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05/10/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 05/10/2012 up until 8pm
Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’ 05/10/2012

• Summary for 05/10/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 11, one of whom is from Damascus
Number of demonstrations: 27
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 1
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 1
Number of shelled places: 13
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 3
Number of defections: 0


• Violations

1) Injured and wounded:

• Aleppo: a young man was injured by snipers while looking to buy bread:

• Al Sakhour: a casualty from Hreitan in the district who was injured from an explosion that was caused by a tank shell:

• Al Qaterjee: a number of shells fell in front of Al Dar pharmacy, where there are a number of people who are critically injured.

• Al Kallaseh: yesterday - a casualty calling for help from his brother. He is under the rubble as a result of the collapse of a building due to the shelling:

• Aleppo: yesterday - a child injured from the shelling:

• Aleppo: yesterda - a child injured in a field hospital:

2) Old Aleppo: destruction as a result of the severe shelling:

3) Al Jandoul: impact of the destruction due to the shelling of Al Jandoul roundabout:

4) Aleppo suburbs - Al Safira: artillery shelling:

5) Aleppo suburbs - Mare’: impact of the destruction as a result of the shelling and a TNT explosive barrel that did not explode:
-A crater created by an explosive TNT barrel:

6) Aleppo suburbs - Injareh: civilians suffering while they search for bread:
-Impact of shelling from rocket launchers:


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Al Neirab: Violent clashes in Al Neirab Airport, Aleppo, between Assad gangs and the FSA, military planes were used to support the Assad gangs.


• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1) Old Aleppo- Warplanes targeted Old Aleppo.

2) Al Sakhour: Warplane shelling of the neighbourhood during Jum’ah prayers.
- The moment a shell fell onto a residential building.
- Evening: Renewed continuously, violent shelling onto the neighbourhood.

3) Al Qaterji: A number of shells fell outside Al Dar Pharmacy, resulting in a nu,ber of serious injuries.

4) Aqyool: Shelling of the neighbourhood targets abandoned buildings, as well as  ancient arabic homes, no injuries were reported.

5) Al Sheikh Khudur: The fall of an artillery shell resulted in the fall of a number of martyrs and injured civilians.

6) Bustan al Qasr: Violent artillery shelling targets the neighbourhood, along with the fall of shells outside Badr mosque.

7) Karm Al Jabal: Renewed shelling of Karm Al Jabal.

8) Qadee ‘Askar: A  mortar shell fell onto Hamze Bak street, two martyrs were reported.

* Shelling of Aleppo suburbs:

1) Hayyan: Warplane shelling targets the city using barrels and heavy machine guns.

2) Kafar Hamra: Warplane shelling of Kafar Hamra, Hreitan and Anadan, barrels filled with TNT were released onto residential buildings, this afternoon.

3) Hreitan: Warplane shelling of Kafar Hamra, Hreitan and Anadan, barrels filled with TNT were released onto residential buildings, this afternoon.

4) Anadan: Warplane shelling of Kafar Hamra, Hreitan and Anadan, barrels filled with TNT were released onto residential buildings, this afternoon.

5) Tal Rif’at: Artillery shelling targets the town from Mengh military airport.


• Number of times heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’:

1) Old Aleppo: warplanes targeted the old city:

2) Qadee Askar: warplanes overhead the district, in conjunction with a demonstraiton that emerged:

3) Maysaloun: 5 tanks stationed on the main road in Maysaloun and roamed from the political security to Jisr Al Jabriyeh [bridge].


• Martyrs:

1) Saif Al Dowleh: Ahmad Zaitoun, a defected military, was killed by a shell fragment.

2) Qadee Askar: a mortar shell fell in Hamza Bek area, causing the martyrdom of Muhammad Ghanoum, 25 years, who died from a cardiac arrest due to fear and panic.

3) Al Zahraa’: Mahmoud Qahid Al Deen Ward, 34 years, was found killed in a car. He is the father of a 3-year-old child.

4) Aleppo suburbs - Hreitan/Al Sakhour: Munthir Abras Bin Ali, 32 years, was killed during clashes in Al Sakhour:

5) Aleppo suburbs - Khan Al Asal: Salah Bin Muhammad Al Bani, 29 years, was killed during clashes.

