dean of the college:

    Aleppo university- Faculty of Science: morning demonstration
    University campus-
    Al’Zahraa- Freedom callers in a demonstration along with students from ‘Mustafa Al’Akkad’ school

    Salah Al’Din- student demonstration from Al’Qunaitra school

    Al’Sakhour: student demonstration from ‘Mustafa Al’Badwi’ school on villa street

    Al’Sakhour: An evening demonstration in the neighbourhood
    Al’Sikaree- Large demonstration

    Al’Shaar- demonstration from ‘Noura AlShuhadaa’ mosque
    Kasr grove-

    Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:

    Minegh: Demonstration from ‘Ammar Bin Yasir’ mosque
    Kafar Noura:
    Daarit Izzeh:
    Demonstrations also took place in Al-Safira and Maaret Atareb.

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