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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 06/09/2012


Summary for 06/09/2012:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 20, including 9 who were killed in a massacre in Al Sikaree.
Number of protests: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 20
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 5
Number of defections: 0



1 Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: Abdullah Marwan Sadeq, killed after he was wounded in a battle in Harem.

2. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: Majed Al Nashawee, killed during the shelling on the town.

*Massacre in Al Sikaree yesterday due to the shelling that targeted a public minibus in the area. New martyr names have been received since yesterday, which puts the martyr count for the massacre to be 14.

3. Isma’eel Hussein
4. Mohammad Bin Mustafa Makees
5. Child Wala’ Khashan, 3 years.
6. Mustafa Qabawee
7. Fares Abdul Razzaq
8. Mohammad Subhi Barakat
9. Mohammad Subhi Zakariya
10. Taha Kalasee
11. Deibo Kalasee

The names of 5 martyrs were received yesterday.
Video documenting 2 martyrs, Deibo Dakhan and Abdullah Ja’arah:
-Martyr Majed Kalasee, 25 years:
-Ahmad Kalasee, 20 years:

12. Al Ansaree: Yaser Arab, died from sniper gun wounds he had sustained in the district.

13-17. Al Sheikh Maqsoud: 5 civilian martyrs and more than 10 casualties due to the artillery shelling on the district.

18. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: unidentified martyr, killed from the rocket shelling on the city.

19. Rural Aleppo - Khan Touman: Fa’ez Dabalounee, 36 years, killed from the fall of a shell on a house on the way to the town.

20. Rural Aleppo - Khan Touman: child Mahmoud Mahmoud Dabalounee, 13 years,  killed from the fall of a shell on a house on the way to the town.

21. Golan/Saif Al Dowleh: Osama Mahyee Al Khalid, from Golan, was killed in Aleppo while defending Saif Al Dowleh district:

*Sheikh Sa’eed: names of martyrs documented, who were killed as a result of the shelling on 04/09/2012:
-Female Malak Ali Al Hassan
-Child Khalid Mohammad Al Omar, 6 years
-Female Dalal Askar
-Thakour Askar
-Female Hind Jabar Al Younes

*Al Sakhour: martyr Sameer Mansour, 30 years, was documented to have been martyred on the 31/08/2012 by snipers:


1. Wounded and injured:

  • Rural Aleppo - Hayyan: a casualty from the shelling
  • Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: 3 child casualties from the shelling; Najee Al Muhammad, Malek Al Kareem and Amjad Al Shanyouree.
  • Al Sha’ar: casualties in critical conditions from the shelling yesterday:
  • Al Sikaree: the Free Syria Army treat a civilian casualty who was injured from the shelling yesterday 18+:
  • Rural Aleppo - Khan Touman: 10 casualties, women and children, from the fall of a shell on Wednesday night.

2. Al Sha’ar: impact of the violent shelling:

3. Saif Al Dowleh: great destruction in Al Nasr mosque and its surroundings:
-Great fires:

4. Al Itha’ah: devastation caused by the barbaric shelling:

5. Al Sheikh Maqsoud: a strong explosion happened in front of Ma’rouf mosque, which lead to the martyrdom of a number of people. Casualties were transported to a hospital.

6. Masakin Hanano: impact of the destruction from the violent warplane shelling:

7. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: a house that was shelled:

8. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: impact of the destruction caused by the shelling:

9. Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: destruction after the area was shelled:


Cases of gunfire:

1. Al Hamdaniyeh: shabeeha open fire for fun:

2. Hanano barracks: gunfire and clashes in the area.

3. Sleiman Al Halabi: very violent clashes between the Free Syria Army and the regime army.

4. Al Itha’ah: violent clashes between the Free Syria Army and Assad militias, in conjunction with shelling of the district:


Places that were bombed/shelled:

1. Al Zabadiyeh: violent shelling and the burning of houses:

2. Masakin Hanano: warplane shelling to residential buildings in the district, which lead to around 15 casualties, mainly women and children.
-Shelling of Hanano police station from warplanes:

3. Sleiman Al Halabi: shelling since the early hours of the morning from artillery, warplanes and helicopters, with many civilians fleeing.
-Night: renewed helicopter shelling.

4. Al Midan: warplane shelling on the district.

5. Saif Al Dowleh: warplane shelling on the district:

6. Karam Al Beik: warplane shelling on the district:

7. Bustan Al Qasr: warplane shelling on the district.

8. Al Itha’ah: shells fall on the district in the evening:

9. Al Sakhour: clouds of smoke due to the shelling:

10. Al Ma’adee: moment of warplane shelling on the district:

11. Qadee Askar: warplanes shell Old Aleppo:

12. Al Sheikh Maqsoud: night - fall of a number of artillery shelling. A number of martyrs and casualties were reported due to the shelling.

13. Al Ansaree: artillery shelling at dawn on the district and its surroundings.

14. Al Sikaree: renewed targeting of the district in the early hours of dawn after yesterday’s events. Artillery shelling was renewed at dawn.

15. Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: shelling from rocket launchers and heavy artillery.

16. Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: very violent shelling with heavy artillery and rocket launchers on the town from the 46th regiment and Al Sheikh Suleiman artillery. Great destruction was caused to houses:

17. Rural Aleppo - Al Bab: warplane shelling and great explosions in the centre of the city. Black smoke fills the sky of the city:

18. Rural Aleppo - Hayyan: warplane shelling targeting houses with TNT barrels.
-Moment a rocket exploded:

19. Rural Aleppo - Deir Hafer: warplanes and helicopters shell the city, leading to the martyrdom of a civilian and 3 child casualties.

20. Rural Aleppo - Anadan: violent warplane shelling on the eastern district of the city.


Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’

1- Qadee ‘Askar: Warplanes bombed old Aleppo.

2. Al Ma’adee: moment of warplane shelling on the district:

3. Karam Al Beik: warplanes shelled the district:

4. Regime army forces hide inside armoured vehicles and tanks on the outskirts of Aleppo city:

5. Rural Aleppo - Hayyan” warplanes shelled the town:


Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

1- Saif Al Dowleh: A demonstration by units of the FSA at the front of Saif Al Dowleh.



1- FSA bury an Assad army unit after he was left lying on the ground after one of the battles that took place in the city.


Delayed news and videos:

1. Al Sha’ar: casualties from the indiscriminate shelling 05/09/2012:


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