Thursday, May 3, 2012

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings Thursday 03/05/2012

Breaking News / Important / Field of the city of Aleppo and its surroundings:


Aleppo University- many arrests on the campus


1-The University of Aleppo Campus:
The security forces break into the campus late at night using heavy fire and vouches that are supported with PKS machine guns:
An injured student by the security forces and Al Shabbiha:
The Evacuation and the Destruction of the campus that happened early in the morning by the security forces and Al Shabbiha:
The destruction that left behind the break in of the security forces:
The enforced evacuation of the students of the campus:
2- The Faculty of Dentistry: Two cars that belong to Al Shahba'a police department enters the college after the gathering of the students in front of the main door of the college because the decision of closing the university, which ended up with arresting a student.
3- Al Atareb Suburb: The destruction that caused by the using of bombs and heavy weapons by the Army, during the past few days::
4- The Security Forces in Aleppo university:
5- Tens of arrests in Aleppo university and the exist of full armed Security Forces for enforce stopping of the demonstrations and crowds:
6- Al Sakhoor Neighborhood: The Security Forces arrests from the houses of the protesters and activists after a demonstration.

Demonstrations Under fire:

1-Salah Eldin Neighborhood: The security forces targeted with fire a peaceful demonstration at night:
2- Al Myassar Neighborhood: Heavy fire targets a demonstration which causes some injures.
Cities and Suburbs that been under fire of heavy weapons:
1-Anadan Suburb: A BMB bomb targets the city at night.

Witnessing of heavy army vehicles:
1-Al Atareb Suburb: Tanks and Army Forces in the City:

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers from all the demonstrations came out chanting and calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to execute the duck bashar, and in support of the besieged and uprising cities especially mentioning Aleppo suburbs.

1. University campus- demonstration after decision to close the university to salute the martyrs
Security forces chased the demonstrators, followed by clashes between the security and students where female students tried to free males who were arrested at the hands of security
Security officer attacks students with an electric rod
Students chant regardless of the destruction and the chaos
Video of another student demonstrations on roads around university campus

2. Faculty of Literature:

3. Al-Martini neighbourhood- student demonstration which reached Al-Amercan school, and cut-off of the road between ‘Kora’ roundabout and the university.

4. Students tear government posters during a demonstration.

5. Arrival of demonstration to ‘Kora’ roundabout.

6. Salah Al’Din- student demonstration
Videos of a second demonstration in Salah Al’Din
Another demonstration in the neighbourhood in support of the university campus

7. Adonis way- University student sit-in which was violently dispersed by security

8. Palace of Law- demonstration by lawyers

9. Al’Myassar- student demonstration outside school gates, also another evening demonstration

10. Saif Al’Dowleh-

11. Al’Mashihad- demonstration from ‘AlMu’mineen’ mosque

12. New Aleppo- ‘Al Noor’ mosque

13. Al Hamdanieh- ‘Al Kasani’ mosque

14. Al Marjeh-

15. Kasr grove- ‘Badr’ mosque
Video showing the arrival of security to disperse the demonstration

16. Hanano housing- demonstration at the junction of Hamra land

17. Al Ashrafieh-
Demonstrations also took place in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Al-Masharqa, Al’Heidarieh, Al Sakhour, Al Baab, Suleiman Al Halabi, Al Hillok

Demonstrations in Aleppo suburbs:

Jarablos, Qubtan Al-Jabal, Maari, Daaret Izzeh, Qubbasin
Al’Abzimo- student demonstration

Peaceful revolutionary activities

Al Martini: students tear pictures of the candidates for the parliament elections that have filled the streets of Aleppo-
Aqyool: freedom callers cut-off the roads in protest against what is happening to the students of Aleppo university and to show their support-
Al Baab: revolutionary drawings on the walls-
Aleppo suburbs- Azaaz: strike for the eighth consecutive day
Al Mashihad: cut-off of roads during a mass demonstration by freedom callers
Faculty of Economics: revolutionary slogans written on the walls

Summary of Thursday 3/5/2012:

Arrests: Unknown (many arrests).
Killed Victims: 7 (4 from Idleb, 1 from Al Raqa, 1 from Hama).
Demonstrations: 34.
Peaceful Activities: 6.
Demonstrations Under Fire: 2.
Un-targeted Shooting and Heavy Fire: 2.
Cities and Suburbs Under Heavy Fire or Weapons: 1.
Witnessing Heavy Army Vehicles: 1.

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