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25/10/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 25/10/2012 up until 8pm

• Summary for 25/10/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 10
Number of martyrs: 14
Number of demonstrations: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 1
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 7
Number of shelled places: 14
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 1
Number of defections: 0


• Violations:

1) Injured and wounded:

• Aleppo suburbs - Khan Al Asal: a civilian was injured by gunfire:


• Martyrs:

1) Al Uwaijah: Muhammad Ahmad Ablouth Al Abed, 35 years with 7 children, was killed as a result of the artillery shelling.

2) Al Ashrafiyeh: Bilal Habash was killed as a result of the artillery shelling.

3) Al Ashrafiyeh: an unidentified young man was killed as a result of the shelling near Al Sharq bakery:

4) Al Ashrafiyeh: a 10-year-old child was killed as a result of the shelling of Al Sharq bakery.

5) Al Ashrafiyah: Muhammad Sha’bo was martyred as a result of the shelling:

6) Al Ashrafiyeh: Eisa Mustafa died from a heart attack after a shell fell behind Al Thura bakery in the district.

7) Al Sikaree: Muhammad Abshee, killed as a result of the shelling of Al Wadee street in the district.

8) Al Sikaree: Yahya Yaseen, killed as a result of the shelling of Al Wadee street in the district.

9) Tareeq Al Bab: Hussain Bakdash Bin Abdul Razzaq died from wounds he had sustained as a result of the shelling in the late afternoon yesterday. He is the father of child Muhammad Bakdash, who was martyred yesterday also.

10) Aleppo suburbs - Al Bab - Jabal Aqeel :: Ahmad Bin Omar Al Kamel, with 4 children, was killed during clashes in Salah Al Deen:

11) Aleppo suburbs - Al Mansoura: Ibrahim Muhammad Ghazal died from wounds he had sustained as a result of the indiscriminate shelling of the village yesterday.

12) Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Hassan Al Ahmad, killed by snipers during clashes in Aleppo:

13) Aleppo suburbs - Deir Jamal: Hassan Abdullah Aboush, killed dueing clashes in Bani Zaid district:

14) Aleppo suburbs - Tel Rif’at: Shadi Abdul Fattah Qarnadal, killed during clashes in Suleiman Al Halabi.

* Also documented:

- Karam Al Turab: Haytham Hilu Mu’thin Bin Deibo, 26 years with a child, was sniped in Al Sayyid Ali district ten days ago.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Violent clashes around the municipal palace.

2) Clashes around Al Shahyan roundabout, Al Mahlab barracks and Tishreen road.

3) Faysal road: violent clashes behind Al Rahman mosque and sounds of explosions as a result of the artillery shelling of Al Saryan district.

4) Jisr Al Neirab: violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and Assad battalions. Sounds of large explosions shook the region.

5) Clashes at Al Rahman mosque and at Al Saryan Al Jadidah:

6) The faculty of engineering: Assad militias opened fire at the end of the faculty of engineering to scare civilians.

7) Al Leiramoun roundabout: Assad militia snipers targeted cars at the roundabout.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:

1) Al Ramouseh: rocket shelling of the districts of Al Qariba from the school of artillery.

2) Karam Al Jabal: impact of the shelling of Abdul Majeed mosque:
-Impact of the violent shelling of a building:

3) Al Neel road: 5 shells fell on Tishreen street, which caused great fires in one of the buildings.

4) Al Sha’ar: destruction in Noor Al Shuhadaa’ mosque after it was targeted a number of times:

5) Salah Al Deen: new clips of the devastation in the district 24/10/2012:

6) Bani Zaid: 6 shells fell, in conjunction with sounds of strong explosions that were heard in the region.

7) Al Sakhour: Assad battalions artillery shelled Al Shura bakery in the distrct.
-Al Sakhour roundabout: next to the destruction which was caused by the shelling. Columns of smoke rose from Karam Al Jabal with the rain:

8) Al Sikaree: artillery shelling of the end of Al Wadi road, which lead to the martyrdom of 2 people: Muhammad Abshee and Yahya Yaseen.

9) Al Uwaijeh: artillery shelling.

10) Al Sabeel: 3 mortar shells fell on Khalid Bin Al Walid school, which injured 3, including a child.

11) Tishreen road: reports that artillery shells fell on Al Amal hospital in the district.

12) Al Saryan: 2 shells fell on the district. No losses were reported.

* Aleppo suburbs:

12) Shelling of Khan Al Asal.

13) Indiscriminate shelling of Al Mansourah village, which caused the martyrdom of young Ibrahim Muhammad.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:

1) 5 tanks, pick-up vans and a bus were at Zawiyet Al Matahan, near the station. The tanks shelled in the direction of Al Saryan.


• Demonstration in Aleppo city:

1) Al Sikaree: funeral procession for martyr Yahya Yaseen:


• Miscellaneous:

1) Al Muhafatha: shabeeha [regime thugs] spread on the rooftops surrounding the national security branch and the Governor’s palace.

2) Al Ashrafiyeh: reports that the Free Syrian Army took control of the criminal security branch.

3) Aleppo suburbs - Azaaz: a cleaning campaign of the Arabic cultural centre in the city, which was targeted by warplanes:

4) Al Saryan Al Jadeed: the independence flag was raised above the French hospital.

5) Aleppo suburbs - Khan Al Asal: a defector who was liquidated by Assad militia:

6) Revolutionaries prepare to liberate Al Ashrafiyeh district (6 photos):

7) Video of a young man with signs of torture, who was summarily executed near the school of infantry by a shot in the head. Please spread the video so that his story can be known:

8) Bani Zaid: members of the Free Syrian Army secure the exodus of civilians, while Assad militia attempt to raid the district:


• Delayed news and videos:

1) Aleppo: the humanitarian situation in the field hospital-
-A woman with a great leg injury being treated 24/10/12 18+:

2) An injured child being treated 24/10/2012:

3) An injured child being treated 24/10/2012:

4) Attempts to treat young, injured men 24/10/2012:

5) Al Sakhour: child Khalid Yousef Al Jisee, 3 years old, was martyred on Wednesday morning. The General Revolution Commission in Aleppo notes that this is the first case where a person died as a result of jaundice, great fear and panic, without a cadre to treat in the field hospital.

6) Al Sakhour: civilians injured from snipers stationed in Suleiman Al Halabi district, including children 24/10/2012:

7) Aleppo suburbs - Manbej: large evening demonstration near the city streets, in solidarity with Douma, Aleppo and the rest of the stricken Syrian cities 24/10/2012:

8) Aleppo suburbs - Azaaz: hero Omar Yahya Darableh, a member of Asfet Al Shimal brigade, was martyred in Al Midan district in Aleppo during clashes:

9) Al Qaterjee: evening demonstration 24/10/2012:

10) Aleppo suburbs - Manbej: evening demonstration in solidarity with the stricken cities 24/10/2012:

11) Child victims of the massacre in Masakin Hanano 23/10/2012:

12) Aleppo: funeral procession for hero Hamed Haj Hamoud:


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