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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 27/10/2012

• Summary for 27/10/2012:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 10 martyrs, in addition to 16 who were documented in a massacre in Al Ashrafiyeh from Friday.
Number of demonstrations: 5
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 5
Number of shelled places: 27
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 4
Number of defections: 1


• Violations:

1) Injured and wounded:

• Al Sakhour: a paramedic who was shot in the leg:

2) Al Sha’ar: destruction caused by Assad militia’s artillery:

3) Jab Al Qabbeh: impact of the destruction as a result of the shelling by Assad militias:

4) Tareeq Al Bab: civilians suffering due to water being cut-off to the district:

5) Al Firdous: all land and mobile communications and the internet were cut-off to the district. Electricity has been almost completely cut-off since 3 days.

6) Masakin Hanano: civilians suffer from the continued cut-off of drinking water, alongside the rest of the surrounding districts, for the 3rd day in a row, forcing the use of stockpiles from several mosques and houses, in what threatens to be a humanitarian disaster.

7) Aleppo suburbs - AL Bab: mobile communications have been cut-off since midnight yesterday.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Aleppo: clashes in Al Ashrafiyeh and the housing area in Al Sabeel.

2) Al Sabeel: clashes in Al Ashrafiyeh and the housing area in Al Sabeel.

3) Al Amariyeh: clashes between the Martyrs of Aleppo brigade in Al Amariyeh & Assad forces:

4) Al Leiramoun: continuous clashes at Al Leiramoun checkpoint, near the air intelligence branch in the region.

5) Suleiman Al Halabi: the Muthana battalion, part of Al Fatah brigade, addressed several Assad militias who were attempting to storm the region from the direction of Al Midan. A number of Assad militias were killed.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:

1) Renewed shelling of the districts of Aleppo from the rooftop of the municipal palace.

2) Karam Al Jazmatee: 16 civilians were injured as a result of the heavy artillery shelling at dawn.

3) Al Sakhour: heavy artillery and tank shelling, which injured a number of civilians and destroyed some residential buildings.

4) Bustan Al Basha: violent artillery shelling.

5) Masakin Hanano: heavy artillery shelling. A number of shells fell, which lead to an outbreak of fire and caused columns of smoke to rise in the sky:

6) Karam Al Jabal: violent artillery shelling of Karam Al Jabal and Qarloq, causing heavy smoke to rise in both districts.

7) Qarloq: violent artillery shelling of Karam Al Jabal and Qarloq, causing heavy smoke to rise in both districts.

8) Al Leiramoun: violent artillery shelling.

9-10) Ba’eideen/Ein Al Tal: warplanes shelled Ba’eideen and Ein Al Tal using heavy machine guns. Civilians are in a state of panic.

11) Bab Al Hadeed: there was an outbreak of fire in a residential building, due to a shell that fell on it:

12) Qadee Askar: impact of the destruction, thought to be caused by surface-to-surface missiles, which destroyed 4 houses without injuring anyone:

13) Bab Al Nasr: impact of the indiscriminate shelling on the second day of the alleged ceasefire:
-A house burned by the indiscriminate shelling:

14) Bab Al Hadeed: smoke rising due to the shelling:
-Impact of the shelling:

15) Al Khaldiyeh: artillery shelling of the district. 12 artillery shells fell in Mafroushat Al Nafees street.

16) Qastal Haramee: there was an outbreak of fire in a house due to the artillery shelling:

17) Al Leiramoun: shelling of Al Sheikh Al Nasr mosque:
-Shelling of the factory area by tanks stationed at Al Leiramoun checkpoint.

18) Al Hamdaniyeh: midnight - renewed shelling from regime artillery and rocket launchers stationed in the area, around the liberated districts.

19) Al Sha’ar: renewed artillery shelling, in particular of Karam Al Beit street and Al Muwasalaat [transportation].

* Shelling of Aleppo suburbs:

20) Deir Hafer: warplanes shelled around the demolition near Deir Hafer, targeting a civilian van and critically injuring the driver.

21) Al Zarbeh: artillery shelling of civilian houses, and civilians of the town, which is a part of Jabal Sam’aan, are in a state of panic.

22) Khan Touman: renewed tank shelling from the ammunition depot, which is stationed on the road to Khan Touman.

23) Al Safira: violent mortar and artillery shelling since 6.30. More than 22 shells have fallen.

24) Qubtan Al Jabal: artillery shelling of the centre of the town from Al Sheikh Suleiman artillery.

25) Kafar Hamra: violent artillery shelling.

26) Hreitan: a number of artillery shells fell on the town, injuring 2 people.

27) Kafar Da’el: artillery shelling of the road to Kafar Da’el.


• Martyrs:

1) Salah Al deen: Khalid Sam’an was sniped.

2) Al Leiramoun: Ahmad Shareef was killed as a result of the shelling.

3) Bustan Al Basah: child Ahmad Attar, 14 years and an only child, was sniped.

4) Al Ashrafiyeh: an unidentified young man was killed by gunfire from the Free Syrian Army. His body was found near Al Thura bakery:

5) Al Ashrafiyeh: an unidentified woman was found near Al Thura bakery:

6) Aleppo suburbs - Bayanoun/Suleiman Al Halabi: Muhammad Bin Mahmoud Hassan Bakree Suleiman was killed during clashes in Suleiman Al Halabi in Aleppo.

