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07/09/2012 until 8pm [SYRIA]

Report on the Province of Aleppo and its surroundings
Friday of ‘Besieged Homs is calling you’ 07/09/2012 until 8pm [SYRIA]


Summary for friday of ‘Besieged Homs is calling you’ 07/09/2012 until 8pm [SYRIA]

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 14 two originally from Idleb
Number of protests: 21
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 8
Number of shelled places: 17
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 1
Number of defections: A group of soldiers and officers from Maskaneh


* News was late to arrive due to the cut-off of internet connects, a massacre committed in Al Akramieh neighbourhood was discovered after Assad gangs implemented a field execution of civilians:

• Martyrs:

1- Suleiman Alhalabi: Martyr ‘Abd AlHameed Hamami’, killed by a sniper bullet to the waist.
2- Suleiman Alhalabi: Martyr ‘Basem Ahmad’ sniped in the head, shoulder and neck.
3- Suleiman Alhalabi: Martyr ‘Omar AlAbrash’ 27 years old, killed by a sniper bullet.
4- Suleiman Alhalabi: Martyr ‘Abd AlHameed Hamami’ 33 years old, has three children, killed when sniped by Assad shabeeha (thugs) in Suleiman Alhalabi.
5- Masaken Hanano: Martyr ‘Abd Allah Jassem Hindawi’ 25 years old, killed as a result of warplane shelling.
6- Qadee ‘Askar: Female martyr ‘Ghusoon Qlash’, wife of Ali Bahri, 34 years old, martyred as a result of shelling on Qadee ‘Askar.
7- Qadee ‘Askar: Child martyr ‘Siba Bahri’ daughter of Ali and Ghusoon, 7 years old, martyred as a result of shelling on Qadee ‘Askar.

8- Qadee ‘Askar: Female martyr ‘Rasha Nahhal’ 25 years old, martyred as a result of shelling on Qadee ‘Askar.
9- Seif AlDowleh: Martyrdom of a male known as ‘Abu Omar’ as a result of clashes between the regime army and the FSA, he was an FSA unit.
10- Rural Aleppo- Ratyan/ Salah Al Deen: Martyr ‘Sameer Na’san Mroosh’ martyred as a result of clashes in salah Al Deen, the martyr was buried whilst smiling:

11- Rural Aleppo- Tal Rif’at: Martyr ‘Ala’a’ a hero from the FSA, martyred after being shot by a shell.

12- Rural Aleppo- Menbej: Martyr ‘Mohammad Dsho’ a defected captain, killed after his car was targeted in Al Areemeh area.
13- Idleb- Maarat Al Nouman/ Al Sikaree: Martyr ‘Ala’a Su’ood Ben Fawwaz’ killed in Aleppo as a result of shelling on Al Sikaree, he is a defector from the Assad army, killed on thursday.

14- Idleb- AlHabeet/ Salah AlDeen: Martyr ‘Mohammad AbdAlHakeem Salameh’ martyred during the Aleppo battles.
* Documented video of the martyr "Jameel Sharam" killed by indiscriminate shelling on Bustan Al Qasr:
* Documented video of the martyr ‘Mohammad Hayyek’ killed by shelling on 05/09/2012:
* Names of the martyrs from Sheikh Maqsood, from yesterday as a result of shelling on the neighbourhood, more than 17 people were martyred, the names receievd so far are:
- Nizar Ma’mo
- Fatoom Mustafa
- Mustafa Mohammad Mustafa
- Mathloom Mustafa
- Luqman Ahmad Abdo
- Mother Umniya Hassan, 35 years old, from AlBasoota village and has three children.
- Child martyr ‘Juan Na’san’ 8 years old
- Child martyr ‘Shereen Na’san’ 3 years old
- Child martyr ‘Tulay Na’san’ 6 years old
With that, the number of martyrs whose names have been confirmed have reached 9, there are still 8 martyrs of unknown identities, their names have not yet arrived.
* The names of the martyrs that fell on Tuesday 04/09/2012 are:
- Martyr ‘Zakaria Barbani’ 81 years old, from Dahret Awad
- Martyr ‘Mahmood Barbani’, from Dahret Awad
- Martyr ‘Mohammad Rajab’ 30 years old, Al Sha’ar
- Martyr ‘Ahmad Rmo’ 17 years old, Sheikh Najjar roundabout
- Martyr ‘Mahmoud Hassan Al As’ad’ 33 years old, Al Miyassar
* The names of the martyrs that fell on Wednesday 05/09/2012 are:
- Martyr ‘Shouqi Koosa’ 17 years old, shot by a sniper bullet, arrived to the field hospital
- Martyr ‘Raja’ Hayati’ Al Marjeh

