Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Massacre in Al Heidariyeh 03/10/2012

Massacre in Al Heidariyeh district in Aleppo - 03/10/2012=================

Summary -

A massacre was committed in the district, which claimed the lives of more than 20 martyrs, as a result of the aerial and artillery shelling before maghreb [the evening], that was concentrated on the district. Dozens more were injured.


Martyrs -

The following names of martyrs have been received:

1) Abdullah Mayel
2) Ahmad Azeez
3-6) Abu Fayed Farouq, Fayed and the young brother of the martyrs.
7) Ahmad Al Ajilee
8) Musa Al Alijee
9) Muhammad Subhi Hajji
10) Jawan Abdo

In addition to these, there are several other martyrs whose names have not yet been received.


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