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Report on the Province of Aleppo and its surroundings 08/09/2012

  • Summary for 08/09/2012:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 74, including 4 martyrs who are each from the suburbs of: Daraa, Damascus, Idlib and Deir Ezzor.
Number of protests: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 1
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 5
Number of shelled places: 17
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 2
Number of defections: 0


  • Martyrs:

1. Al Firdous: Mohammad Samman, killed in Saif Al Dowleh as a result of critical injuries by had sustained 5 days ago.

2. Al Leiramoun: unidentified civilian who was killed by regime forces at Al Leiramoun roundabout. He was buried in Anadan:

3. Al Sikaree: Abdullah Mohammad Siyad, around 33 years, died from wounds he had sustained from the shelling on Friday. He was married with 2 children, who now have no-one, who were orphans when their mother was martyred and now their father.

*4-20. Jadet Al Khindoq: 17 martyrs were summarily executed with gunfire. The video is being uploaded.

*21-63. Massacre in Al Sha’ar - Sad Al Lawz/Al Halwaniyeh roundabout - Tareeq Al Bab: the total number of martyrs has risen to approximately 43.

30 martyrs and dozens of casualties fell from the rocket shelling from warplanes on Sad Al Lawz street, the Sha’bee market, and at Al Halwaniyeh roundabout.
A further 13 martyrs fell from the warplane shelling on Sad Al Lawz street, at the Sha’bee market.

There is less than 1 kilometre between the two areas:

-A long clip of the dozens of burnt bodies which were found from the massacre that was caused by regime army jets:
-Recovering martyrs from under the rubble:
-Long clip of the massacre, including the body of a child:
-Video showing the bodies of 12 martyrs:

*Names of martyrs from Al Sha’ar, and some from Al Halwaniyeh, that were documented. We could not document the names of other martyrs right now due to the state of their extremely charred and mutilated bodies-

1. Yousef Al Yousef
2. Mohammad Musa Agha
3. Abdul Azeez Sahalee
4. Nader Abdo
5. Mohammad Ahmad Hassan
6. Ahmad Hamal, 52 years
7. Mustafa Ahmad Hamal
8. Ali Bakaree
9. Fayez Mohammad, 20 years
10. Ammar Dalatee
11. Abdo Al Karmo
12. Hussein Taha Satouf
13. Ibrahim Haj HUssein, 30 years
14. Safwan Hafeth
15. Ammar ‘Adam
16. Small child Nasr-ul-Deen Haj Hussein
17. Hassan Janem, 30 years. It should be noted that he was a regime-loyalist. However, rockets from warplanes do not discriminate against individual political views.

From Aleppo suburbs:

64. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Al Leiramoun: Rabee’ Abdul Lateef Hamsho, from Anadan, was killed during an operation to blow up Al Leiramoun checkpoint:

65. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Al Leiramoun: Ahmad Arab Alo, from Anadan, was killed during an operation to blow up Al Leiramoun checkpoint:

66. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Al Leiramoun: Mohammad Amr, from Anadan, was killed during an operation to blow up Al Leiramoun checkpoint:

67. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Al Leiramoun: Ahmad Abdo, from Anadan, was killed during clashes with the regime army in an operation at Al Leiramoun checkpoint.

68. Rural Aleppo - Anadan/Al Leiramoun: Jihad Ja’weer, from Anadan, was killed by shabeeha [regime thug] gunfire:

69. Rural Aleppo - Afreen/Homs - Al Qaseer: soldier Daleel Salah Sheikho, 22 years, killed by regime forces during his attempt to defect in Al Qaseer. He was from Bilbol area in Afreen.

70. Rural Aleppo - Taljibreen/Hanano barracks: Ahmad Al Sheikh Omar, a member of the Free Syria Army battalion Al Nasr, Al Fateh brigade in Aleppo, was killed during clashes in Hanano barracks. He was from Taljibreen.

71. Rural Aleppo - Baza’ah: hero Yaseen Ahmad Al Hamaash, from the Abdul Rahman Bin Ouf battalion, part of the Tawheed brigade, was martyred in Aleppo yesterday.

72. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: Ibrahim Al Ahmad, killed by gunfire of the assistant in Hanano barracks prison, as narrated by a detainee who was released yesterday:

73. Daraa suburbs/Al Midan: Hussein Ata Mubarak, killed in Al Midan in Aleppo during clashes at the raid branch. He was a defected soldier from Daraa, from the village Deir Al Adas.

74. Damascus suburbs/Al Itha’ah: defected soldier Ayman Abdullah Al Amad, from Damascus suburbs, was martyred while defending civilians in Al Itha’ah in Aleppo in the morning:

75. Idlib suburbs - Ma’r Dabseh/Aleppo: Ahmad Ali Al Ameen, from Idlib, was killed during a battle in Aleppo.

76. Deir Ezzor suburbs - Al Baseerah/Aleppo: Khaleef Al Hamad, killed during clashes in Aleppo. He was from Al Baseerah in Deir Ezzor suburbs.

*Also documented:

-Thursday 06/09/2012: Ahmad Sameed Arabee, from Banyas in Tartous, was martyred during clashes in Aleppo.

-Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: Ahmad Abadeen, from Daret ‘Izeh, was martyred during a battle in Salah Al Deen on 02/09/2012:

-Mohammad Hasanato, head of the Amr Bin Al ‘Aas brigade, was martyred yesterday:

-Nayef Mu’az, 45 years with 7 children, was killed from shrapnels as a result of the shelling on Friday:


  • Violations:

1. Al Midan: water covers the streets, as a result of being targeted by the warplane shelling:

2. Sleiman Al Halabi: impact of the shelling on houses:
-Regime forces jets destroy a bakery in the district:

3. Al Hellok: destruction of houses in the district due to the regime shelling:

4. Bustan Al Basha: impact of the shelling:
-Recovering a Qur’an from under the rubble in Bustan Al Basha:

5. Al Kallaseh: impact of the indiscriminate shelling:

6. Al Itha’ah: great destruction due to the shelling:

7. Al Sha’ar: devastation after a shell fell on the district:

8. Tareeq Al Bab: impact of the shelling on Isaam Al Nadree school. Sounds of shelling can be heard during the footage:

9. Karam Al Traab: impact of the destruction caused by the shelling:

10. Aqyool: impact of  the barbaric shelling:

11. Bab Al Hadeed: impact of the barbaric shelling on the districts of Old Aleppo:

12. Qarloq: impact of the barbaric shelling on the districts of Old Aleppo:


  • Cases of gunfire:

1- Al Leiramoun: Violent clashes at Al Leiramoun barrier, which was targeted.

2- Al Martini: Clashes near Saif Al Dolweh and Aleppo science college as well as targeting a tank and its driver.

3- Al Midan: Continued clashes in the neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

4- Al 'Amriyeh: Clashes in the neighbourhood and sounds of heavy bullets in the area.

5- Al Itha'ah: Violent clashes spreading in the area between the FSA and the regime army.


  • Places that were bombed/shelled:

1. Masakin Hanano: artillery shelling at dawn.
-Evening: warplanes shelled the district with TNT barrels.
-Night: violent artillery shelling on the district.

2. Bab Al Hadeed: dawn - continuous artillery shelling on the district. Great numbers of civilians have been fleeing the district since midnight.

3. Al Mayasar: at 6am warplanes shelled sites in the district. Shelling continued in the morning.

4. Sleiman Al Halabi: warplane and helicopter shelling on the districts of Sleiman Al Halabi, Al Arqoub and Al Sakhour since the morning and up until the afternoon. Sounds of explosions are non-stop.

5. Al Arqoub: warplane and helicopter shelling on the districts of Sleiman Al Halabi, Al Arqoub and Al Sakhour since the morning and up until the afternoon. Sounds of explosions are non-stop.

6. Al Sakhour: warplane and helicopter shelling on the districts of Sleiman Al Halabi, Al Arqoub and Al Sakhour since the morning and up until the afternoon. Sounds of explosions are non-stop.
-Warplane shelling:

7. Al Midan: a principal drinking water line was targeted by shells, which caused the water institution to blast and flood the streets in Al Midan and Bustan Al Basha:
-Water covering the streets:

8. Al Sha’ar: violent warplane shelling, causing the fall of dozens of martyrs and casualties.
-Sad Al Lawz: warplanes shelled Sad Al Lawz street, causing the fall of 10 martyrs and more than 15 casualties in a preliminary count.

9. Tareeq Al Bab: violent warplane shelling, causing dozens of martyrs and casualties.
-Al Helwaniyeh roundabout: a new massacre was committed against civilians from the warplane and helicopter shelling of residential buildings, which caused a number of martyrs to fall, whose numbers and names are still unknown.

10. Bustan Al Qasr: mortar shelling in the morning.
-Evening: renewed violent shelling.

11. Bab Al Neirab: violent shelling at Al Hawooth roundabout. A mortar shell fell with no reports of casualties up until now.

Shelling in Aleppo suburbs:

12. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Hamrah: Assad forces shelled using artillery after the operation. Several casualties fell.

13. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: shelling with artillery and rocket launchers on the town:

14. Rural Aleppo- Ma'aret Al Artiq: Violent artillery shelling and the fall of shells on the streets and buildings in the city and on the road that links between Anadan and Ma'aret Al Artiq.

15. Rural Aleppo: Baza'ah: Warplanes shelled the city during the evening.
-Night: warplane shelling for the second time with machine guns on residential buildings.

16. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: night - warplane shelling, and sounds of explosions shook the city.

17. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: shelling with rocket launchers and mortar at night.

18. Rural Aleppo - Taqad: violent and heavy artillery shelling. Casualties were reported.

*Delayed videos and news from yesterday:

* Al Heidariyeh: Warplane shelling onto the neighbourhood yesterday on Friday.

* Al Hellok: Injury of a ten year old citizen journalist as a shell passed in fronte of him whilst he was filming a fire in the neighbourhood on Friday.


  • Number of time heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks & armoured vehicles’:

1- Qadee 'Askar: Helicopters flying above the neighbourhood

2- Al Sakhour: Warplanes dropping shells onto the neighbourhood


  • Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

All the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute Bashar and to show solidarity with Azaaz, Salah Al Deen, the districts being shelled and the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Baza’ah: funeral procession for martyr Yaseen Al Hamaash:


  • Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1- Rural Aleppo- Injarah: the people of Injarah resisting the daily shelling and rebuilding.


  • Miscellaneous:

1- Rural Aleppo- Anadan: Prayer for the soul of the martyr 'Rabee' Hamsho'

2- Masakin Hanano: Destruction of a statue of the Hafez Al Assad

3. Rural Aleppo - Afreen: burning pictures of the butcherer Bashar during an operation of liberating the political security in the area:


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