Friday, September 21, 2012

21/09/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 21/09/2012 up until 8pm
Friday of "Followers of Muhammad PBUH Are Being Slaughtered in Syria"


• Summary for 21/09/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 12
Number of protests: 34
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 3
Number of shelled places: 13
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 1
Number of defections: 0


• Martyrs:

1. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: Taha Mahmoud Al Khateeb:

2. Rural Aleppo - Al Jeineh: Muhammad Ahmad Al Sharad, 21 years, killed from the shelling of the village:

3. Rural Aleppo - Al Jeineh: child Ayman Mustafa Al Sharad, 5 years, killed from the shelling.

4. Rural Aleppo - Al Jeineh: child Fatima Mustafa Al Sharad, 3 years, killed from the shelling.

5. Rural Aleppo - Al Jeineh: child Khalid Na’el Ayyoub, 13 years, killed from the shelling.

6. Al Firdous: child Abdo Bin Abdullah Banan, 13 years, killed from the shelling in the morning.

7. Bab Al Nasr: a child martyr and a number of casualties fell when a building collapsed on top of its residents due to the mortar shelling.

8. Al Heidariyeh: Yahya Al Ali Al Jasem, known as Al Hal Ali, 40 years with 5 children, was sniped during a battle in Al Arqoub in the neck. He was buried in Ba’eideen district.

9. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: Muhammad Mahmoud Al Shawiyah, killed yesterday, Thursday morning, in the public market due to heavy machine gun fire from jets onto the market.

10. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: Sayyed Ali Haswah, 23 years, married 5 months ago, died from wounds he had sustained by shabeeha [regime thugs] during an attack near Najm citadel. He was taken to Turkey to be treated, where he lost his life.

11. Rural Aleppo - Anadan: Ahmad Eudo, killed by shabeeha [regime thugs] gunfire in Kafar Hamra.

12. Al Arqoub: Abdul Haleem Al Ghafaree, a member of the Free Syria Army, from Daraa province, Al Sanameen village, was killed during clashes in Al Arqoub.


• Violations:

1. Bustan Al Basha: impact of the warplane shelling:

2. Old Aleppo - Bab Al Nasr: impact of the mortar shelling of Al Othmanieyh historic mosque minaret:

3. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Hamra: impact of the warplane shelling:

4. Tareeq Al Bab: impact of the artillery shelling:

5. Al Mayassar: impact of the artillery shelling:


• Cases of gunfire:

1. Al Hamdaniyeh: gunfire after Friday prayers by Assad militia on Al Radwan mosque.

2. Al Arqoub: violent clashes right now in the district.

3. Al Sayyed Ali: clashes and sounds of explosions on the outskirts of the district from the direction of Al Shabourah, where 2 artillery shells fell.


• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1) Aleppo- Khan Al ‘Assal: Regime forces shelled the city using heavy artillery.

2) Rural Aleppo- Bashantra town: Artillery shelling onto Al Hadi comound.

3) Aleppo- Bustan Al Basha: Warplane shelling onto the neighbourhood using Albatross warplanes.

4) Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb: Shelling began onto the city when a demonstration took off from the big mosque

5) Aleppo- Al Sha’ar: Artillery shelling targets the neighbourhood indiscriminately.

6) Rural Aleppo- Al Jeenah: Artillery shelling onto the neighbourhood along with the fall of two shells on a home which affected the entire family.

7) Rural Aleppo- Qubtan Al Jabal: Violent artillery and rocket shelling, since an hour and a half ago, that in conjunction with the exit of worshippers from the mosque after Friday prayers, the source of shelling is from Al Zahra’ neighbourhood.

8) Rural Aleppo- AlSafirah: Artillery shelling after Friday prayers, targeting the city indiscriminately.

9) Rural Aleppo- Anadan: Two artillery shells fell next to Hamzeh mosque.

10) Rural Aleppo- AlJeenih: After the people came out in a demonstration after Friday prayers, the regime shelled the village using rockets.

11) Aleppo- Al Nairab bridge: Tanks present in Sooq Al Baqar (cow market) shell Al Nairab bridge.

12) Aleppo- Karm AlJabal: Violent shelling onto the neighbourhood, at least five injured people fell.

13) Aleppo- Al Firdaws: Violent artillery shelling onto the neighbourhood, along with an attempt at targeting the demonstration that took off a while ago, all damages are financial until now.


• Number of times heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks & armoured vehicles’:

1. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: warplanes flew overhead the outskirts of Al Bab and Baza’ah.

• Demonstrations in Aleppo city:

1. Kobane-

2. Al Saliheen-

3. Qadee Askar: demonstration from Agha Jaq mosque and Qadee Askar mosque-

4. Al Sikaree: demonstration after Friday prayers from Owis Al Qarnee mosque-

5. Tareeq Al Bab: demonstration next to the destruction :

6. Bustan Al Qasr: large demonstration-

7. Aleppo- Al Maghayer Al Sha’bieh: Demonstration in the neighbourhood took off from Abu Huraira mosque after Friday prayers on Friday of "Followers of Muhammad PBUH Are Being Slaughtered in Syria"

Reported demonstrations with no footage - Al Sha’ar, Al Firdous, Al Sakhour, Al Ashrafiyeh, New Aleppo, Masakin Hanano, Al Furqan, Al Heidariyeh, Al Mayassar,

• Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:

1. Ratyan-

2. Al Ibzamo-

3. Batabo-

4. Dabeq: large demonstration-

5. Manbej: demonstration heard throughout the city:

6. Mare’-

7. Al Halazon-

8. Al Jeineh: funeral procession for the martyrs killed from the shelling from the 46th regiment:

Reported demonstrations with no footage - Ibeen, Al Jeineh, Injareh, Taqad, Anadan, Al Atareb, Al Bab, Kafar Halab, Afreen, western Aleppo suburbs (Babakeh)

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