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Report on the Province of Aleppo and its surroundings 11/09/2012

Summary for 11/09/2012:
Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 31, including 2 martyrs from Idlib suburbs, and 2 others of different nationalities.
Number of protests: 2
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 37
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 3
Number of defections: 0


• Martyrs:
1- Bustan al Qasr: Martyr ‘Abdo AlAtrash’ 16 years old, the father of the martyr mourning the death of his son, very emotional video.

2- Bustan al Qasr: Martyr ‘Mohammad Hotheifa Atrash’ the Qashoosh of Bustan al Qasr, 17 years old, martyred suffering from shrapnel wounds as a result of shelling of his home in Bustan al Qasr.

3- Bustan al Qasr: Child martyr ‘Ahmad Bubu’ martyred as a result of violent shelling onto the neighbourhood, at dawn time today.

4- Al Sikaree: Child martyr ‘Mustafa Hijazi’ 15 years old, martyred as a result of violent shelling onto Al Sikaree yesterday.

5- Al Sikaree: Martyr ‘Rami Dabbas’, martyred as a result of violent shelling onto Al Sikaree yesterday.

6- Al Sakhour: Martyr ‘Ahmad Mohammad Sheikh Omar’ aged 29 years old, has two children, as a result of shelling onto the neighbourhood.

7- Al Sakhour: Martyr ‘Ahmad Ahmad Ismail ‘Oweira’ 53 years old and has five children, as a result of shelling onto the neighbourhood.

8-9- Bab Al Neirab: Two martyrs whose names have not yet been confirmed, martyred as a result of a shell falling onto a camp next to Al Sheikh Jaker mosque

* 10-11-12- Al Heidariyeh: Three martyrs whose names have not yet been confirmed, were martyred as a result of shelling onto a residential building consisting of three floors, where four families lived.

13- Al Midan: Martyr ‘Marwan Jisree’ 66 yeard old, by the sniper bullet of Assad gangs concentrated near the Raid branch in Al Midan neighbourhood.

14- Al Midan: Brother of the martyr ‘Abd AlQader Jisree’ 57 years old, by the sniper bullet of Assad gangs concentrated near the Raid branch in Al Midan neighbourhood.

15- Rural Aleppo- Maryameen/ Ba’eideen: Martyr ‘Mohammad Huseein Qadro’ 38 years old, from Maryameen village, as a result of shelling onto the Sooq (market) in Ba’ideen.

16- Rural Aleppo- Maryameen/ Ba’ideen: Martyr ‘Mohammad Faqeer’ abu Nader, from  Maryameen village, as a result of shelling onto the Sooq (market) in Ba’ideen.

17- Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal/ Al Arqoub: Omar Ibrahim Abdul Azeez, from Deir Jamal, was killed during clashes in Al Arqoub in Aleppo. He was transported to Turkey.

18-19. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab/Al Leiramoun: Mahmoud Al Zabake and Mahmoud Al Yaseen, killed by gunfire from regime force checkpoints in Aleppo. While they were succoring a civilian casualty, members of Al Leiramoun checkpoint liquidated them and the casualty with gunfire.

20. Idlib - Saraqeb/Aleppo: Mohammad Abdul Mun’eh Al Radwan, from Saraqeb, was killed during clashes with the regime army in Aleppo.

*Rural Aleppo - Mare’: the names of 5 martyrs from the massacre that occurred due to the warplane shelling have been received up until now. They are-

21. Mohammad Abdul Samee’ Najjar:
-Bidding farewell to the martyr:

22. Ahmad ABdullah Nayef Al Najjar

23. Basim Hassan Kawan, 35 years

24. Mohammad Omar Abdul Najjar, 35 years with 4 children.

25. Abdullah Yousef Al Zeido

-Rural Aleppo - Mare’: photos of some of the martyrs who were killed from the warplane shelling:

*Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: at least 3 martyrs and dozens of casualties fell from the violent air raid since the morning, where a residential building was reported to have completely collapsed. They are-

26. Hussein Qareewee
27. Brother Khalid Qareewee
28. Child Mahmoud Khalid Qareewee:

29. Idlib - Sarmeen/rural Aleppo - Mayer: an unidentified martyr of 17 years was killed during clashes. He was from Sarmeen in Idlib suburbs.

