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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings

**11 martyrs until now in Salah Al Din, Aleppo, where a massacre was commited by Assad security bullets:

1. Abd AlFattah Diab- Born in 1970

A video showing the martyr and other martyrs in Al Ashrafieh hospital:

2. Mohammad Farouq AlSaab- 23 years old- Orignially from Anadan

3. Mohammad Harriri- 22 years old- Injury to the head

4. Mohammad Abd Allah Qassab from Al Sikaree- born in 1997- the father of this child was arresting during his attempt at seeking resuscitation for his son. His funeral procession began outside Ouwais Al Qarni mosque after Maghreb prayers.

The martyr in the hospital with other martyrs:

5. Ihsan Sadiq- 20 years old- Second year chemisty student- Living in Al Hamdanieh-

Originally from Atmeh- His funeral procession began outside AlFarouq AlHamdanieh mosque after Asr prayers.

6. Ibrahim Mahmood Abd AlRahim- 32 years old- has 4 daughters- funeral procession began in Al Tuqwa mosque in Salah Al Din after sunset.

7. Hassan Fallaha- 21 years old- Orphan- From Saif Al Dowleh outside Zeino junction.

8. Ismail Akil

9. Maher AlAzawi- Electrical Engineering student- Injury to the head

Transporting the martyr to his house:

Family and loved one say good bye to the martyr:

10. Anas Agha- 4th year Mediccal student in Al Furat university, Deir Izzor- His funeral procession began after sunset in Salah Al Din near Belal mosque by Fool AlSham.

11. Abd AlQader Ahmad Turmanini- 24 years old- got married 5 months ago, resident of Salah Al Din.

Al Baab city- rural Aleppo:

12. Child Abd Allah Abu Kasheh, son of Mohammad- 13 years old- shot by Assad security bullets.

The moment the martyr fell:

The names of martyrs in Al Baab city until now:

13. Defected recruiter Anas Mohammad Taha, from Al Baab.

14. Martyr Amer Khalil Khreizati from Al Baab, 20 years old.

15. Rural Aleppo- Tal Rifat- Martyrdom of the defected recruiter ‘Mohammad Zakoor Hajj Zakoor’- 20 years old- during his defense of civilians in the battles that took place in Al Baab.

16. Rural Aleppo- Hreitan- martyr ‘Hussein Abd AlHady Balkash’- 35 years old- has four daughters- died resulting from his gunshot wounds inflicted by security from the Anadan/ Hreitan barrier, he was part of the Free Syrian Army and participated in the leadership of the AlZabir Bin AlUloom battalion.

17. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- martyrdom of ‘Wanam Mustafa AlMaksoor’, a university student from Al Atareb, died after she was shot in the stomach by Assad gangs.

Yesterdays martyrs:

1. Rural Aleppo- Anadan- martyrdom of the hero ‘Ahmad Mohammad Abd Allah Afsh’, who was assassinated in an ambush by Assad security forces and thugs yesterday night.

2. Rural Aleppo- Hoor- three (3) martyrs from the family who’s car was bombed by Assad helicopters during their escape from the shelling on Daaret Izzeh on Thursday:
- Mother Hanadi Saleh Al Hoori
- Son Ali Hindawi
- Daughter Bayan Hindawi


1. Wounded and injured:

• Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- one of the injuries resulting from the indiscriminate shelling on the city

• Salah al Din- one of the injuries by security bullets during the demonstration-

Injury of the cameraman whilst he was filming the demonstration and gunfire-

Injury of a child in the hand, 13 years old as well as the injury of a young male in the thigh-

Another serious injury of a freedom caller in Salah Al Din-

• Rural Aleppo- Al Baab- injury of 3 people from one family from Menbej, from Dandan family, one is a serious injury, the other is severe trauma to the shoulder inflicted by heavy machine guns in Al Baab.

• Rural Aleppo- Anadan- more than 10 wounded and injured by the violent shelling witnessed by the city after midnight

2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Effects of devastation and destruction on civilian homes from the violent, indiscriminate shelling on the city-

Effects of devastation and destruction in the city-

Hallmarks of Assad gangs-

A statement by one of the few remaining citizens who witnessed the destruction-

3. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Effects of shelling and destruction of the city-
A rocket penetrates a home and destroys it-

Desctruction of homes-

Effects of destruction resulting from shelling on the city-

Even graveyards could not escape the shelling-

4. Rural Aleppo- Daaret Izzeh- effects of devastation and destruction created by tank shelling and rockets on the city-
In a civilian home-

In the streets of and around the city-

A message by a freedom callers about the shelling to clarify the truth behind what is happening in Daaret Izzeh-

5. Rural Aleppo- Hayyan- a report from Hayyan-

6. Al Shaar- heavy security presence, with their weapons, in Al Shaar  neighbourhood-

Security at Al Shaar roundabout-

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. Salah Al Din- Live rounds of fire opened onto demonstrators after the prayers. Videos show security firing and the moment when injured civilians fell.

Video showing security shooting-

Injured and martyred resulting from the continued shooting-

The moment security opened fire onto demonstrators-

Shooting violently continues-

Fall of a martyr and difficulty in resuscitating him due to the continued shooting-

Martyrs and injured-

Blood of the martyrs covering the streets of Salah al Din-

2. Al Khaldieh- Security opened fire onto demonstrators to disperse a demonstration that took off from Al Ghufran mosque after Friday prayers.