* Confirmation of the name of the martyr whose corpse was found in Saif alDowleh Sooq (market) on 23/08/2012


• Violations:

1- Wounded and injured:
• AlSha’ar: Wounded and injured consisting of young and elderly, women and men in the neighbourhood after a building collapsed as a result of being targeted by aviation bombardment.

• An interview with one of the nurses working in a field hospital and describing the terrible situation in the hospital.

2- Al Sha’ar: Effects of destruction in the neighbourhood.

3- Qadee ‘Askar: The bakery was targeted for a third time in this neighbourhood.

4- Rural Aleppo- Tal Hoothan: Effects of warplane shelling onto homes in Tal Hoothan in Menbej.
The created by a missile:

5- Rural Aleppo- Injarah: A civilian eye-witness from the neighbourhood describes the fall of the shell.
Effects of devastation and destruction throughout the town:

6- Rural Aleppo- Hoor: Effects of shelling on of the homes today by warplanes.

7- Rural Aleppo- Bashqateen: Effects of devastation and destruction, video also shows one of the rockets thrown onto the town which did not explode.

8- Rural Aleppo- Tadef: Effects of destruction of a home, simplistic description provided by a civilian from the neighbourhood.

9- Rural Aleppo- Mare’: Even cats were killed as a result of artillery shelling:
Effects of artillery shelling onto the town:

10- Rural Aleppo- Hayyan: Warplanes targeted homes during the shelling that took place today.
Targeting of schools:

• Cases of gunfire:

1- Masaken Hanano: Violent clashes took places in the area which ended with the announcement of the liberation of the neighbourhood and FSA imposed control of the area.

2- Salah al Deen: Clashes and sounds of heavy gunfire were heard in the area.

3- Al Sabe’ Bahrat: Violent clashes at AlKayyali barrier this morning, which led to losses among units of the Assad army and the destruction of a tank.

4- AlRamouseh: AlRamouseh artillery school was targeted by FSA units this morning.

5- Al Itha’a: Clashes in the neighbourhood and the destruction of a tank.

6- Al Midan: Evening violent clashes took place, which led to the death of a number of regime units during the operation, clashes remain ongoing in the area.

7- Ba’eedeen: Violent clashes between FSA and regime army took place.

8- Rural Aleppo- Deir Haffer: AlQadsiya battalion announces its adoption of the unique operation on the 1039 battalion in Al Safira city which led to the death of two colonels ‘Safeer Hamdan’ and ‘Khodor Hamadee’, as well as securing the defection of a group of military units and officers and seizing a number of weapons and ammunition.

• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1- Masaken Hanano: Warplanes shelled the neighbourhood, dawn time today.
-Afternoon renewed shelling by warplanes targeted the neighbourhood.
- At night: Renewed heavy artillery and warplane shelling.

2- Al Sha’ar: Very heavy shelling using heavy artillery, more than 20 shells were dropped.
- Afternoon: Renewed military aviation shelling, which targeted an uninhabited building at Barbaneh roundabout, leading to its destruction and the outbreak of a fire within the building.
Filming after the shelling:
- Evening: Renewed artillery bombardment along with military aviation in a very violent manner, unprecedentedly seen.

3- Al Sakhour: Morning: Renewed shelling of the neighbourhood.
- Evening: Unprecedented, violent shelling from warplanes and artillery on all of Al Sakhour, Masaken Hanano, Al Sha’ar, smoke columns rising and covering the area.