30-31. Abu Fatimah and Jum’ah Hamdoun, one from Daghestan and the other from another nationality, were killed in Al Sheikh Suleiman during clashes in western Aleppo suburbs:

The university hospital: reports that 4 mutilated bodies with gunshot wounds in the chest and head were received in the fridges of the university hospital from the air branch. The bodies did not have any personal documents upon them.


• Violations:
1. Injured and wounded-

•Al Sha’ar: critical injuries and amputations due to the warplane shelling yesterday:

•Received late - Al Qaterjee - Karam Al Tahan: children casualties from the shelling:

•Rural Aleppo - Mare’: a great number of casualties who were injured critically, some of whom had amputations of limbs, from the warplane shelling:

•Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: dozens of casualties fell from the violent air raids since the morning. A residential building was reported to have completely collapsed.
-A civilian casualty from the shelling 10/09/2012:
•Al Heidariyeh: recovering surviving children:

2. Saif Al Dowleh: impact of the destruction due to the artillery shelling:

3. Aqyool: impact of the destruction on Osama Bin Ziad mosque:

4. Hanano barracks: a gas bomb that was found in Hanano barracks, that was used to suppress demonstrators:

5. Bustan Al Basha: impact of the shelling of residential buildings near a church:

6. Al Heidariyeh: great numbers of civilians flee from the violent shelling of the district in the morning.

7. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: impact of the shelling:

8. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: impact of the artillery shelling on civilian houses:

9. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: the animal food centre was targeted:

10. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: impact of the shelling, which targeted vegetable refrigerators, and the blood of the martyrs and casualties:

11. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: impact of the warplane shelling of the backup bakery today:

*Received late:

-Masakin Hanano: the complete collapse of a residential building 09/09/2012:


• Cases of gunfire:
1. Al Arqoub: violent clashes:

2. Al Itha’ah: clashes and heavy gunfire in the area.

3. Hanano barracks: violent clashes and strong explosions were heard from Hanano barracks.

4. Salah Al Deen: violent clashes and exchanges of heavy gunfire near Saif Al Dowleh park.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:
1. Al Sha’ar: before dawn - violent artillery shelling on the area that caused Thatha shoeshop to light on fire:

2. Hanano barracks: warplane shelling near Hanano barracks.
-Renewed targeting of the barracks from the violent artillery shelling.

3. Ba’deideen: artillery shelling on the district. A number of shells fell, including one which fell near Al Khadrah [vegetable] market, and injured 5 people, 2 of whom are in a critical condition.
-Evening: warplane shelling on Al Hellok and Ba’eideen, wtih the fall of 5 shells on Ba’eideen.

4. Al Hellok: evening - warplane shelling on Al Hellok and Ba’eideen.

5. Al Sheikh Maqsoud: warplane shelling in the evening.

6. Saif Al Dowleh: a residential building was burnt and greatly damaged due to the continuous shelling:

7. Al Mayassar: artillery shelling in the evening.

8. Qadee Askar: shelling near Al Thura Al Aalee bakery.

9. Al Heidariyeh: warplane shelling:

10. Al Marjeh: warplane shelling and the fall of a number of TNT explosive barrels, causing the destruction of a number of residential buildings. No martyrs were reported up until now.

11. Al Sheikh Khadar: mortar shelling, causing the fall of a number of casualties.

12. Al Sikaree: Assad militia shell the district, alongside the fall of mortar shells.

13. Bustan Al Basha: a shop was burnt due to the warplane shelling:

14. Tareeq Al Bab: warplanes and helicopters flew overhead and dropped 2 shells on the district.

15. Al Midan: heavy gunfire from helicopter machine guns.

16. Bab Al Neirab: a shell targeted a shelter in the district, near Al Sheikh Jakeer mosque, leading to the martyrdom of 2 people and injuring dozens.

