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11/10/2012 up until 8pm [SYRIA]

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 11/10/2012 up until 8pm [SYRIA]

• Summary for 11/10/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 12
Number of demonstrations: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 1
Number of shelled places: 15
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 1
Number of defections: 0


• Violations:

1) Wounded and injured:

• Al Qaterji: Signs of vicious torture on the body of a young male who passed by a regime barrier near Aleppo citadel.

• Al Sakhour: Wounded people resulting from artillery shelling.

• Aleppo- Wounded women and children.

2) Qadee ‘Askar: Effects of violent shelling of the neighbourhood.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Al Sakhour: Clashes between the FSA and Assad gangs at Al Sakhour roundabout.


• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1) Qadee ‘Askar: The neigbourhood was exposed to mortar and artillery shelling this morning, resulting in the fall of a number of wounded and unjured people in Al Blat street.

2) Al Sakhour: Continued violent artillery shelling of the neighbourhood this morning.

3) Karm Al Jabal: Renewed tank shelling since the early morning.

4) Bustan Al Basha: Warplane shelling of the neighbourhood.

5) Al Sha’ar: Violent artillery shelling, warplanes target the neighbourhood.

6) Al Sheikh Maqsood: A shell fell onto the neighbourhood.

7) Al Sikaree: Three shells fell next to Al Akhlas mosque.

8) Al Sheikh Khudur: Artillery shelling of a residential building, resulting in material damage only.

* Shelling of Aleppo suburbs:

9) Deir Hafer: Violent warplane shelling of the town began dawn time today.

10) Maskaneh: Violent warplane shelling of the town began dawn time today.

11) Al Mazyouneh: Shelling of trucks on the highway this morning.

12) Al Bab: Heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes.

13) Menbej: Shelling of the outskirts of Menbej city using military warplane.

14) Tadef: Assad warplanes shell the city.

15) Khan Al ‘Assal: Violent artillery shelling of the town.


Number of times that heavy army equipment was used:

1) Aleppo suburbs: Bashqateen: Flight of warplanes above the area.


• Martyrs:

1) Al Sakhour: Martyrdom of Mohammad Ali Na’san, resulting from shelling by Assad gangs of civilian homes in the neighbourhood.

2) Aqyool: Martyr Mustafa Abd Allah Khattab, resulting from shelling of the neigbourhood near Osama Bin Zaid mosque.

3) Al Midan: Elderly aged martyr sniped in the neighbourhood.

4) Al Sikaree: Martyrdom of an unidentified female resulting from the shrapnel of a mortar during the shelling of the neighbourhood.

5) Al Qattaneh: Martyr Lu’ay Sayyed Darwish, son of Mohammad and Najat, 36 years old, has children, killed resulting from shelling of the neighbourhood.

6) Al Sikaree: Female martyr Fatina ‘Akeel 45 years old, resulting from shelling of the neighbourhood.

7) Al Sikaree: Female martyr Hamida Younes, 40 years old, result from shelling of the neighbourhood.

8) Bab Jnein: Martyr Ahmad Hafeth Darwish, killed resulting from shelling of Bab Jnein.

Aleppo Suburbs:

9) Harbal: Martyr Ali Mohammad Na’san, 43 years old, resulting from shelling onto Al Sakhour in Aleppo.

10) Anadan: Martyr Mahmoud Ibrahim ‘Afsh, nicknamed Hajj Abd Allah Za’rourah, killed during clashes in Aleppo.

11) Maskaneh: Martyred truck driver, when warplanes targeted the trucks on the highway near Al Mazyouneh village.

12) Tal Rif’at: Martyr Mohammad Ahmad Al Hallaj, during clashes in Aleppo, his corpse was kidnapped by Assad gangs two months ago which was only recently returned.

* Also documented:

• Aleppo suburbs: Anadan: Martyred hero Mahmoud Za’rourah ‘Afsh, martyred during the battles of liberation in Aleppo city on 10/10/2012.


• Demonstrations:
Aleppo Suburbs:

1) Anadan: Funeral procession of the martyr Mahmoud Za’rourah ‘Afash.


• Miscellaneous:

1) Al Sikaree: A child explaining how his home was shelled.
Civilians cleaning the neighbourhood:


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Salah Al Deen: Video showing the effects of exploding shells used on Salah Al Deen.

2) Aleppo- Two girls, sisters, both injured resulting from shelling 10/10/2012.

3) Aleppo- A patient was revived in a field hospital.


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