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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 23/05/2012


1. Rural Aleppo- Anadaan- martyrdom of ‘Omar Suleiman Al Shaghal’ at the hands of the Assad regimes’ security and thugs.

2. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- martyrdom of ‘Jumah Mustafa Nadouf’ as a result of indiscriminate shelling onto the city


1. Al Marjeh- raids and mass arrests amongst activists of the university, five students were arrested in Al Meridian neighbourhood, all before sunrise today.

2. The Castle- security forces, thought to be from air intelligence, surround Al Shariaa boys secondary school, from all three sides preventing students from coming out in a demonstration.

3. Justice Palace- Assad thugs surround the Palace, arrests occurring at the door, tensions arises amongst the defiant, steadfast lawyers. One lawyer was injured.

4. Al Firdous- a 24 passenger bus and a number of security cars enters the neighbourhood from Al Service street, the security units were dispersed around Al Taqwa bakery.

5. Al Baab way- Large fire caused, columns of smoke rose heavily into the sky above the neighbourhood, near Almees factory, the cause of the blast remains unknown.

Demonstrations that had fire opened onto:

1. Aleppo city- Salah Al Din- gunfire opened onto freedom callers that took off in a demonstration this evening in order to disperse the crowds.

Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb- indiscriminate shelling of the city, which led to the martyrdom of one person and the injury of three others.


1. Salah Al Din- security arrest two students who were out in a student demonstration that took off near Belal mosque, heavy presence of security and security vehicles spread widely in the neighbourhood.

2. Justice Palace- two males and two females were arrested from inside the Justice Palace, which was then surrounded by security forces. It was reported that they were referred to security in control of the Criminal Code.
One lawyer was arrested from inside the sit-in, however it was reported that he was released shortly after. Nothing will absorb the wrath of the lawyers and freedom callers who are still gathered in the Palace of Justice.

3. Al Shaar- A raid was carried out on shops near Al Shaar roundabout during the evening, where a young male was arrested and two computers were confiscated.

4. Al Baab way- three males were arrested were the area after the demonstration that took off in the neighbourhood, after the security went about chasing demonstrations in the neighbourhood.

5. Rural Aleppo- Tal Rifaat- ‘Jawdat Adnaan Dirbaas’ was arrested today from the Syrian- Lebanese borders by Assad gangs.

6. Students from the college of Civil engineering were arrested from various parts on campus:

The names of 5 students who were arrested:

1. Mahmoud Hijazi, 2nd year in Justice Palace
2.Omar Ghazzi, 2nd year student, is arrested for a second time after his release one week ago
3. Basel Ibrahim, 4th year
4. Ammar Al Khatib, 5th year, this is the second time he is arrested
5. Diyaa Khalaf, is arrested for a second time after his release two weeks ago from the air-force intelligence branch

Demonstrations in the city of Aleppo:

Freedom callers that participated in the demonstrations that the province of Aleppo saw today all came out calling for freedom, to topple the regime and to show solidarity and support of the occupied, besieged and uprising cities, especially Aleppo suburbs, as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, and to rebuild a better Syria for all.

1. Salah Al Din- students from Abd AlWahid Hindawi secondary school took off in a demonstration from outside Belal mosque

2. Kasr grove- student demonstration

3. Justice Palace- mass sit-in carried out by lawyers with the participation of the freedom callers of Aleppo university, where flowers and photos of detainees were raised and people called for their release and for the release of all the other detainees in Assad prisons
Assad thugs attacked the sit-in and beat one of the lawyers, then went about surrounding the Palace by security units and thugs, two female freedom callers were arrested along with a number of males and some lawyers after these events took place, the remaining lawyers repeated the gathering and started a new sit-in demanding the release of the newly arrested detainees.

Amazing longer video, chanting for the homeland and singing the ‘My Homeland’ anthem

The Chinese flag was also trodden on by freedom callers because of the country’s political stand by the murderous Assad regime

Evening demonstrations

1. Salah Al Din: demonstration took off from Al Tuqwa mosque. Another demonstration took off from Al Khudur mosque, both demonstrations joined and headed towards Salah Al Din roundabout, where security opened gunfire to disperse them

Long videos-

A picture of the icon that symbolises the first to start killing in Syria was burned: Bashar Al Assad

2. Al Baab way- demonstration took off from AbdAllah Masood mosque

Reported demonstrations with no video footage- New Aleppo, Al Aathamieh, Al Firdous, Al Shahba, Al Ansari, Al Shaar, Al Hillok.

Demonstrations in rural Aleppo:

Similarly to the city of Aleppo, all the demonstrations that came out chanted to topple the regime, for freedom, to execute bashar and to show solidarity with the students of Aleppo university on campus against the atrocities committed by the regime,  as well as to persevere with the revolution until victory is gained, to show support and solidarity with uprising and besieged cities and with the martyrs of this revolution.

1. Hayyan- freedom callers took off from Al Towba mosque in support of the uprising city of Al Atareb

Longer video-

2. Ibeen-

3. Al Safira-

4. Maari-

5. Kafar Nouran-

Reported demonstrations with no video footage- Kubtaan Al Jabal, Jabal Akil, Anadaan, Hreitaan, Qabaseen.


1. Rural Aleppo- Anadaan- funeral demonstration of martyr ‘Omar Suleiman Al Shaghal’, people prayed for him, he was then buried.

2. Rural Aleppo- Kafar Nouran- the detained male ‘Khalid Hassan Talib Al Khulasi’ was released from Assad prisons in the city of Latakia where he was arrested on 11/04/2012, the reason behind his arrest is unknown, except for the fact that he is from the uprising city of Al Atareb.

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