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24/11/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 24/11/2012 up until 8pm [SYRIA]

• Summary for 24/11/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: -
Number of martyrs:
Number of demonstrations: -
Peaceful revolutionary activities: -
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: -
Number of cases of opening fire: 1
Number of shelled places: 4
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: -
Number of defections: -


• Violations:

1) Injured and wounded:

*Al Sakhour: 2 people were injured and sniped, one in the the shoulder and the other in the waist, in Makateb road.

*Tareeq Al Bab: people were injured when a mortar shell was fired by Assad’s militia onto the district in the late afternoon.

2) Al Zahraa’: 2 cars were burnt in the district when a shell fell at dawn:


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Rural Aleppo - road from Aleppo to Damascus: clashes took place between the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s militia south of Aleppo city, in an attempt by the FSA to take control of the international road between Aleppo and Damascus.


• Places that were bombed:

1) Al Sheikh Maqsoud: a shell fell during the early hours of dawn.

2) Al Sha’ar: artillery shelling during the early hours of dawn.

3) Al Zahraa’: a shell fell at dawn.

4) Tareeq Al Bab: a mortar shell fell during the late afternoon.


• Miscellaneous:

1) Al Hamdaniyeh: the road linking Rawad Al Sayaha roundabout and Dahiya roundabout was closed, in an attempt to force pedestrians to pass by the Academy checkpoint. It was also noted that a pickup minibus armed with doushka machine guns was touring the district, as well as snipers stationing themselves on buildings overlooking the junction of the first district.

2) Al Hamdaniyeh: the district suffers from many problems due to the power outage of more than a week, a great price influx of fuel and essential food supplies and the presence of bread shabeeha [regime thugs.]


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Al Mayassar: demonstration Friday 23/11/2012:

2) Tareeq Al Bab: demonstration Friday 23/11/2012:

3) Al Sha’ar: large demonstration Friday 23/11/2012:

4) Bab Al Nasr: 2 demonstrations emerged from Zaki mosque and Othmaniya mosque, lead by the Free Syrian Army heroes and those whom remain from the civilians after Friday prayers. The news was delayed due to the power outage.

5) Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: funeral procession for martyr Abdullah Hassan Ka’keh, who was tortured to death by the military security 22/11/2012:

6) Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: demonstration Friday 23/11/2012:

7) Rural Aleppo - Bazi Bagh village: demonstration on Friday which demanded the fall of the regime:

8) Rural Aleppo - Mare’: 2 demonstrations emerged, asking for reform within the Free Syrian Army 23/11/2012. Start of the demonstration-
-Moment the 2 demonstrations met:
-Crowds chanting for reform within the Free Syrian Army after the 2 demonstrations met:

9) Rural Aleppo - Jarablus: demonstration on Friday 23/11/2012, with the participation of the city elders and lieutenant Abdul Razzaq Talas:


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