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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings

1. Martyr Ahmad Darwish, 9 years old, by Assad security bullets in Salah al Din, a bullet to the waist, the family home is in Al Usra street in Salah al Din above the pharmacy-
The moment the child was martyred in the demonstration-

2. Martyr Ahmad Qanawati, nicknamed ‘AlDarouzi’, 13 yeards old, murdered by Assad bullets in Salah al Din, he is an orphan, living in Salah al Din, on Al Sharia street, Al Homsi supermarket.

3. Rural Aleppo- Martyr ‘Mohammad Ali Obeid’, 29 years old, married and has two kids, martyred today resulting from clashes with thugs of Al Atareb in Kafar Naya, his funeral procession and burial took place in Al Jeenih today.

4. Rural Aleppo- Ein Daqneh- Martyr ‘Muneer Ahmad Mohammad’, 51 years old, he was arrested from the barrier located at the entrance to Mengh town as he was passing through the town in his freight vehicle, he was taken to Mengh military airport, where he was tortured and murdered by 6 bullets because refused to move the crops, his corpse was thrown in Maranaz town.


1. Wounded and injured-
• Salah al Din- Very dangerous, direct neck injury.

Injury of a civilian as a result of shooting-

• Rural Aleppo- Zeitan- Renewed artillery bombardment on civilian homes and the occurrence of several injuries among the people of the town.

2. Al Shaar- Heavy spread of security and thugs in the neighbourhood.

3. Salah al Din- the neighbourhood was stormed and gunfire was opened indiscriminately onto homes.
4. Al Hamdanieh- Security surround Al Radwan mosque in Tishreen compound.
5. Rural Aleppo- Deir Hafer- Assad gangs attack demonstrators after they took off in a demonstration after Friday prayers to disperse them.
6. Leaked video showing how military personnel question detainees-

7. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Effects of bombing and destrtuction of homes resulting from indiscriminate shelling onto the city-

Destruction of shops-
Destruction of carpentry workshops-

Cases of gunfire

1. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- Shooting from the barrier near the village in the direction of civilian homes.

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Rural Aleppo- Injarah- Artillery bombardment by the air defense battalion based in AlSheikh Suleiman on the forest lands, west of Injarah and smoke is rising from several houses.

2. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Fall of two shells onto civilian homes from Mengh military airport-
Smoke columns risingas a result of indiscriminate shelling-

3. Rural Aleppo- Qubtan al Jabal- The town is exposed to intermittent artillery shelling from time to time, where the bombing caused a fire to start in a forest onto the highway between Aleppo- Daaret Izzeh near Baleh farm, smoke is still rising.

4. Rural Aleppo- Zeitan- Helicopters bombed Zeitan village of Al Zorba area, south of the city of Aleppo, large displacement from the village of Zeitan because of the heavy shelling by helicopters which lasted for 3 hours, smoke rising as a result of the helicopter bombing and news of the bombing of other villages adjacent to it.

5. Rural Aleppo- Ratyan- Artillery shelling on Ratyan at night.

6. Rural Aleppo- Anadan- Artillery bombardment affects all of Ratyan and Anadan at night.

7. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- Bombardment with tanks, armored vehicles and heavy machine guns on the outskirts of the town and alert within the Assad barrier located east of the town.
Ignition of fires on the outskirts of the city as a result of the bombing- 

8. Rural Aleppo- Khalsa village- Heavy shelling on Khalsa village in a campaign of heavy shelling on Zeitan and surrounding villages.
9. Rural Aleppo- Barzeh village- Heavy shelling on Barzeh village in a campaign of heavy shelling on Zeitan and surrounding villages. Major displacements of villagers.
10. Rural Aleppo- Artillery bombardment of the village from Mengh military airport and smoke columns rising from the village.
11. Rural Aleppo- Bayanoun- Heavy shelling with artillery and heavy machine guns on the city.
12. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Bombardment of the city from the 46th Regiment.

