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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 28/05/2012


1. Rural Aleppo- Qabaseen- Assad army murder ‘Radwan Al Ahmeh’ in cold blood whilst he was passing by the police station,  he is the cousin of the owner the gas station opposite the police station, he was  buried in the morning.

2. Rural Aleppo- Kafar Karmin- martyr ‘Abdo Mazen Haj Taha’ 29 years old, from the village of Kafar Karmin in the area of Al Atareb, martyred after he experienced a dangerous injury as a result of indiscriminate shelling on his house, he was transferred to Turkey for treatment, but he was destined to be a martyr with his brother, the martyr ‘Ahmed Mazen Haj Taha’ who died yesterday, their father and the rest of his brothers are all wounded.

3-4. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- With pride the steadfast city of Al Atareb presents the brave hero Captain Commando ‘Mustafa Ali Abd Al Razzaq’, commander of the Mohammed the Conqueror battalion in Al Atareb. The Assad enemy knew before the city of Al Atareb did, that this man was one of the bravest defenders of the peoples’ battle against the fiercest enemy known to mankind.

5. Rural Aleppo- Mengh- The body of a young man, handcuffed and in civilian clothes was found today, his age predicted to be between 25-30 years, thought to be dead for about two days now, he was found near Mengh military airport,  identification of any of his features was impossible becauseinflicted on his body, it is expected that he was detained or a defector from the Assad army.


1. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- The effects of helicopter and missile strikes on the city of Al Atareb overnight up until dawn today.





2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb and its surrounding- Civilian casualties in the hospital field.








3. University square/ Adonis way- Security attack the freedom callers after trying to break up the demonstration using bullets and tear gas. Freedom callers respond with stones, cases of suffocation and fainting among the many demonstrators, in particular the females as a result of the heavy release of tear gas.

4. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Completely electricity cut off  and the 3G service from the region in conjunction with the evening heavy bombardment using various types of weapons.

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. University square/ Adonis way- Security open live rounds of gunfire onto demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them.

2. Rural Aleppo- Menbej- Security attack evening demonstrators with teargas bombs, live live rounds of gunfire, many cases of fainting among the demonstrators.

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Rural Aleppo- Akhtarein/ Turkman Barih- Heavy indiscriminate shelling using machine guns on the city, on the roads and the outskirts of both towns-


Above Akhtarein-


2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- Violent and fierce bombardment of the town, renewed this evening with all types of weapons (from tank shells and missiles) with a total power and 3G service cut in the region.

3. Rural Aleppo- Al Saharra- The fall of a shell during the demonstration about 1 km from the site of the demonstration, thankfully all was intact.

4. Al Atareb countryside- Tanks and artillery shells are being used by Assad gangs to indiscriminately bomb on the city and its rural areas (AlJeenih, Kafar Naseh, Kafar Karmin) and the sounds of shells shake the houses from the severity of bombardment.

5. Rural Aleppo- Hayyan- The town was exposed to a whole day and night of bombard with heavy machine guns based at the checkpoint between Hayyan and Bayanoun to intimidate the people, electricity is still cut.

Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen ‘tanks and armoured vehicles’

1. Rural Aleppo- Akhtarein/ Turkman Barih- Helicopters flying above, bombardment using hand machine guns.

2. Rural Aleppo- Menbej- The arrival of large reinforcements from special military forces and air force intelligence, fully equipped with heavily weapons, BMP vehicles present and ready to launch a campaign of raids and mass arrests.


1. Al Hamdanieh- arrest of two students after the student demonstration that took off from ‘Hamat Al Diyar’ school.
2. Damascus/ Jarablos in rural Aleppo- ‘Ouwais Ahmad Mohammad’ and ‘Mustafa Ahmad Mohammad’ were both arrested in Sayida Zeinab in Damascus suburbs, they were taken to an unknown destination, authorities are held responsible for the safety of our youth, they are from the sons of the village of Al Amarna in Jarablos.

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all.

Daytime demonstrations

1. Salah Al Din- demonstration took off at sunrise from Saad mosque


2. Salah Al Din- another demonstration took off at sunrise from Ouwais Al Qarni mosque


3. Al Hamdanieh- student demonstration from Hamat Al Diyar school


4. Al Zahraa- student demonstrations


5. Said Al Dowleh- student demonstration from outside Aamneh mosque


Amazing longer video-


6. Al Shahba- student demonstration from Jreer secondary school


7. Aleppo university/ Adonis way- large demonstration in the university square





In Adonis way-



Arrival of the university demonstrators to Adonis, bad clashes with security took place, freedom callers used stones, security returned with the use of tear gas-


Security attack the freedom callers, one woman calls for them to return and stop harming the students-


Freedom callers respond to the attacks with stones, security flee-



Longer video-

Security open live rounds of gunfire onto demonstrators-

Freedom callers threaten and mock security-


Filming from above-


Reported daytime demonstrations with no video footage- Al Baab, Al Sikaree, New Aleppo, Al Khaldieh, Al Athamieh, Salah Al Din (Al Quneitra school) and (Saad Bin Waqqas), Al Arkoub, Al Heidarieh.

Evening demonstrations

1. Al Marjeh- demonstration took off from outside Ahmad Al Rifai mosque


2. Al Mashihad/ Al Ansari- demonstration took off from outside Um Al Mumineen mosque


Heading towards Al Ansari-



3. Salah Al Din-



4. Al Sakhour- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITOldzhop3w&feature=em-uploademail

5. Al Sikaree-




Revolutionary anthem ‘Jannah Jannah’


6. Al Miyassar- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlkkxDq3ht8&feature=em-uploademail

7. Rabii Al Arabi- demonstration took off from outside Abd Allah Bin Masoud mosque




Reported evening demonstrations with no video footage- Al Salheen, Al Firdous, Al Hillok, Bostan Al Kasr, Al Ashrafieh, Al Neirab, .

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution.

1. Tal Rifaat- night time demonstration in the presence of a journalist from New York



2. Kafar Nouran- demonstration after midnight before sunrise today


3. Maari- demonstration after midnight before sunrise today


4. Al Baab- Othman Bin Affan mosque


5. Menbej- Many demonstrations, firstly near the big mosque-


In the small market-


The freedom callers broke a picture of the buried Hafez Al Assad in the main market-


Al Alaai mosque after Asr prayers-

6. Injara- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0VOA-XLhWs&feature=em-uploademail

7. Bzaa-



8. Ihtimeelat-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_rWGTXyixI&feature=youtu.be

9. Zeitaan- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFwoBG3vkI8&feature=youtu.be

10. Hreitaan- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idfkWsjjmZI&feature=em-uploademail

Reported demonstrations with no video footage- Menbej, Qubaseen, Al Safira, Menbej, Kafar Naya, Ratyaan, Daaret Izzeh, Al Saharra, Qubtaan Al Jabal.

Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1. Al Sikaree- roads were cut off in condemnation of the massacres committed in Al Houla and Hama and the war on Al Atareb, all during the demonstration that took off at sunrise from Al Ikhlas mosque.

2. Saif Al Dowleh- revolution flag raised in the martyr Abd Al Wahid Hindawi secondary school, previously named Bassam Al Omar-


3. Aleppo castle- The students (Al Sahria boys school) prayed for the lost lives of the martyrs of the massacre of Al Houla, and for the martyr "Muath Lababidi" in the school yard before their entry into an exam, and then they prayed for the release of detainees and to be rid of Bashar, followed by reading Al Fatiha from the Quran on the intention of victory and relief.

4. Justice Palace- lawyers sit-in the palace demanding the release of detainees, and the removal of security enforcements from the streets -



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