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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 02/09/2012

Summary for 02/09/2012:Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 15
Number of protests: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 2
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 19
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 2
Number of defections: 1 non-military


1.  Bustan Al  Qasr: Jameel Al Sharam, whose body became in pieces from the shelling:

2. Bustan Al Qasr: Hassan Sharam.

3. Bustan Al Qasr: Mohammad Noor Aminah, killed from the shelling:

4. Al Kallaseh: unidentified martyr who was killed from the shelling:

5. Al Kallaseh: hero Alaa’ Ayaj, killed from the shelling:

*Rural Aleppo - Ma’aret Al Arteeq/Salah Al Deen, road 15: 3 young men from Ma’aret Al Arteeq, who were heroes of the Noor Al Deen Zankee battalion,  were martyred while a tank attempt to storm Salah Al Deen through the road.

6. Eisa Abdul Rahman Haj Qasem, 30 years, killed from army force gunfire.
7. Mahmoud Haj Qasem, 32 years, killed from army force gunfire.

8. Ahmad Haj Qasem, 18 years, killed from army force gunfire:

9. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: hero Omar Rajab Al Sayed, 24 years, married with 2 children, was killed by Assad militia:

10. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: Ahmad Haj Hamdo, killed during a battle in Aleppo yesterday:

11. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: child Mahmoud Abdul Kareem Zaytoon, 13 years, died from wounds he had sustained during the military shelling on Friday.

12. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer/Maskaneh: young Aymah Abdul Lateef, from Deir Hafer, was killed from the shelling on Maskaneh.

13. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Bustan Al Qasr: child Husaam Mahmoud Fadel Ajjaaj, from Anadan, was killed while doing his national duty in defending civilians in Bustan Al Qasr and performing jihad.

14. Rural Aleppo - Kobanee/Homs - Al Khaldiyeh: Ammar Bawazan, from Muzara’et  Amoud village in Kobanee, 18 years, had defected from the regime army and was killed during a battle in Al Khaldiyeh in Homs between the regime army and the Free Syria Army.

15. Aleppo/Damascus suburbs - Hazeh: Abdul Jabbar Al Janeidee, from Aleppo, was summarily executed in Hazeh in Damascus suburbs.


1. Wounded and injured:

•Bustan Al Qasr: A female child injured by indiscriminate shrapnel dropped onto the neighborhood leading to her injury in the face .
-A young male injured in the head:
-An injured as a result of shelling:
-One of the children injured by  shrapnel from the shelling:
-Attempts at transporting and treating the injured:

• Qadee Askar: Young child injured by sniper shot

• Aleppo- Serious injury of a civilian as a result of Assad shelling 18+

• Aleppo- An injured person reciting Quran and praying to Allah- very  emotional:

• Rural Aleppo- Al Bab- Some of those injured as a result of aviation shelling on friday, 31/08/2012, that claimed the lives of many martyrs and tens of inured:

2. Al Itha’ah: Effects of shelling on the home of the martyr Abd Al Wahed Hindawi.
-Effects of destruction onto one of the buildings in the neighbourhood, very frightening view.

3. Masakin Hanano- Even schools were not spared from the  destruction:
-Targeting of Dar Al Wafa for the elderly-

4. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab- Mass destructions as a result of shelling:

5. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb- the city that is targeted daily, where everyday the material losses and destruction to civilian houses increases:

6. Rural Aleppo - Talaleen: footage of a rocket that did not explode from a warplane, that fell near the village school:
-A school in the village, which is housing displaced refugees, was targeted by warplanes:


Cases of gunfire:
1. Al Neirab: violent clashes in the area.

2. Al Itha’ah: clashes in the district:

3. Saif Al Dowleh: violent clashes in the district.

4. Salah Al Deen: violent clashes, where members of the Free Syria Army addressed an attempt by tanks to raid the district, which lead to an addition of 3 martyrs.


Places that were bombed/shelled:
1. Bustan Al Qasr: shelling targeted buildings in the district at dawn, which lead to 3 martyrs and dozens of casualties.

2. Masakin Hanano: artillery shelling since midnight and up until 5am, and then after about an hour, at 6am, warplanes began flying overhead the eastern districts and bega shelling the district.
-Warplanes targeted a nursing home, which lead to great destruction and fire to rise from it. Members of the Free Syria Army attempted to extinguish the fire:

3. Al Sakhour: the district was also targeted with artillery shells at dawn.

4. Al Arqoub: helicopter shelling in the afternoon.

5. Al Hellok: several houses were burnt due to the shelling that targeted the district.

6. Al Sheikh Najjar: shelling around the electricity in Al Sheikh Najjar, where the station was burnt and electricity was cut off to the industrial city.

7. Al Sha’ar: helicopters opened heavy gunfire from machine guns.
-Night: renewed indiscriminate shelling.

8. Al Sheikh Khadar: violent shelling on the district.

9. Al Kallaseh: footage of the moment directly after a shell in front of Al Musala mosque, and one of the casualties or martyrs in the streets:
-Evening: fall of 4 shells on Al Sarmeenee gas buildings (near Freedom Square in Al Kallaseh), which lead to an addition of a number of martyrs. It is difficult to count the number due to the fact that they have been turned into body parts. There is an momentarily unidentified martyr, whose body is intact, who was documented at 7pm.

10. Al Mayasar: renewed artillery shelling from Hanano Barracks in the evening.

11. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: dawn - continued from last night, rockets from the 46th regiment targeted civilian houses and electricity poles. Moment of shelling:
-Houses burnt from the rocket shelling:

12. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: warplane shelling of the city, and the moment a shell fell from a jet:
-Renewed violent warplane shelling on the city centre, and smoke fills the sky of the city:
-Night: renewed shelling, causing casualties.

13. Rural Aleppo - Anadan: warplane shelling on the city. Civilians returning from displacement are in a state  of panic.

14. Rural Aleppo - Hayyan: warplane shelling on the town.

15. Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: residential houses and schools that are filled with displaced refugees were targeted by the warplane shelling.

16. Rural Aleppo - Maskaneh: warplane shelling on the town, where Thee Qar school  and the cultural centre were targeted, alongside gunfire from warplane machine guns on civilian houses.

17. Rural Aleppo - Talaleen: warplanes shell the village, which is a part of Mare’.

18. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: artillery shelling from Al Sheikh Suleiman artillery.

19. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: helicopter shelling on the town.

*Important news that was received late:

-Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: a clear clip of a plane shelling Al Bab on Friday 31/08/2012:


Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:
1. Southern districts: helicopters flew overhead Bustan Al Qasr, Al Kallseh and the surrounding districts.


Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

All the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute Bashar and to show solidarity with Azaaz, Salah Al Deen, the districts being shelled and the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime, as well as to condemn the massacre in Daraya and to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Ma’aret Al Arteeq: funeral procession for martyr Eisa Abdul Rahman Haj Qasem, a hero of the Noor Al Deen Zankee battalion, who was killed in Salah Al Deen:

Peaceful revolutionary activities:
1. Tareeq Al Bab: the Amr Bin Al Aas brigade distribute aid to civilians in the district as a result of the humanitarian crisis gripping them, due to Assad regime forces targeting the district.
-Members of the brigade clean the district from the destruction that was caused by the warplane shelling:

2. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: the youth of the revolutionary council in Al Atareb plan life from anew by cleaning the streets of the city:


1. Aleppo: defection of the journalist Abdullah Al Omar, head of a number of Syrian channels, including Aleppo TV and Al Halabiyeh Al Fada’iyeh.


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