Monday, July 9, 2012


Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings

1. Al Shaar/ Homs- Martyrdom of ‘Ali Mustafa Masri’, 20 years old, defected soldier, martyred in Homs at the hands of Assad gangs by a bullet to the head, his funeral procession took place after Asr prayers in Noor Al Shuhada mosque.

2. Al Hillok/ Daraa- Martyrdom of ‘Zakaria Taljeeni’, 20 years old, a defected soldier, killed by Assad forces in Daraa, his funeral procession and burial took place today in Aleppo.

3. Al Hillok/ Deir Izzor- Martrydom of ‘Debo Ahmad Al Naser’, 19 years old, defected soldier killed by Assad gangs in Deir Izzor, his body was taken to Tukla village near Soran.

4. Rural Aleppo- Akhtareen- Martyrdom of the hero ‘Omar Debo’ son of Rakaan, 28 years old, married and has two children, he was martyred during his defense of Azaaz city, he was one of the first people to answer the call of jihad and defense in Iraq against the US invasion, where he was injured and had to return to Syria, to participate in the jihad there, he is from Akhtareen of Azaaz city.

5. Rural Aleppo- Kaljibreen- Martyrdom of the defected police officer ‘Yasser Sqar’ son of Hussein, from the Tawhid battalion in the Free Syrian Army, martyred in the battles of Qubtan al Jabal.

6. Rural Aleppo- Aradeh- Martyrdom of the defected hero, First Lieutenant ‘Jumah Mohammad Al Ali’, 32 years old, single, martyred in the clashes of Anadan, at night, originally from the village of Aradah of mount Simoun area.

7. Al Ashrafieh/ Homs- Assad army executed the field recruiter ‘Jalal Mohammad Ali’ while he tried to defect in Baba Amro neighbourhood in Homs, he served in battalion 72, it was reported that he is a Kurdish brother in Aleppo and lives in dorms in Al Ashrafieh.

8. Rural Aleppo- Tlafih/ Damascus- Martyrdom of ‘Zakaria Shehade Hassan AlKhamees’ 16 years old, after the bombing on Deir Al Asafeer in Ghouta Damascus, where he worked as a farmer in Deir Al Asafeer, he was buried in Tlafih.

9. Salah al Din- Martyrdom of ‘Emad AlDin Masri’ son of Ahmad, he was the martyr who was killed yesterday at the back entrance to Khaled Bin AlWaleed mosque, whose identity was not known at the time.

10. Al Marjeh- Martyrdom of ‘Jneid Al Sayyad’ son of Ramadan, 43 years old, martyred at one of the security barriers in Salah al Din, this afternoon, his family buried him today.
***** In addition to the three family members who were killed on the road to Tal Jibeen.

11. Rural Aleppo- Tal Jibeen/ Al Haidarieh- Martyrdom of three people and injury of three others, among whom were children of one family, yesterday night (Friday), after the car that the family was in was exposed to armed gunmen, after they were returning to Aleppo from Tal Jibeen, at Bashkawi junction, they are residents of Al Haidarieh neighbourhood in Aleppo, they were buried in Tal Jibeen this morning.

• The mother ‘Zainab Sheikh Mari’ daughter of Ali, 27 years old.
• Her son ‘Mahmood Sheikh Omar’ son of Omar, 11 years old.
• Her nephew ‘Omar Sheikh Omar’ son of Ahmad Ez Eldeen, 8 yeard old.
The father ‘Omar Sheikh Omar’ and two other children were seriously injured.

12. ****** Rural Aleppo- Qubtan al Jabal- Martyrdom of the heroic pharmacist ‘Jumah Al Mohammad Ayoosh’ in Qubtan al Jabal village and is one of the medical staff of the hospital field, he was reported martyred yesterday as a martyr with an unknown identity.


1. Wounded and injured-

• Rural Aleppo- Bayanoun- Injury of a person by mortar fire, fired from Al Zahraa neighbourhood, which led to severe injuries.

• Al Rashdeen- In Halab Al Jadidah, a woman and child were injured by a mortar that was dropped on a residential building, and another woman was shot in the shoulder.

2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Olive trees were set alight by barbaric, indiscriminate Assad bombing on the city and surrounding villages.

3. Rural Aleppo- Azaaz- The effects of the devastation and destruction inflicted on Azaaz hospital-

On the ground floor room in the first aid room-

On the upper floor-

4. Rural Aleppo- Bayanoun- Effects of bombing and destruction of a villa/ summer house belonging to Al Shalabi family.

The effects of bombing around the city-

5. Salah al Din- A new barrier stationed in Salah Al Din after Khaled Bin AlWaleed mosque in the direction of Al Amrieh school at the mud barrier.

6. Al Sikaree- Heavy spread of security and thugs to prevent traders and shop owners from responding to the strike-

7. Halab Al Jadideh- seven pick-up trucks carrying armed thugs entered the neighbourhood from Bab Al Salam roundabout and spread of security.
----- Military campaign on the city of Azaaz over the past week-

Cases of gunfire

1. Tareeq Al Bab/ Al Shaar- Sounds of heavy gunfire and clashes were heard at Al Shaar bridge by Tareeq Al Bab barrier.

2. Al Shaar- Sounds of heavy shooting were heard from Al Shaar district in Aleppo, electricity remains cut-off and no new information was obtained because of the difficulty in accessing the neighbourhood.

3. Al Sikaree- Shooting was heard followed by the sound of an explosion.

4. Al Rashdeen- Clashes between the FSA and the Syrian army in Al Rashdeen in Halab Al Jadideh, at 6.30pm this evening, Assad forces responded with two mortar shells on residential buildings, the mortar landed on a residential building and led to the serious injury of a woman and child, another shell landed on a building under construction and another woman was shot in the shoulder.

5. Rural Aleppo- Mengh- Clashes in Mengh military airport and the outbreak of fires within it, after which the town faced fierce, heavy shelling.

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