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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 12/09/2012=================================

Summary for 12/09/2012:
Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 60, including a child martyr from Deir Ezzor who was martyred in Al Safeirah.
Number of protests: 6
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 0
Number of shelled places: 27
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 5
Number of defections: 0


• Martyrs:
1. Al Ansaree: Mohammad Abdul Fattah Makhzoum was killed by snipers in Al Amariyeh yesterday.

2. Sleiman Al Halabi: hero Ahmad Idlibee, a soldier from the Mohammad Fateh battalion, was killed from the warplane shelling.

3. Al Neirab: newly-wed Haytham Ramadan Kanjo went to his wedding and came back to his family a martyr, killed by snipers.

4. Al Neirab: Mahmoud Jalal Khalo, 38 years with 4 children, was killed by snipers near Jisr Al Neirab.

5. Al Marjeh/Al Hamdaniyeh: Hassan Jamal Al Hamoud Al Yaseen, killed by snipers on Al Hamdaniyeh highway.

6. Al Saliheen: Zakariya Joukhadar, 40 years with 5 children, was killed by snipers in principal square.

7. Al Sheikh Khafar: hero Mahmoud Omar Al Dahdouh, 27 years with a child, was killed by snipers in the battle at Midan police station.

*3 Armenian martyrs fell as a result of clashes between the Free Syria Army and the regime army. They were heading to Aleppo international airport via Jisr Al Neirab yesterday. Their funeral processions took place in the afternoon in Al Sayidat Al Athraa’ church in the district Al Sheikh Taha. Their names are-

8. Haroot Seilafeen
9. Female Arseen Beibjan
10. Hartash Beibjan

*11-16. Jam’iyet Al Zahra’: 6 unidentified bodies were found near Kafar Hamrah checkpoint, at the entrance to western Jam’iyet Al Zahra’. The bodies had very clear signs of torture upon them. However, no pictures could be taken due to the closeness of the bodies to the checkpoint.

*17-22. Tareeq Al Bab: 5 martyrs from the Dashan family were killed from the shelling of Al Imam Al Nawyee mosque.
-A female martyr from the Dashan family who was pregnant was killed from the shelling of Al Imam Al Nawyee mosque.

*23-47. Al A’thamiyeh: Assad militias committed a massacre in the district. Civilians woke up to the sound of heavy gunfire to find 25 bodies, dressed in civilian clothes and handcuffed, who were executed with gunfire at the entrance of a building in the road leading to Nadi Al Dabbat [officers club], opposite Manar Al Sha’ar pharmacy and near the food shopping centre. The civil defence later removed the bodies.

48-49. Al A’thamiyeh: the bodies of 2 young men were found with signs of torture on their bodies. Their arms were tied from behind and they were shot in the head. Their bodies have not yet been withdrawn.

50. Rural Aleppo - Kafrah/Sleiman Al Halabi: defected sergeant Ahmad Omar Jeijo was killed by snipers in Sleiman Al Halabi. He was treated in Turkey until his death this morning.

51. Rural Aleppo - Ra’el: unidentified martyr who was killed from the indiscrimiante shelling.

52. Rural Aleppo - Tel Rif’at: Mohammad Hasoun Abu Jameel was killed during clashes with the regime army in Aleppo.

53. Rural Aleppo - Anajareh - Eijal: Ali Ahmad Rastam, 40 years and married with childrne, was killed from the shelling of his house yesterday.

54. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: Jamal Abdul Salam Hafeth was killed from the warplane shelling.

55. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: Mustafa Younes Akrameh was killed from the warplane shelling.
-One of the victims:

56. Rural Aleppo - Mayer: Abdul Qader Mahmoud Hanourah was killed from the shelling:

57. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: Hameid Al Abdullah Al Hamoud Al Yousef was killed from the shelling.

58. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: female Fadia Hamadan Al Yousef, wife of Hameid, originally from Al Azeiziyeh, was killed from the shelling.

59. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: Omar Al Deik Abu Mahmoud, from the Khateeb family, was killed from the shelling.