7) Aleppo suburbs - Al Bab - Al Ta’anah village/Al Sakhour:: child Khalid Al Hamad, 2 years, died from wounds he had sustained as a result of the shelling of Al Sakhour in Aleppo.

8) Aleppo suburbs - Al Ibzamo/Al Sikaree: Hassan Tasqiya was killed as a result of the shelling of Al Sikaree district in Aleppo.

9) Aleppo suburbs - Qubtan Al Jabal: Ahmad Abdullah Jarad was killed by gunfire from a PKK checkpoint in Al Ashrafiyeh at midnight.

10) Aleppo suburbs - Khan Al Asal: child Muhammad Bin Qasee Rashed, 17 years, was sniped while he was going back to his house.

* Also documented:

-16 were martyred in Al Ashrafiyeh in Aleppo in a massacre that is thought to have been committed by members of the PKK party 26/10/2012:

-Report of the massacre in Al Ashrafiyeh:

-Names of the 16 martyrs who were killed during clashes with members of the PKK party yesterday in Al Ashrafiyeh, Aleppo:

-4 Kurdish martyrs from the Free Syrian Army.
-Abdul Hameed Abdo, from Anab village:
-Aleppo suburbs - Afreen: Husam Subhi Bilal:
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Waleed Sameer Masri
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Ahmad Masree
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Sa’eed Arab
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Muhammad Zaki
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: Mahmoud Zaki
-Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan: an unidentified martyr.
-Aleppo suburbs - Hayyan: Ali Omar Majree:
-Aleppo suburbs - Ratyan: Mustafa Maroush
-Idlib: Jamal Haddad:
-Idlib: Rabee’ Jamal Haddad:

* Videos:

-An unidentified martyr:
-A martyr known as ‘Abu Dawoud’:
-A martyr known as ‘Luqman’:
-An unidentified martyr:
-An unidentified martyr:

* Names of 2 who were martyred in Al Firdous yesterday:
-Ahmad Bin Omar Mayra’ee
-Omar Bin Muhammad Mayra’ee


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen:

1) Al Sakhour: warplanes flying at low altitudes.

2) Kuwayris military airport: many jets moved towards Aleppo and its suburbs.

3) Al Midan:: tanks shelling Al Midan district:

4) Aleppo: night - warplanes flew overhead the eastern areas.


• Demonstrations in Aleppo city:

1) Bustan Al Qasr: demonstration amid Eid celebrations:

2) Al Leiramoun: funeral procession for martyr Ahmad Al Shareef:

• Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:

1) Tel Rif’at: funeral prayers for martyr Yahya Abdul Rahman Yakan:

2) Manbej: demonstration in the second day of Eid-ul-Adha:

3) Ma’aret Al Arteerq: large demonstration demanding freedom, the fall of the regime and intervention from the Islamic and Arab countries.


• Defections:

1) Al Neirab military airport: a lieutenant colonel from Al Neirab military airport defected.


• Miscellaneous:

1) A leaked video showing how TNT barrels were thrown by Assad’s militia onto a town in Syria:

2) Media office for the Kurdish Brotherhood Coordination Committee: all Kurdish civilian detainees were released by the Free Syrian Army at the checkpoint in Hreitan and Hayyan. There are now negotiations being held between the PKK and the Free Syrian Army to resolve the problem, which was detrimental to both parties and served the Assad regime. The Kurdish Brotherhood Coordination Committee call for a calm, to stop the exaggeration of the media and for people to restrain themselves until the problem is solved, as well as emphasising the unity of the common struggle, in order to bring down the sectarian regime and build a new Syria.

3) Al Kallaseh: animals sacrificed on the second day of Eid:

4) Aleppo suburbs - Baza’ah: the relief office distributed meat to the poor:

5) Aleppo: swings for Eid, alongside revolutionary banners:

6) Saif Al Dowleh: children on the 'front line' on the second day of Eid-ul-Adha:


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Al Maghayer: demonstration from Al Maghayer Al Tahtanee mosque and Abu Huraira mosque. Freedom-callers gathered in Jib Al Souq square on the first day of Eid, after Friday prayers 26/10/2012-
-Part 1:
-Part 2:

2) Al Ashrafiyeh: impact of the destruction part 1:
-Part 2:
-Part 3:
-A woman who was killed in the district:
-The district on the first day of Eid:

3) Aleppo suburbs - Al Bab: honouring the children of martyrs on the first day of Eid 26/10/2012-
-Part 1:
-Part 2:
-Part 3:
-Banners displayed in a celebration to honour the sons of martyrs in Al Bab on the first day of Eid 26/10/2012:

4) Aleppo media centre monitors Salah Al Deen roundabout 25/10/2012:

5) The biggest market in eastern Aleppo has become a ghost town:

6) A market in Al Sha’ar:

7) Al Sakhour: a child sends a message during a demonstration 26/10/2012:

8) Suleiman Al Halabi: a destroyed nursery 25/10/2012:


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