3. Rural Aleppo- Al Baab- Shooting crowds of demonstrators after Friday prayers

4. Rural Aleppo- Al Baab- very heavy shooting by security during the funeral procession of the child martyr ‘Abd Allah Abu Kasheh’
5. Al Hamdanieh- Funeral procession of martyr ‘Ihsan Sadiq’, a second year chemistry student, from AlFarouq mosque in the neighbourhood where security began to shoot at demonstrators, no injuries fell, the funeral procession will be continued in Al Tuqwa mosque with the martyr ‘Ibrahim Abd AlRahim’

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Rural Aleppo- Daaret Izzeh- Helicopter shelling and firing by heavy machine guns onto houses in Daaret Izzeh, as well as targeting anything that moves within it, reports of violent clashes in the area.

2. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- Continued shelling on the city, predicted to most likey be from Mengh military airport.

• Bombardment of the city by tanks stationed at Kafar Khasher checkpoint and fall of shells onto the homes, no reported losses so far.

3. Rural Aleppo- Hreitan- During Friday prayers, shells were dropped onto mosques and homes, the sounds of gunfire were also heard.

Smoke rises from the city-

4. Rural Aleppo- Bzaa/ Al Baab- Rocket shelling by warplanes above the city sky.

5. Rural Aleppo- Anadan- Continued shelling on the city-

• After midnight- violent shelling on Anadan, more than 10 injuries in need of resuscitation, injured people in the streets, lack of medicine, no opportunity of transporting injured people to another city due to the shelling of the entrance of the city of Anadan, the entire city is a tragic case, electricity and water cuts, no medicines, tanks indiscriminately shelling the entrance to the city.

6. Rural Aleppo- Al Baab- Helicopter drops rocket shells on the city of Al Baab in addition to the use of heavy machine guns, civilian homes were directly targeted.

• Assad army opens fire from heavy machine guns (Dochka) on a family of three people in Menbej from the ‘Dandan’ family, one injury in serious condition, the other severe trauma to the shoulder.

Cases of gunfire

1. Rural Aleppo- Menbej- Heavy shooting on the city during the evening.

Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’

1. Salah Al Din- four armored vehicles storm the neighbourhood, continued firing of live bullets onto demonstrators, with the number of injuries increasing:

Armored vehicles shooting:

2. Rural Aleppo- Bzaa- Planes fly over and shell the city with rockets.


1. Rural Aleppo- Deir Jamal- Arrest of young male ‘Majd AlDin Issa’ by brigades at the temporary barrier at Hreitan, he is the second detained person from the town today at Assad barriers, around sunrise this morning.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all.

Daytime demonstrations

1. Bostan Al Qasr- (2 demo’s), one after Fajr prayers

Second after Friday prayers from Hothaifa Bin AlYaman mosque-

Crowds of demonstratosrs raising the revolution flag-

Crowds in freedom square-

2. Al Ashrafieh- Al Rahman Bin Ouf mosque, morning demonstration

3. Salah Al Din/ Al Athamieh- (4 demo’s)- Belal mosque, Salah al Din mosque, Al Nasr mosque, joining a demonstration in Al Athamieh

Many injuries outside Belal mosque-

After the demonstration took off from Belal mosque-

Crowds of demonstrators-

The demonstrations combine-

Demonstrators meet in Al Athamieh

Longer video-

The moment security opened fire onto demonstrators-

Continued violent shooting-

Revolutionary slogans and chants written using the blood of martyrs-

4. Al Shaar- Noor al Shuhada mosque

5. Al Khaldieh- Al Ghofran mosque

6. Saif Al Dowleh- Sheet mosque-

7. Al Baab way- (3 demo’s)- Fajr Al Islam mosque, Abd Allah Bin Masood mosque, Al Halwanieh roundabout.
Abd Allah Bin Masood mosque-

Al Halwanieh roundabout-

8. Bostan Al Zahra-

9. Al Sakhour- (2 demo’s)

Evening demonstration from Al Mustaghfireen mosque-

10. Al Sikaree-

11. Sheikh Fares- (2 demos)-

12. Hanano housing-

13. Al Marjeh-

14. Al Ashrafieh-

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Al Zahraa, Al Maghayir, Al Nile street.

Funeral procession demonstrations

1. Salah al Din- (3 demo’s)

Filming from above-

• Abd AlFattah Diab

2. Al Sikaree- Mohammad Abd Allah Qassab-

3. Al Hamdanieh- Ihsen Sadiq

4. Al athamieh- Maher Azawi

Evening demonstrations

1. Al Hamdanieh- (2 demo’s)

Another demonstration from Al Radwan mosque

2. Bani Zeid-

3. Al Sakhour-

4. Bostan al Qasr-

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Al Sikaree, Salah Al din, Al Ashrafieh.

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:
Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution.

Daytime demonstrations

1. Kobani-

2. Al Atareb-

3. Dabiq-

4. Daaret Izzeh-

5. Maari-

6. Jarablos-(3 demo’s)

7. Deir Jamal-

8. Tal Rifat-

9. Ihtimeelat-

10. Anadan-

11.  Akhtareen-

12. Azaaz-

13. Ratyan-

14. Hayyan-

15. Hardatneen-

16. Al Abzimo-

17. Tlaatin-

18. Bzaa-

19. Al Baab- (2 demo’s)-

20. Menbej- (6 demo’s)

21. Al Safira-

22. Hreitan-

23. Al Jeenih-

24. Al Halazon-

25. Kafra-

Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Kaljabrin, Ibeen, Kafar Hamra.

Evening demonstrations

1. Baraghideh-

2. Al Salameh-

3. Al Ghouz-

4. Kafar Naya-

5. Um Jarin-
Reported evening demonstrations with no video footage- .

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