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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 30/09/2012

• Summary for 30/09/2012:

Number of arrests: 1
Number of martyrs: 20
Number of demonstrations: 2
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 5
Number of shelled places: 23
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 6
Number of defections: 0


• Violations:

1) Wounded and injured:

• Aleppo- An injured child resulting from Assad shelling:

2) Aleppo suburbs- Al Bab city: Effects of warplane shelling onto the city for the sixth time today since the morning.

The whole in the ground created upon the fall of an exploding barrel:

3) Aleppo suburbs- Daret ‘Izzeh: Complete destruction of a three-floor residential building resulting from shelling onto the city.

4) Al Jalloum: Mass destruction of residential buildings and the old shops that go back tens of years in age resulting from artillery shelling by Assad forces.

Historical houses destroyed as a result of the shelling:

5) Bustan Al Qasr: Mass destruction in a road in Bustan Al Qasr along with the fall of a whole floor resulting from the barbaric shelling by Assad forces.

6) Aleppo Suburbs - Al Atareb (Al Sheikh Ali):  Effects of devastation and destruction.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Old Aleppo- Al ‘Aqbeh: Clashes between the FSA and the Assad army which targeted units from the Assad army.

2) Qustol Al Haramy: Violent clashes in the neighbourhood.

3) Airport: Violent clashes on the outskirts of Aleppo Airport.

4) Suleiman Al Halabi: Violent clashes in the neighbourhood.

5) Al Jandoul Roundabout: Attack of a security base at Al Jandoul roundabout.


• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1) Ba’ideen roundabout: Warplane shelling of Ba’ideen roundabout.
-Midnight: violent artillery shelling and the fall of dozens of shells from artillery stationed in Al Shaqeeq. The losses are not known thus far.

2) ‘Ein Al Tal: Violent artillery shelling of ‘Ain Al Tal.

3) Jandoul roundabout: Warplane shelling of the outskirts of Jandoul roundabout.

4) Suleiman Al Halabi: Warplane shelling of the neighbourhood.

5) Salah Al Deen: Six tanks concentrated on the outskirts of Al Hamdanieh stadium heavily shelling Salah Al Deen.

6) Al Sakhour: Continuous violent artillery and tank shelling of Al Sakhour, in conjunction with the spread of smoke, as a result of the indiscriminate shelling.
-Night: continuous artillery shelling.
-Clouds of smoke in Al Sakour, Al Arqoub and Suleiman Al Halabi after warplanes shelled them:

7) Qustol Al Harami: very violent shelling of the neighbourhood and surrounding neighbourhoods using tanks and heavy artillery, targeting civilian homes and Qustol Al Harami mosque.

8) Al Zabadiyeh: Shelling of the neighbourhood lead to the burning of a home.

9) Al Sikaree: Indiscriminate shelling of the neighbourhood today.
-A building was completely burnt due to the shelling:
-Night: renewed artillery shelling of the district and its surroundings.

10) Airport: Tanks shelled the outskirts of the airport.

11) Al Saba’ Bahrat: destruction and the fall of mortar shells near the media that was covering:
-Smoke from fires rising:

12) Masakin Hanano: 2 shells fell, causing the martyrdom of 2 people and a number of casualties.
-Midnight: renewed violent artillery shelling.

13) Al Kallaseh: shelling of the district from the municipal building:

14) Al Ansaree : artillery shelling of the east part of Al Ansaree and Al Sikaree district.

15) Al Maydan: a TNT barrel which was used to shell Aleppo but that did not explode:

* Shelling of Aleppo suburbs:

16) Barqoom village: Dawn time today, warplanes shelled the village, which is located south of Aleppo city, using exploding TNT barrels. Six martyrs and twenty injured civilians were reported.
-Midnight: renewed violent shelling from warplanes/

17) Al Bab: Violent warplane shelling of Al Bab using exploding barrels filled with TNT onto the industrial area.
-Midnight: warplanes shelled the road from Al Bab to Manbej, targeting every moving car.

18) Daret ‘Izzeh: Violent warplane shelling using rockets and machine guns. Smoke columns rose in the city.
-A 3-storey building collapsed due to the shelling:

19) Qubtan Al Jabal: Violent shelling from Sheikh Suleiman base and Al Zahra’ artillery base.

20) Al Sheikh Ali: Violent artillery shelling onto the village.

21) Al Atareb: smoke rising after the shelling:

22) Injareh: impact of the smoke due to explosive TNT barrels being dropped in the suburbs of the town:

23) Anadan: renewed artillery shelling of civilian houses, and the fall of a number of shells in the southern district.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: ‘tanks/ armoured vehicles’:

1) Al Hamdanieh: Six tanks concentrated onto the outskirts of Al Hamdanieh stadium.

