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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings

1. Al-Khaldiyeh: 'Mohammad Ahmad al-Aboo', 37 years with 7 children, martyred in al-Hajar al-Aswad in Damascus on 18/07/2012:

2. Rural Aleppo - Mare': 'Majid Abdulhay al-Haj Haseen', 24 years with a pregnant wife, martyred from the shelling on al-Bab yesterday:

Funeral prayer for the martyr:

3. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: 'Abduljaleel Shahabee Aby Shafyan' martyred from the shelling on al-Bab yesterday.

4. Rural Aleppo - Tadef: 'Mahmoud Abdo al-Badr' martyred in the hands of Assad's gangs after he defected. His funeral procession took place yesterday.

5. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz: 'Mahmoud Amr Haj 'Amawree al-Sayyid Ali' , 18 years, martyred from the shelling on the city:

6. Rural Aleppo - Daret 'Izeh: 'Jum'ah Omar Zeinah' martyred during clashes with Assad's battalions.

7. Rural Aleppo - Haraytan: 'Abdulnaser Aqra'' martyred during the indiscriminate and heavy shelling on the city, where he was shot in the shoulder:

8. Rural Aleppo - Haraytan: Media activist 'Hasam Omar Balkash' martyred during the indiscriminate and heavy shelling:

9. Al-A'thamiyeh: Hero 'Jamal Abdulsalak Molham' martyred by a shell in Mare'. His funeral procession took place in al-A'thamiyeh today:

10-11. Rural Aleppo - 'Anadan: 2 martyred by a tank shell from a military checkpoint at 'Anadan junction. Their identities are as of yet unknown and their bodies have been taken to Aleppo hospital:

12. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: 'Nadeem Ibn Mohammad al-Baza'ee' martyred during the indiscriminate shelling on the city yesterday.

13. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: 'Mo'taz Khalloo' martyred during the shelling on the city yesterday.

14. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: 'Ali Mansour' martyred during the shelling on the city yesterday.

15. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Naya: 'Yahya Mohammad al-Shubook', 55 years, martyred in an ambush by shaeeha [regime thugs]on Kafar Naya way at al-Sheikh Hilal village yesterday.

16. Rural Aleppo - Mare': 'Malik Abdulsalam Mahmoud Najar' martyred during clashes in Manbej.

* Rural Aleppo - 'Anadan: martyred hero 'Khalid Dakhan':
Father of the martyr bidding farewell to his son:

* Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: martyr 'Ibrahim 'Adnan Mallook':

* Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: Moment of martyrdom of a man just after he says the shahada [declaration of faith]:


1. Injured and wounded:

- Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: Of the injured and wounded due to the indiscriminate shelling yesterday (Wednesday):

- Rural Aleppo - 'Anadan: 5 injured including chidden, and the martyrdom of 2 after a tank shell was fired from a military checkpoint on a van on Aleppo-Azaaz Way at 'Anadan junction, and the rescue of a child from the van that was targeted by Assad's gangs:

- Rural Aleppo - Haraytan: Many injured due to the indiscriminate shelling which cost the life of martyrs also.

2. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: Impact of the artillery shelling:

3. Rural Aleppo - Azaaz: Impact of shelling and the destruction:

4. Rural Aleppo - Haraytan: Impact of destruction from the indiscriminate shelling, which cost the lives of 2 martyrs and several injured:

Cases of open fire:

1. Rural Aleppo - Bayanoon: Heavy clashes now between Assad's battalions and the Free Syria Army at Bayanoon checkpoint. Sounds shake the area:

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. Faculty of Science: Open fire from security on a large protest:

2. Al-Maysar: Open fire from security on a demonstration.

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Rural Aleppo - Daret 'Izeh: Artillery shelling started from the 46th regiment after midnight yesterday.

2. Rural Aleppo - Kafar Halab: Fall of many shells from the 46th regiment at dawn today, and news of renewed shelling.

3. Rural Aleppo - al-Bab: Assad's shelling remains continuous from al-Zira'ah school until the early hours of the morning.
Impat of artillery shelling:

4. Rural Aleppo - Haraytan: Heavy shelling and columns of smoke billowing from the city.

5. Rural Aleppo - al-Atareb: Heavy shelling from the 46th regiment:

Moment one of the rockets fell on one of the houses

6. Rural Aleppo - Hayyan: Heavy shelling on houses at a rate of 5 rockets every minute:

7. Rural Aleppo - Tareeq al-Jayneh: Fall of 4 rockets today evening.

8. Rural Aleppo - Tadef: Shelling on the village this evening and no news of injuries.

9-10. Northern rural Aleppo: Heavy artillery and rocket shelling started on the towns of Hayyan and Bayanoon today evening.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Faculty of Science: Large demonstration that was had fire opened onto from security near the Faculty of Medicine:

