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02/10/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 02/10/2012 up until

• Summary for 02/10/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 1
Number of martyrs: 19
Number of demonstrations: 0
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 3
Number of shelled places: 25
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 0
Number of defections: 1


• Violations:

1) Aleppo- Qadee ‘Askar: effects of shelling which targeted the neighbourhood.

2) Aleppo- Al Qaterji: Destruction of a residential building by shelling of the neighbourhood today.
Destruction of a residential building by shelling.
Effects of destruction of a school in the neighbourhood that was targeted by Assad forces.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Aleppo- Al ‘Arqoob: Violent clashes between the FSA and Assad gangs.

2) Aleppo- Suleiman Al halabi: Violent clashes between the FSA and Assad gangs.

3) Aleppo- Al Itha’a: Violent clashes in the neighbourhood.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:

1) Masakin Hanano: artillery shelling is still targeting the district up to this moment.

2) Qadee Askar: 2 shells fell in front of the main entrance to Karradada graveyard, injuring a number of people at 12.30pm.

3) Al Qaterjee: Assad warplane shelling.

4) Al Sakhour: artillery shelling since the morning.

5) Al Sheikh Khadar: artillery shelling since the morning.

6) Al Sheikh Fares: artillery shelling since the morning.

7) Al Leiramoun: violent artillery shelling, causing casualties.

8) Al Firdous: artillery shelling in the late afternoon.

9) Al Sha’ar: violent artillery shelling from helicopters, using heavy machine guns to hit civilians.

10) Karam Al Jabal: violent shelling from tanks stationed in Maysaloun. Every 20 seconds a shell fell.

11) Al Marjeh: artillery shelling and the destruction of a number of houses.

12) Bustan Al Qasr: warplane shelling:

13) Al Mayassar: violent artillery shelling.

* Shelling of Aleppo suburbs:

14) Al Atareb: warplane shelling in the afternoon:
15) Kafar Ammah: warplane shelling in afternoon.

16) Al Ibzamo: warplane shelling in afternoon.

17) Hayyan: warplane shelling:

18) Anadan: heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes:

19) Orem Al Kubra: moment an explosive TNT barrel fell from a warplane:

20) Al Bab: violent warplane shelling using machine guns on the outskirts of Al Bab, where dozens are wounded.

21) Deir Hafer: heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes.

22) Khan Al Asal: violent warplane shelling of Khan Al Asal in western Aleppo suburbs. Columns of smoke rose from the town:

23) Daret ‘Izeh: violent warplane shelling:

24) Kafar Naya: warplane shelling.

25) Hreitan: warplanes flew overhead and shelled the city. A house was burnt from the shelling.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: ‘tanks/ armoured vehicles’:

1) Aleppo- Al ‘Owaijah: Concentration of a number of tanks at Al Mukhayyam roundabout near Al Kindee hospital, that were shelling Al ‘Owaijah neighbourhood in addition to its shelling from the military vehicles repair shop in the neighbourhood, in conjunction with the electricity cuts.


• Martyrs:

1-10) Al Zahra: 10 martyrs were found thrown in the neighbourhood near the artillery base west of Al Zahra neighbourhood.

11) Al Hillok: Martyr ‘Ammar Dandal 35 years old, sniped in Sooq Al Khudrah (vegetable market) square in the neighbourhood, it was reported that the martyr was married and has four children, during Al Zahra and Nubbol thugs attempt at targeting an FSA barrier on the outskirts of Anadan.

12) Al Sabe’ Bahrat: Martyr Mohammad Abd Al Kareem Fanee, 55 years old, martyred at 8.30am when sniped near Al Sabe’ Bahrat whilst on his way to receive his monthly salary, originally from Mayyer city, his funeral procession took place after Duhr prayers.

13) Salah Al Deen: Martyr Ghassan Mohammad Subhi ‘Ouwairah, around 35 years old, sniped in Salah Al Deen durig his attempt at checking on his house.

14) Al Bab city: Martyrdom of Dima Kassar along with her daughter resulting from shelling of Al Bab- Aleppo highway using helicopter machine guns.

Aleppo Suburbs:

15) Al Atareb: Martyr Abd Al Rahman Ahmad Mansour.

16) Anadan: MArtyr Ahmad Hassan Jameel Hammash, an FSA unit killed during clashes on the outskirts of Anadan.

17) Anadan: Martyr Ali Abd Al Kareem Baloo, an FSA unit killed during clashes on the outskirts of Anadan.

18) Helfaya: Martyr Akram Abd Al Jabbar Al Halabi, killed during clashes with Assad gangs.


• Arrests:

1) Aleppo- Sa’d Allah AlJabri square: Assad thugs and security militias arrested an elderly man in the middle of Sa’d Allah AlJabri square upon his shouting ‘Takbeer’ and chanting for Islam and the Muslims.


• Defections:

1) Rural Aleppo- Jarablos: Defection of a Magistrate, the first from ‘Ain Al ‘Arab area, Mr Hussein Mahlee, from the murderous regime and joined the Syrians Revolution.


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Aleppo suburbs: Aqyool: Effects of destruction resulting from the shelling of Osama Bin Zaid mosque on 01/01/2012.


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