2) Western Aleppo suburbs- Big Owrm: Warplanes seen in the city sky after the city was liberated from Shabeeha (thugs).

3) Western Aleppo suburbs- Kafar Karmin: Assad warplanes seen in the village.

4) Aleppo suburbs: Injarrah: Warplane flight above the city sky.

5) Aleppo suburbs- Al Atareb: Warplane shelling in the city sky.

6) Aleppo suburbs: Injarrah: Flight of warplanes above the sky of Injarrah.


• Arrests:

1) Saa'd Allah Square : A young man was arrested from inside the square just because he was recording and documenting the fumes in the sky.


• Martyrs:

1- 2) Al ‘Abbarah: Two martyrs were slaughtered at the hands of an Assad unit this morning outside Al ‘Abbarah mosque, the corpses were then thrown outside the mosque.

2) Al Marjeh: Martyr Karmo Al Harran Al Qarfa’, 50 years old, sniped near Aleppo citadel.

3) Al ‘Amrieh: Al Amrieh: Martyr Ibrahim Abu Hamed, an FSA soldier, killed during clashes in Al ‘Amrieh.

4) Al Hamdaniyeh : an unidentified, degenerated corpse was found:

5) Al Haydarieh: Sh`rif Sharif was martyred due to a shell that fell on his car while he was succoring casualties yesterday.

6) Bustan Al Qasr: Mustafa Hazinee, an FSA soldier, was killed from gunfire during clashes in Al Kallaseh yesterday:

7) Suleiman Al Halabi: female Amal Kurdo, 41 years, killed by snipers.

8) Aleppo Suburbs - Daret ‘Izeh: Child martyr Khadija Ismail Al ‘Ajjam, 11 years old, resulting from the violent shelling of the city from rockets and warplanes.

9) Aleppo Suburbs - Daret ‘Izeh: Martyr Hassan Abd Allah Battour, resulting from the fall of a shell on his home in Aleppo.

10) Aleppo suburbs - Daret ‘Izeh: a martyr from the Al Hoat family was killed when he was escaping Assad's forces, when they tried to arrest him in order to take him to the army. They shot him at Al Salam roundabout.

11) Aleppo suburbs - Al Ibzamo: Ibrahim Sheikh Taher was martyred during clashes in Al Amariya district in Aleppo.

12) Aleppo suburbs - Kafar Naya: Child martyr Israa Abd Allah Hajjo, 8 years old, suffering from wounds inflicted upon her on 22/09/2012 resulting from warplane shelling of the village.

13) Aleppo suburbs - Al Sheikh Ali: Unidentified martyr, killed from the artillery shelling of the village from the administrative affairs:

14) Aleppo suburbs - Bayanoun: Muhammad Hussein Khayro was sniped in the chest in Al Sheikh Maqsoud.

15) Aleppo suburbs - Manegh: Abdul Haleem Ibn Abdul Hameed, killed during clashes in Bustan Al Basha.

16) Aleppo suburbs - Mare’: female Hasna’ Khalid Al Khateeb was killed during complications in childbirth, which arose due to the incapability of reaching an ambulance and being treated in Turkish hospitals on the border.

17-20) Aleppo suburbs - Barqoum: at leats 4 martyrs fell from the aerial sheling f the village during a funeral procession. Only the following names have been received:
-Mahmoud Al Sagheer, 21 years.
-Hassan Al Jasem, 22 years.
-Ammar Al Jasem, 32 years, married with 3 children.

* Also documented:

-Al Sikaree: Yaser Mansour, killed from the shelling 2 days ago. His funeral procession and burial took place in Al Ibzamo in Aleppo suburbs:

-Al Sikaree: Mahmoud Fatal, killed from the shelling 2 days ago. His funeral procession and burial took place in Al Ibzamo in Aleppo suburbs:

-Aleppo suburbs - Al Bab - Aran village: Yasin Ahmad Shasho, an English teacher, died yesterday from wounds he had sustained.

-2 names from the martyrs from Al Neirab were received 28/09/2012:
-Lutfi Shalbee and Alaa’ Abdul Haq


• Demonstrations:

1) Al Ashrafiyeh: an evening demonstration:

Aleppo suburbs:

2) Al Abzimo: Funeral procession of the martyr Ibrahim Al Sheikh Taher.


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Aleppo- Masaken Hanano: Target of Al Muttaqeen mosque the biggest mosque in the neighbourhood by Assad warplanes on 29/09/2012.

2) Aleppo- Masaken Hanano: Effects of destruction of entire buildings resulting from warplane shelling on 09/09/2012.


• Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1) Aleppo suburbs – Baza'ah: freedom-callers paint the entryway of the city:

* The entrance to the city after painting and drawing:


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