Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Massacre in Masakin Hanano 23/10/2012

Massacre in Masakin Hanano, Aleppo city, 23/10/2012

* Summary:

Assad forces shelled the district of Masakin Hanano in Aleppo city. 9 people were documented to have been martyred (with the number anticipated to increase), in addition to dozens who were injured, as a result of the heavy artillery shelling of Al Thura bakery.


* Martyrs:

Some of the names of the victims of the Masakin Hanano massacre:

1) Muhammad Razzaq, from Al Sakhour district.
2) Mustafa Al Nasr, the bakery supervisor.
3) Hussain Naser, a worker at the bakery.
4) Muhammad Droubee, a worker at the bakery.
5) A mute, unidentified martyr who worked at the bakery.
6) An unidentified child.
7) Female Fatima Hamal, from Al Sha’ar district.
8) Ahmad Dalatee, a worker from Al Furqan.

There are additional martyrs who have not yet been identified.


* Videos:

- Horrific footage showing a small child whose head was decapitated during the massacre 23/10/2012.
Note: the video is not for the faint-hearted. 18+:

- A shell fell on Al Thura bakery, which caused the fall of martyrs and injured dozens:

- Casualties and martyrs from the massacre at Al Thura bakery in Masakin Hanano 23/10/2012 18+:

- Body parts of a martyr as a result of the shelling of Al Thura bakery 23/10/2012:

- A young man whose body was turned to pieces, to the extent that he is no longer recognisable and has no identifiable human features due to the massacre 23/10/2012:
Note: the video is not for the faint-hearted. 18+:

- Video showing the testimony of a child about how the massacre happened, as well as a casualty and the moment he was martyred 23/10/2012:


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