60. Deir Ezzor/rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: child Abdullah Suhaib Abu Al Eish, from Deir Ezzor province and had fled with his family to Al Aziziyeh, was killed from the shelling.

61. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: an unidentified woman from Asan, who was in a car traveling from Aleppo to Al Safeirah, was martyred.

*Also documented:

-Al Firdous: Omar Hassan Abeid, killed from the shelling 09/09/2012.
-Rural Aleppo - Ikhtarein: Hassan Abdullah Abdul Qader, 32 years, married with 5 children, was killed in Sleiman Al Halabi 05/09/2012.
-Rural Aleppo - Ikhtarein: Abdul Razzaq Hassan Abdul Qader, 34 years, was killed in Sleiman Al Halabi. He was a freedom-fighter in the Free Syria Army, and his body is still with security 27/08/2012.

*Al Heidariyeh: names of the martyrs from Al Heidariyeh yesterday have been received. They were initially documented as 5 unidentified martyrs, but the number rose to 11. They are-

-Ayman Khalid, 26 years
-Female, wife of Osama Khalid
-Child Hamza Osama Khalid, 3 years
-Child Mohammad Dala, 7 years
-Child Fatima Dada
-Ibrahim Dada
-Uncle Anwar Dada, 40 years
-Abu Yaseen, 40 years
-Child Eisa Khaleel Al Khaleel, 12 years
-Child Mohammad Abdo Qasas, 6 years
-Elderly unidentified martyr, 65 years


• Violations:
1. Karam Al Beik: impact of the destruction caused by the shelling:

2. Al Arqoub: impact of the helicopter shelling:
-Impact of the shelling of a mosque and the destruction of a minaret:
-A building burnt from the shelling:
-Arrived late: impact of the destruction caused by the shelling on Tuesday:

3. Al Marjeh: impact of a mosque that was targeted by Assad’s shelling:

4. Qadee Askar: warplanes dropped TNT barrels on Sa’d Allah Al Jabree school, and other TBT barrels on a cemetery surrounding the school.
-Even cemeteries were shelled:
-Even birds and cats hiding in the cemetery were not spared from Assad’s fire:

5. Saif Al Dowleh: impact of the destruction:
-Impact of the destruction in Al Nasr mosque:

6. Al Sha’ar: impact of the shelling and an interview with a resident:
-Arrived late: 2 floors completely collapsed from the Assad shelling:

7. Bab Al Neirab - arrived late: destruction of Al Alem Jalal-ud-Deen Al Roumee mosque from the warplane shelling:

8. Salah Al Deen - arrived late: impact of the shelling:

9. Ba’eideen: Assad militia shelling of the market on Tuesday 11/09/2012:

10. Al Sakhour - arrived late: warplanes destroying 2 houses in the district:
-Arrived late: a TNT barrel that did not exlpode:

11. Al Itha’ah - arrives late: columns of smoke rising from the shelling:

12. Al Zabadiyeh: a building was completely burnt from the shelling:

13. Rural Aleppo - Ra’el: impact of the warplane shelling of the village:
-A rocket that did not explode:

14. Rural Aleppo - destruction from the shelling, which caused the fall of martyrs and casualties:
-A victim of the shelling:
-Impact of the barbaric shelling on Mare’ city council:

15. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: impact of the rocket and artillery shelling from the 46th regiment:

16. Rural Aleppo - Ein Daqnah: impact of the warplane shelling of the village:

17. Rural Aleppo - Mayer: impact of the shelling:

18. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: impact of the destruction on principal square:


• Places that were bombed/shelled:
1. Ba’eideen: violent artillery shelling in the afternoon. The extent od the damage remains unknown due to the cut-off of electricity.
-After midnight: renewed artillery shelling. The fall of a shell on a diesel barrel caused fire to outbreak in a house. No casualties were reported.

2. Al Sikaree: before dawn - renewed shelling, with the fall of around 6 shells.
-Afternoon: artillery shelling of the district.