13. Rural Aleppo- Tuqad- The fall of artillery shells on the outskirts of the town from Assad tank guns.

Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’

1. Salah al Din- Armored vehicles stormed the neighbourhood.
Filming from above of one of the armors that stormed the neighbourhood-  

2. Deir Jamal- Concentration of tanks on the outskirts of the city and the bombing of the town.     

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. Salah Al Din- Gunfire opened onto demonstrators and tear gas by the security and thugs-

Shooting of cars in Saif Al Dowleh park.

2. Al Athamieh- Gunfire and teargas bombs onto demonstrators that took off in a demonstration from Belal mosque-

3. Al Shaar- Gunfire opened onto the demonstration and the injury of the photographer-

4. Al Bab way- Gunfire opened onto demonstrators after Friday prayers.
5. Rural Aleppo- Ifreen- Gunfire opened onto demonstrators.


1. Al Firdous- Following the attack by Assad gangs onto protesters, many of them were arrested.
2. Al Khaldieh- A demonstration took off in the neighbourhood, security and thugs attack the demonstrators and arrest more than ten of them.
3. Al Firdous- Arrest of freedom callers after Friday prayers.
4. Rural Aleppo- Ifreen- Arrest of demonstrators by security and thugs.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all.

Daytime demonstrations

1. Salah al Din- Thousands of demonstrators after Friday prayers-

Amazing view of demonstrators-

At the home of the martyr ‘Abd AlGhani Kakeh’

Writings of freedom callers in the demonstration-

Filming from above-

Shooting onto demonstrators from Ouwais al Qarni mosque, injury of at least one demonstrator. Heavy shooting by thugs at Salah al Din roundabout onto demonstrators, which responded by throwing stones, the sound of ‘Takbirs’ reach the sky.

Assad gangs prevent ambulances from entering the neighbourhood to aid the wounded. Regrouping of the Liberal after the thugs began shooting to disperse them the first time-
Filming of security officers shooting the demonstrators using snipers, an attempt to shoot the photographer-

2. Al Athamieh- Belal mosque

3. Al Shaar-

From another area-

4. Al Sakhour-

5. Bostan al Qasr- Bader mosque

In the freedom square-

6. Al Sikaree- Ouwais al Qarni mosque-

Chants led by a child freedom caller-

Filming from above-

7. Al Bab way- Abd Allah Bin Masood mosque-

8. Al Kallaseh-

9. Sheikh Fares- 2 demonstrations

The moment when demonstrators all joined-

10. Bostan al Basha-

11. Al Maghayir al Shabieh-

12. Al Hamdanieh- 2 demonstrations

13. Al Hillok-

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Al Firdous (3 demo’s), Al Ashrafieh, Al Salhin, Saif al Dowleh, Hanano housing, Al Khaldeih.

Evening demonstrations

1. Al Sakhour-

2. Al Sikaree-

3. Bostan al Qasr-

Reported evening demonstrations with no video footage- Al Kallaseh, Hanano housing, Al Khaldieh, Karm Al Jabal, Al Rabi Al Arabi, Al Firdous, Salah al Din.

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution.

Daytime demonstrations

1. Kobani-

2. Jarablos- 4 demonstrations

3. Ihtimeelat-

4. Al Bab- 10 demonstrations
In the freedom square-

5. Maari-

6. Bzaa-

7. Bayanoun-

8. Tal Rifat-

9. Anadan-

10. Al Atareb-

11. Daabiq-

12. Al Saharra-

13. Deir jamal-

14. Ratyan-

15. Hreitan-

16. Niyara-

17. Azaaz-

18. Kafar Nouran-

19. Menbej- 12 demonstrations

20. Tuqad-

21. Al Abzimo-

22. Al Safira- 4 demonstrations-

23. Souran-

24. Qabaseen-

25. Harbal village-

26. Kafra town-

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Ifreen, Jibreen, Deir Hafer, Kafar Halab, Akhtarein, Arshaf, Kaljibreen, Al Rai, Azaaz.

Evening demonstrations

1. Al Ziadeh-

2. Maari-
Reported evening demonstrations with no video footage- Menbej, Arshif.


1. Defection of the recruiter ‘AhmadMahmoud Al Hamd’


1. Al Bab- Prayer for the souls of the martyrs by thousands of demonstrators.

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