Going towards the Faculty of Medicine:

Saluting Damascus:

Opening fire to disperse the demonstration:

Freedom-callers gather again in response to the open fire:

2. Faculty of Architecture: Large demonstration that reached the Faculty of Mechanics:

One of the freedom-callers raise the revolution flag:

3. al-A'thamiyeh: Funeral procession for martyr 'Jamal Abdulsalam Molham':

4. Saif al-Dowleh: Demonstration from Zeino mosquee:

5. Share' al-Neel: Demonstration 100m away from the air security branch from Qateebeh mosque:

6. Al-Hamdaniyeh: Large demonstration from al-Kasanee mosque after evening prayers with the participation of women:

7. Al-Ma'adee: Large evening demonstration that reached Bazeh square:

8. Karam al-Jabal: Large evening demonstration from Abdullah Siraj mosque after night prayers:

9. Salah al-Deen: Great evening dementsration:

10. Al-Firdous: Large demonstration after night prayers from al-A'rabee mosque :

11. Al-Sha'ar: Large evening demonstration:

12. Al-Ashrafiyeh: Evening demonstration for Kurdish freedom-callers:

13. Al-Sakhoor: Evening demonstration and blocking off the highway to the International Airport:

14. Al-Sikaree: Large evening demonstration:

15. Al-Mashahed: Large evening demonstration:

Reported demonstrations with no video footage- al-Maysar (x2), Masakin Hanano (x2), Bostan al-Qasr, al-Firdous,

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute Bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution. Freedom-callers also saluted the Free Syria Army.

1. Kaljibreen: Funeral procession for martyr 'Abdullah Fares' at dawn today:

Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1. Faculty of Science - university of the revolution: Saluting the revolutionaries of Damascus:

2. Faculty of Civil Engineering: Faculty of Civil Engineering stand in solidarity with Damascus and Homs:

3. Aleppo citadel: Raising a large revolution flag:

4. Hamdaniyeh stadium: Freedom-callers from Salah al-Deen raise the revolution flag:

5. Faculty of Architecture - university of the revolution: Raising the revolution flag during a protest:

6. Al-A'thamiyeh: Changing the name of Younes al-Rashed school to the the name of martyr 'Maher al'Azawee' school:

7. Al-A'thamiyeh: Graffiti spraying accompanied by a funeral procession to commemorate the martyr 'Jamal Molham':

8. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: Raising the revolution flag on the Education Centre building after security forces and shabeeha [regime thugs] retreated from Manbej:


1. Statement of defection of First Lieutenant 'Aladdin al-Ghannam' from an important post in Damascus and announcing the formation of Abdulrahman Bin 'Ouf battalion operating in Aleppo and its suburbs:

2. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: Defections continue at a rate higher than other cities in Aleppo suburbs, affecting high-ranking and sensitive posts. Their names are: Khadr al-'Atallah (president of the office of political security in Manbej), First Lieutenant Ahmad Ibrahim Suleiman (assistant director for Manbej), First Lieutenant Ali al-'Olaiwi (head of the police station in Manbej), First Lieutenant Abdulwahab al-Khalaf (police chief in Manbej), alongside a large number of security personnel, security of immigration personnel and around 20 soldiers with their full equipment and joining the Free Syria Army.


1. Rural Aleppo - Manbej: destroying a statue of Basil [al-Assad]:

Delayed videos and news:

1. Salheen: Evening demonstration from al-Maqdad mosque yesterday.

2. Al-Ashrafiyeh: Large evening demonstration at the second roundabout:

3. Al-Marjeh: Evening demonstration yesterday:

4. Salah al-Deen / al-Mashahed: Yesterday evening:
Birds-eye view footage:

From the evening carnival, the arrival of crowds of freeedom-callers to Salah al-Deen roundabout:

Clips from the protest:

5. Al-Sheikh Khadar: Evening video from yesterday:

6. Saif al-Dowleh: Large evening demonstration soon to be attacked by security yesterday:

7. Bani Zeid: Evening demonstration yesterday:

8. Tareeq al-Bab (Arab spring district):  Large evening demonstration yesterday:

9. Al-Sakhoor: Evening demonstration yesterday from al-Mostaghfareen mosque:

10. Rural Aleppo - Kafarnouran:  Evening demonstration yesterday:

Summary for 19/07/2012

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 16
Number of protests: 22 (21 in the city, 1 in the suburbs)
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 8
Number of protests that had fire opened on them: 2
Number of cases of opening fire: 1
Number of shelled places: 6
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 0
Number of defections: 24, in addition to a large number of defections from al-Zara'ah checkpoint in al-Atareb and other areas in the northern suburbs.


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