3. Bustan Al Basha: reports of tank shelling.
-After midnight: helicopter shelling using heavy machine guns. The helicopters remain flying overhead the district.

4. Al Mayassar: warplanes dropped TNT barrels near Abu Bakr As-Sideeq mosque, causing the complete destruction of 2 buildings and dozens of casualties. No martyrs were reported.

5. Al Qaterjee: the building near Al Wahdeh bakery was targeted with a shell, which caused damage to the building and its surroundings.

6. Al Arqoub: helicopter shelling:

7. Tareeq Al Bab: afternoon - heavy machine gun shelling from helicopters.
-After midnight: reports of violent shelling.

8. Qadee Askar: morning - warplanes dropped TNT barrels on Sa’d Allah Al Jabree school, and other barrels on the cemetery surrounding the school.

9. Maskain Hanano: warplanes pounded the district with machine guns. They remain flying overhead.

10. Al Kallaseh: violent shelling on Al Kallaseh and neighbouring Bustan Al Qasr.

11. Bustan Al Qasr: violent shelling on Al Kallaseh and neighbouring Bustan Al Qasr. A house was burnt in the district:

12. Salah Al Deen: reports of shelling of Salah Al Deen and Al Amariyeh from tanks stationed on Al Ramouseh highway.

13. Al Amariyeh: reports of shelling of Salah Al Deen and Al Amariyeh from tanks stationed on Al Ramouseh highway.

14. Al Ma’adee: casualties fell and some buildings were destroyed from the Assad militia artillery shelling.

15. Al Firdous: after midnight - artillery shelling.

*Shelling of Aleppo suburbs-

16. Rural Aleppo - Da’el: warplane shelling on the village. Casualties were reported.

17. Rural Aleppo - Kaljibreen: warplane shelling, causing smoke to rise from the village.
-Moment of warplane shelling:
-A crated caused by a shell that fell:

18. Rural Aleppo - Taqad: warplane shelling.

19. Rural Aleppo - Mare’: warplane shelling.
-Fires from the warplane shelling:

20. Rural Aleppo - Ra’el: warplane shelling on the village. Casualties were reported.

21. Rural Aleppo - Al Tawameh: columns of smoke filled the sky of the village after regime artillery shelling on civilian houses:

22. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: warplane shelled the city and targeted the principal square, in addition to shelling commercial shops nearby:
-Dismantling a shell that did not explode:
-Warplanes shelling:
-Moment that 2 shells were fired:

23. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: late afternoon - warplanes shelled around Daret ‘Izeh, with fears of a repeat massacre like yesterday/

24. Rural Aleppo - Ratyan: warplane shelling.

25. Rural Aleppo - Hardatnein: aerial shelling on the village, injuring 5 people.

26. Rural Aleppo - Al Safeirah: regime militia shelled the city with artillery, claiming the lives of 5 martyrs.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:
1. Al Mayassar: warplanes flying overhead:

2. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: warplanes flying overhead.

3. Rural Aleppo - Kaljibreen: helicopters flying overhead.

4. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: warplanes flying overhead:

5. More than 7 tanks, 5 vehicles and new cars were in Al Boulman street and Al Basel swimming baths.


• Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:
Reported demonstrations with no footage- New Alepo (x2).

• Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:
1. Tel Rif’at: large evening demonstration:
-Burning the American flag in response to insulting the Prophet:

2. Mare’: funeral procession for Basem Kawan, who was killed from the shelling yesterday:

3. Azaaz-

Reported demonstrations with no footage - Azaaz.


• Miscellaneous:
1. Saif Al Dowleh: civilians continue to flee:

2. Bustan Al Qasr: the Free Syria Army fixes electricity after the shelling:

3. Filling water for civilians affected by the cut-off of water:

4. Rural Aleppo - Tel Rif’at: funeral prayers in absentia for martyr Mohammad Hasoun Abu Jameel:


• Delayed news and videos:
1. Bani Zeid: demonstration in front of Al Rahman Bin Ouf mosque on Tuesday:

2. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: evening demonstration in the principal market on Tuesday:


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