17. Masakin Hanano: more than 5 shells fell on the district near Ahmad Zeino school at night. Martyrs and dozens of casualties were reported.

18-19. Old Aleppo: mortar shelling of Bab Al Hadeed and Bab Al Nasr.

20. Al Firdous: artillery shelling.

21. Al Sakhour: violent warplane shelling on Al Sakhour and surrounding areas in Hanano barracks. Clouds of smoke filled the place.

22. Al Arqoub: warplanes threw TNT explosive barrels on the district, in conjunction with clashes and mortar shelling.

23. Bustan Al Qasr: artillery shelling of the district, causing the fall of 2 young men aged 16 and 17.

24. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: before dawn - shelling targeted the reserve bakery, and columns of smoke rose from the bakery after an outbreak of fire. The Free Syria Army attempted to put it out:
-Evening: warplane shelling on the outskirts of the city.

25. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: before dawn - artillery and rocket shelling on the city in the western suburbs from Al Sheikh Suleiman artillery and the 46th regiment.
-Renewed shelling from warplanes, causing 3 martyrs from one family and a number of injured.
-Moment a rocket fell:

26. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Halab: dawn - artillery shelling from the 46th regiment:

27. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: afternoon - 2 rockets fell on the eastern district of the city, causing material damage only.
-Evening: renewed violent shelling from the 46th regiment, targeting civilian houses.

28. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: shelling of the city, that caused the fall of a number of martyrs.
-Clouds of smoke due to the shelling:

29. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: warplanes shelled and targeted the animal food centre, caused devastation and fire to devour the centre.

30. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Karameen: 4 rockets fell, critically injuring 2 children.

31. Northern Aleppo suburbs - Tel Rif’at and Kafar Naseh: warplanes roamed overhead the northern suburbs and shelled in between Tel Rif’at city and Kafar Naseh village.

32. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: artillery shelling of the town:

33. Rural Aleppo - Tel Rif’at: violent warplane shelling in the centre of the city and the northern areas. The sky of the city was filled with smoke and dust due to the devastation caused by the shells.

34. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz: warplanes flew overhead the towns of the northern suburbs, Azaaz, Tel Rif’at and Deir Jamal, and indiscriminately shelled the cities.

35. Rural Aleppo - Deir Jamal: warplanes flew overhead the towns of the northern suburbs, Azaaz, Tel Rif’at and Deir Jamal, and indiscriminately shelled the cities.

36. Rural Aleppo - Khan Al Asal: artillery shelling, and the fall of 2 shells near Garden City restaurant. No casualties were reported.

37. Rural Aleppo - on the way from Talshagheen village to Azeizah village: Azeizah village was showered with shells from the only tank stationed in the checkpoint.


• Number of times heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:
Important: clear footage of helicopters loaded with rockets:

1. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: artillery shelling, in conjunction with helicopters flying overhead:

2. Northern Aleppo suburbs: warplanes flew overhead the towns of Azaaz, Tel Rif’at and Deir Jamal, and indiscriminately shelled the cities.

3. Al Furqan: a regime army convoy headed from Al Furqan to Aleppo districts:


• Demonstrations in Aleppo city:
1- Share’ Al Neel: Demonstration outside AlFatah AlYateemah park, calling for freedom, to topple the regime and saluted the FSA. Assad shabeeha (thugs) attacked demonstrators which resulted in many injuries amongst the demonstrators.

• Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:
1- Mare’: Funeral procession of the two martyrs from the massacre in Mare’, they were martyred as a result of warplane shelling onto Mare’.


• Delayed videos and news:
1- Aleppo- Funeral procession for the martyr ‘Mohammad Fayyad Suleiman’ commander of Mohammad Fattah brigade:

2- Al Ashrafieh: Video of the evening demonstration outside Salah al Deen mosque, condemning the barbaric shelling onto the neighbourhoods in Aleppo and in solidarity with the uprising cities, on Monday (yesterday):


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