4- Suleiman Al Halabi: Before the hours of sunrise today, the neighbourhood faced very intense artillery shelling, which targeted the electricity and water company as well as the outbreak of fire at the two companies and the targeting of civilian homes.

5- Al Sikaree: Violent shelling onto the neighbourhood by Assad artillery and mortar at dawn time today.

6- Bab Alhadeed: Morning: Warplane shelling of the neighbourhood.

7- Qadee ‘Askar: A shell fell near the bakery of Qadee ‘Askar which resulted in a number of injuries amongst civilians. The regime has on previous occasion committed a massacre in this bakery whilst civilians were queuing for bread.

8- Al Qatirji: Renewed violent shelling onto the neighbourhood, more than 5 five shells fell, no information about the victims.

Rural Aleppo

9- Rural Aleppo- Mare’: Artillery shelling onto the city which targeted civilian homes indiscriminately, dawn time today.

10- Rural Aleppo- Bza’a: Violent shelling onto the city by warplanes.
11- Rural Aleppo- Anadan: Violent shelling onto the city by warplanes, exploding barrels were also dropped which resulted in a huge explosion in residential buildings, the number of casualties remain unknown.

12- Rural Aleppo- Hayyan: Warplanes targeting the city in particular homes, schools and industrial facilities.

13- Rural Aleppo- Hreitan: Violent warplane shelling, which led to the burning of a factory.

14- Rural Aleppo- Injarah: Injury of 4 people in the city, amongst them was a child only a few years old, as a result of warplane shelling:

15- Rural Aleppo- Hoor: Warplanes shelling Injarah, Bashqateen and Hoor in the western countryside.
16- Rural Aleppo- Bashqateen: Warplanes shelling Injarah, Bashqateen and Hoor in the western countryside.
17- Rural Aleppo- Tal Rif’at: A number of shells fell near AlThura bakery on the outskirts of the city, under a policy of targeting bakeries, only material damages were caused.

• Number of times heavy army equipment were seen ‘tanks/ armored vehicles’

1- Rural Aleppo- Hayyan: Warplanes above the city sky:

• Demonstrations:

1- Al Sha’ar: Demonstration after friday prayers from Noor Al Shuhada mosque along with the flight of warplanes
2- Masaken Hanano: Demonstration after friday prayers
3- Bustan al Qasr: Demonstration after friday prayers

Rural Aleppo:

1- Ibeen: Demonstration after friday prayers

2- Dabiq: Demonstration condenmning the Arab world and entire world’s silence

3- Kobani: Large demonstration
Filming from above:
4- Batbo: Demonstration in solidarity with uprising cities and saluting the FSA
5- Al Atareb: Demonstration chanting for Homs as well as besieged and uprising cities.
6- Kafar Halab: Demonstration after friday prayers chanting for freedom and the FSA
7- Mare’: Large demonstration after friday prayers
Amazing chanters from the city:
8- Jarablos: Large demonstration chanting to topple the regime and saluting the FSa and in support of uprising cities.
9- Menbej: Large demonstration after friday prayers chanting to topple the regime
10- Sooran: Large demonstration from the people of Sooran and Azaz chanting for freedom and to topple the regime.
11- Ratyan: Demonstration after friday prayers chanting to topple the regime.
12- AlAbzimo: Demonstration after friday prayers led by a child freedom caller:
13- Bza’a: Large demonstration chanting to topple the regime took off despite the shelling
14- AlJeeneh: Large demonstration after friday prayers in support of besieged Homs.
15- Sindee: Large demonstration after friday prayers in support of besieged Homs.
Reported demonstrations with no video footage- Akhtareen, Tuqad, AlHalazon, Deir Hafer.


• Defections:

1- Rural Aleppo- Maskaneh: AlQadsiya battalion secures the defection of a group of military units and officers and seizes a number of weapons and ammunition, during their implementation of an operation on AlSafira battalion.


• Miscellaneous:

1- Rural Aleppo- Tadef: Children of the martyr ‘Mohammad Haj Ali’ who was martyred in Salah Al Deen

2- Certificate of a citizen in Aleppo in front the correspondent of Human Rights Watch:


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