6) Aleppo suburbs - Al Atareb: Ahmad Jibra’eel, 27 years, was killed during clashes with shabeeha [regime thugs] in Kafar Naya.

7) Northern Aleppo suburbs - Masqan village/Damascus - Al Ghouta: Isma’eel Bin Fadel Al Mustafa, 19 years, a military since 10 months ago in Al Ghouta in Damascus, who fought in a number of battles in Daraya and Al Kasqa, was killed in an ambush by Assad battalions in Damascus suburbs.

8) Aleppo suburbs - Hayyan: Muhammad Ibrahim Al Majree, from the Ali Bin Abi Talib battalion, was killed from the warplane shelling of the town, while he was confronting a warplane with machine guns. He was married with 3 children,

9-11) Aleppo suburbs - Daret ‘Izeh: the following freedom fighters were martyred during a battle with regiment 46:
-Muhammad Al Babin Ibn Ahmad
-Muhammad Al Dibleez Ibn Abdullah
-Abdul Naser Al Qadee, from Damascus province.

*Correction of names of martyrs from the Hisham family, who were killed as a result of the shelling of Al Jdaideh in Old Aleppo yesterday:

1) Female Asmaa’ Bint Hassan Hisham
2) Abdul Qader Bin Hassan
3) Female Aya Bint Abdul Qader Hisham
4) Yousef Abdul Qader Hisham
5) Ahmad Abdul Aqdar Hisham


• Demonstrations in Aleppo city:

1) Qadee Askar: demonstration which was targeted by heavy machine guns. No losses were reported:
-Freedom-callers in the square chanting “Jannah Jannah” and other revolutionary chants:
-A demonstrator speaking to the camera during the demonstration:
-A play during the demonstration:

2) Al Sikaree: demonstration that filled the mosque square:

3) Al Zbdiyah: demonstration from Al Batool mosque:

4) Masakin Hanano: 2 demonstrations from Omar Bin Al Khattab mosque and Arwet Al Baraqee mosque after Friday prayers:

5) Bustan Al Qasr: demonstration with important banners:
-With the participation of women:
-Funeral procession for martyrs who were killed as a result of the shelling:
-Chants for martyr Muhammad Huthaifa Atrash, who was known as the Qashoush of Bustan Al Qasr:

6) Tareeq Al Bab: demonstration from Arwet Bin Al Zabeer mosque, whereby freedom-callers came out to express and celebrate their freedom, which was 15 metres in length:

7) Al Marjeh: large demonstration after Friday prayers which joined with another demonstration from Al Firdous:

Reported demonstrations with no footage: Al Qaterjee, Al Ashrafiyeh, Al Maghayer, Al Firdous, Al Heidariyeh.

Aleppo suburbs:

1) Kobani: Demonstration on Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’ to protect the children of Kobani.

2) Owrm Al Kubra: Demonstration on Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’, for the second consecutive week that large demonstrations take off  in the city after its liberation from shabeeha (thugs).

3) Batbo: Demonstration took off from Mousa Bin Naseer mosque on Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’ to protect the people.

4) Menbej: Large demonstration in Menbej after Friday prayers, the demonstration was broadcasted live.

5) Al Jeeneh: Demonstration of Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’

6) Akhtareen: Demonstration after Friday prayers in Akhtareen chanting for freedom and to topple the regime.

7) Al Bab: Large demonstration in defiance of Assad warplanes on Friday of ‘We want weapons not statements’

8) Dabeq: large demonstration:

9) Baza’ah: large demonstration:
-Some of the banners today:

10) Mare’: large demonstration:

11) Ratyan-

Reported demonstrations with no video footage: Tadef, Kafar Karameen, Bashqateen,

*Al Aslahiya camp in Turkey: demonstration with beautiful chants and banners:


• Peaceful revolutionary activities:
1) Qadee ‘Askar: Theatrical play during a demonstration on Friday  of ‘We want weapons not statements’


• Miscellaneous:
1) Aleppo suburbs: Al Atareb: Funeral procession of the martyr Ahmad Jibra’eel.


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Al Sakhour: On thursday, the neighbourhood was shelling using warplanes, 04/10/2012.


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