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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings

1. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Martyrdom of the fighter Sheikh ‘Mahmood Jabban’ from Hassan Bin Thabet brigade of Ahrar Al Sham brigade, martyred during his defense of citizens of Azaaz city, he was buried in Al Shuhada cemetery in Azaaz.

Prayer for the soul of the martyr-

2. Al Rashideen- Martyrdom of ‘Youssef Al Najjar’, married and has five children, shot by seven bullets when walking outside his house and talking on his mobile telephone at night, by security at the science research centre because they were suspicious, he was buried this afternoon.

3. Rural Aleppo- Tal Jibeen- Martyrdom of the 11 year old child ‘Khadija Ahmad Ezzeldeen’, suffering from two gunshot wounds in the abdomen, inflicted upon her by armed security who shot the car carrying her and her family back to Aleppo from Tal Jibeen at Bashkawi junction which resulted in the death of three people and the wounding of others, one of which was the childs’ father, they are residents of Al Haidarieh/ Sheikh Khudur district in Aleppo.


1. Wounded and injured-

• Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Many wounded and injured people by the continuous, barbaric shelling on the city.

The injury of one civilian and the treatment processes-

Serious injury of a civilian-

Very serious injury in the hand-

A civilian was wounded by a shrapnel to the face-

• Rural Aleppo- Sheikh Ali- Injury of a woman and her child by a sniper stationed at Sheikh Suleiman on the road to Daaret Izzeh, which resulted in the amputation of the womans’ hand and and left the child in serious condition.

2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Attempts to extinguish the fires caused due to heavy and indiscriminate shelling

Burning of the military recruitment division in Al Atareb-

A new picture after the withdrawal of the Assad army-

A tour of the city showing the effects of devastation and destruction-

A tour of the city with the heroes of the Free Syrian Army, reviewing the effects of mass destruction-

Effects of destruction on homes-

Occupation of houses and the concentration Assad forces in them-

Concentration of Assad forces in the city-

Displacement of civilians-

3. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- Effects of heavy, barbaric bombing with tanks, heavy machinery and aviation.
The impact of destruction even on electricity poles by Assad rockets-

Effects of bombing today and destruction and havoc onto homes-

Effects of bombing, one of the missiles clinging to a wall-

Massive destruction by bombing today and yesterday-

Missiles that fell on the town used by Assad forces in the aviation bombardment-

4. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Assad regime targeted everything, without showing mercy to neither the opposers of the regime nor the suppoerters. The fall of a shell on the home of the former MP Hussein Jameel Hamada which led to the complete burning of the home, this is the Assad regime.

Effects of bombing on the city-

5. Salah al Din- Injury of a person in Salah al Din by Assad bullets-

6. Aleppo- Heavy security presence since early morning in each of Al Jamilieh, Al Abarrah, Bab al Naser, Sabi’ Bahraat and Al Madeenih, in order to prevent shop owners from participating in the strike, shop owners were threatened if they participated in the strike, where one security unit sai: Beware of the Assad regimes’ anger on the city of Aleppo.

7. Al Athamieh- Barrier stationed at Belal mosque, as well as the spread of snipers in Al Athamieh, security gangs tried to forces children to come out in a march in support of the Assad regime but they all refused.

8. Halab al Jadideh- Assad thug attacked a freedom caller during the evening demonstration in the neighbourhood, video does not clearly show the attack but shows the remaining freedom callers running to help.

9. Northern rural countryside- Complete cut-off of electricity for more than ten hours and remains cut until now.

Cases of gunfire

1. Al Leiramoun- Security and thugs shot in the air outside the centre of gas distribution, they attacked men and women, beat and cursed them.
2. Aleppo International Airport- The sound of heavy gunfire on the highway to Aleppo International Airport.
3. Rural Aleppo- Al Sheikh Ali- Injury of a woman and her child by a sniper stationed at Sheikh Suleiman on the road to Daaret Izzeh, which resulted in the amputation of the womans’ hand and and left the child in serious condition.
4. Al Miyassar- Shooting in the neighbourhood at night.
5. Tareeq Al Bab- The sound of an explosion was heard in Al Rabee’ Al Arabi neighbourhood.

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

Pictures of the rockets pounding the northern countryside of Aleppo, from artillery in Al Ramouseh, or Al Zahra-
Rockets passing above Tal Rifat-

1. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Shelling continued last night until dawn time today, the sound of the shelling and bombing of the city can be heard from the Syrian- Turkish borders.
Missiles that bombed the city of Azaaz, which passed over the sky of Maari-

Renewed artillery and rocket shelling of the city of Azaaz this afternoon, which was broadcasted live from the city-

The moment in which rockets were fired from Assad helicopters-

Smoke rising from buildings and homes due to bombing-

At night around 9pm- Since 9pm until now, shelling of the city has not stopped, specifically targeting homes and civilians, the Syrian army tried to raid the city from the western side to lift the siege imposed on the military security branch by the Free Syrian Army, electricity was cut-off from the city completely. Several missiles targeted the city as seen over some areas of the northern countryside.

2. Rural Aleppo- Hayyan- Helicopter shelling of the town.
3. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- Aviation and tank bombardement on the outskirts of the town, the town was bombed by different kinds of rockets and shells by aviation and a convoy of Assad tanks declare war on the town-

Continued violent bombing by Assad forces-

The fall of one of the shells on the home of a revolutionary activist-
Shelling of the bakery and the rise of smoke columns-

- A convoy of tanks showed in the picture as they shelled the town-

Shelling of houses on the outskirts if the city by Assad tanks-

4. Rural Aleppo- Qubtan al Jabal- Very heavy bombardment by artillery and heavy machine guns from Sheikh Suleiman area on the town.
5. Rural Aleppo- Kafar Halab- Heavy artillery fire on the village of Kafar Halab from the 46th regiment located at Orme.
6. Rural Aleppo- Al Sheikh Ali- Very heavy shelling by the barrier in the village of Sheikh Ali  in Al Atareb.

Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’

1. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Helicopters flying above the city, along with the continuous bombardment.

2. Rural Aleppo- Hayyan- Helicopters flying above the city, along with the continuous bombardment.

3. Rural Aleppo- Kafar Naya- A helicopter was flying above Kafar Naya since this morning.
4. Rural Aleppo- Injarah- Warplanes flying above Injarah since this morning.
5. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- A convoy of tanks is responsible for brutal and violent missile bombardment of Deir Jamal, in addition to helicopters that also participated in bombing the town.

6. Rural Aleppo- Tal Rifat- Assad helicopters flying above the city-

7. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Mengh airport- A plane landing in Mengh military airport.

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. Karm Al Jabal- The demonstration that took off in Karm al Jabal was exposed to gunfire by Assad security forces.
2. Salah al Deen- Assad gangs opened fire in an attempt to disperse demonstrators, without directly aiming fire.
3. Al Sikaree- Gunfire was opened onto demonstrators that came out in a demonstration after Isha’ prayer by Assad thugs, a loud explosion of unknown source was also heard.


1. Masaken Hanano- A campaign of raids and arrests was enforced at dawn time today, by units of Air Force Intelligence, two males of unknown identity were arrested from Ard Al Hamra, the campaign affected houses and streets.
2. Rural Aleppo- Al Saharra- Arrest of the young male ‘Mohammad Ibrahim Suleiman’, 23 years old, at the Zira’a barrier whilst on his way to Aleppo.
3. Salah al Deen- Security forces arrested three young males after Ishaa prayers tonight from the Salah al Deen bus in the pretext of un-fulfilling military service.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all.

1. Faculty of Economics- a demonstration took place in front of college after the sit-in carried out by the freedom callers who demaneded the release of detainees.

2. Al Shahba- Freedom callers took off in a demonstration from Al Bukhari mosque-

3. Halab al Jadideh- Evening demonstration from outside New Town, where an Assad thug assaulted and beat a girl participating in the demonstration, he insulted her in the middle of the street and pulled off her headscarf/ veil infront of people passing by.
The demonstration-

The moment when thugs attacked-

4. Al Ma’adi- Al Ma’adi mosque-

5. Karm al Jabal-

Calling for rural Aleppo that is under continuous bombing and fire-

From the large, steadfast demonstration-

With the participation of the graffiti man in the demonstration-

6. Al Zahra- Demonstration took off from Ka’b mosque

Very clear filming of the demonstration-

7. Salah al Deen- Another demonstration took off from Al Sharieh street, which combined with the demonstration from Salah al Deen mosque-

Videos from Salah al Deen-

Large crowds in Al Shuhada street-

Steadfastness of the demonstration-

8. Al Sikaree- Evening demonstration after Ishaa prayers from Ouwais al Qarni mosque-

9. Tareeq Al Bab- evening demonstration

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Al Kallaseh, Al Hamdanieh, Al Marjeh, Salah al Deen, Bostan al Qasr, Al Mashihad.

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution.

1. Menbej- The daily demonstration that takes off from the big mosque

2. Dabiq- Child demonstration by the free children of Dabiq town, under the name of the ‘Co-ordination of children of Dabiq’.

3. Azaaz- Funeral procession of the martyr ‘Mahmood Jabban’

4. Ibeen- Evening demonstration

5. Al Sarb- Evening demonstration

6. Menbej- Al Karameh neighbourhood- Evening demonstration

7. Maari- Evening demonstration

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Harbal, .

Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1. Faculty of Economics- Large sit-in outside the faculty of Economics in the revolutionary university demanding the release of detainees (Noura Qanawati, Muhanad Ghabash, Mohammad Kura Damoor, Ghaith Al Daher) and all the other detained freedom callers in Syria, the sit-in became a demonstration that called for rural Aleppo and the release of detainees.

2. Faculty of Science- Many great, bold revolutionary writings by the freedom callers in the faculty.

Photo collection of the achievements-

3. Faculty of Science- After the freedom callers achievements in the faculty, they carried out a sit-in near the faculty but soon after headed towards and joined the sit-in and demonstration in the faculty of Economics.
4. Al Hamdanieh- Yesterday 07/07/2012, a group of young people from Aleppo University, the Revolutionary University, cut off the motorway linking Al Hamdanieh and Al Ramouseh, as a response to the massacres committed by the Syrian regime and to activate the strike.

5. Strike-
- Masaken Hanano- General strike of about 80% of shops with the exception of Masaken Hanano souq.

- Al Sakhour- Auto repair shops on Al Sakhour highway continue to strike for the second day.


1. Rural Aleppo- Al Bab- Defection of ‘Ahmad Mahmoud Mtawi’, head of the police station in Al Bab and joining a group of officers that make up the Internal Security Forces, they form the leadership of the revolutionary forces.
• Announcement of the formation of the Internal Security Forces leadership.

Defection of a number of Internal Security Forces officers, and joining the Syrian Revolution - a revolution of dignity. They are: 1. Brigadier Haider Hassan Nasser - Head of the External Homs Division, 2. Colonel Ahmad Mahmoud Karyawi, Manager of Idlib area, 3. Lt. Col. Ahmad Mahmoud Mutawe, head of the police station in Al Bab, Aleppo, 4. Major Omar Hassan Latouf, manager of Sinjar district, Idleb, 5. Captain Malek Youssef Abd AlHadi,  Director of the noble Kafranbel, Idlib, 6. First Lieutenant Hussein Latouf, head of the evidence department in the criminal security branch, Idleb.

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