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10/11/2012 up until 8pm [SYRIA]

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 10/11/2012 up until 8pm [SYRIA]

Summary for 10/11/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs:
Number of demonstrations: 2
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 1
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 15
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 4
Number of defections: 2


• Violations:

Injured and wounded:

1. Upper part of Al Hillok: A man and his wifer were seriously injured resulting from the fall of a shell onto a residential building in the neighbourhood near the early hours of dawn time.

2. Karm al Jabal: Burning of buildings resulting from Assad tank shelling.

3. Maysaloon: Destruction of parts of two residential buildings near Jabal Al Itham cemetery resulting from shelling of the neighbourhood.


Cases of gunfire:

1. Al Itha’a: Violent clashes between the FSA and SAA.

2. Karm al Jabal: Violent clashes between the FSA and SAA.

Western rural Aleppo-

3. Kafar Naha: Violent clashes between the FSA and SAA.

4. Al Zirbeh: Violent clashes between the FSA and SAA in the city during the early hours of dawn time.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:

1) Bani Zaid: artillery shelling during the early hours of dawn.

2) Masakin Hanano: a number of shells fell during the early hours of dawn. Shelling was renewed during the evening.

3) Upper Al Hellok: a shell fell on a residential building near Omar Bin Al Khattab mosque during the early hours of dawn.

4) Bustan Al Qasr: artillery shelling in the afternoon.

5) Al Leiramoun: warplane shelling in the afternoon.

6) Al Sabe’ Bahraat: tank shelling.

* Shelling of rural Aleppo:

7) Baza’ah: warplanes shelled civilian houses using heavy machine guns during the early hours of dawn.

8) Al Bab: machine gun shelling from warplanes of the outskirts of the city during the early hours of dawn.

9) Tadef: warplane shelling at dawn.

10) Deir Hafer: warplane shelling during the morning.

11) Kafar Halab: shelling from Regiment 46, and electricity was cut-off in the evening.

12) Anadan: violent artillery shelling in the evening.

13) Al Mansoura: 2 shells fell from Al Zahraa’ artillery in the evening.

14) Tel Hadya: rocket shelling from warplanes of Al Khaleej university, which lead to material damages in buildings.
15) Al Safira: Jabal Al Has, opposite Al Qabteen villages, Junaid and its fields, 15km east of Al Safira city, was shelled daily with artillery for about a month, threatening the population of the region and leading to outbreaks of fires.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was used:

1. Al Miyassar: Warplane flying above Al Miyassar at low altitude during the early hours.

2. Aleppo- Flight of warplanes shelling liberated neighbourhoods.

Rural Aleppo-

3. Injarah: Flight of helicopters.

4. Rural Aleppo: Flight of warplanes above the northern countryside.


• Demonstrations:

Rural Aleppo-

1. Babees: Large overwhelming demonstration took off despite the presence of more than 250 Assad thugs in the town, chanting for the FSA and for the martyr Mohammad Abd Allah Jarban during his funeral procession in the town today where he was martyred when sniped in Salah Al Deen, aged 18 years old.

* Funeral procession prayers:
* Funeral procession:

2. Mare’: Funeral procession of the martyr Mohammad Saber Al Najjar.


• Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1. Rural Aleppo- Al Atareb: Formation of the city's Fire and Rescue office.


• Miscellaneous:

1) New Aleppo [Halab Al Jadideh]: a group of security personnel spread, wearing civilian clothing, near Sa’d Bin Al Rabee’ mosque and Al Iman mosque in the district.

2) Al Ashrafiyeh: the telecommunication services were cut off in the morning.

3) Aleppo: the return of life to some of the liberated districts in Aleppo, despite the aerial shelling and clashes:

4) Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: cluster bombs that did not explode after they were dropped from Assad’s jets:


• Delayed news and videos:

1) Al Firdous: demonstration after Friday prayers 09/11/2012:

2) Al Ma’adee: demonstration 09/11/2012:

3) Al Firdous: impact of the shelling of Khiyata mosque and the emergence of a demonstration after Friday prayers 09/11/2012:

4) Maysaloun: tank shelling:

5) Al Leiramoun: around 8 factories were burnt at Al Leiramoun roundabout as a result of the artillery and tank shelling of the area. 09/10/2012:

6) Al Neirab: dawn - a campaign of raids, where 5 civilian cars, carrying 30 soldiers from the air intelligence [mukhabaraat] arrested young Yousef Jamal Masree from his house. Soldiers resumed raids in the late afternoon yesterday to force civilians to flee, without any new arrests.

7. Al Sheikh Sa’d: violent clashes in the district 09/11/2012:

8. Rural Aleppo- Bza’a: A revolutionary wedding for two units from the FSA 09/11/2012.


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