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06/11/2012 until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 06/11/2012 until 8pm [SYRIA]

Summary for 06/11/2012:

Number of arrests: 8
Number of martyrs: 15
Number of demonstrations: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 1
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: 0
Number of cases of opening fire:
Number of shelled places: 13
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used:
Number of defections: 0


• Violations:

1. Al leiramoun: Effects of shelling using exploding barrels onto the neighbourhood.

2. Al Sha’ar: The burning of a building resulting from shelling of the neighbourhood.

Rural Aleppo-

3. Albab city: Effects of the destruction of a grain factory using exploding barrels.
The shelling which followed:

• Places that were bombed/ shelled:

1. Al Haidarieh: A number of shells fell on the neighbourhood.
2. Salah al Deen: Violent shelling of the neighbourhood.
3. Karm al Jabal: Destruction resulting from the shelling of a house.
4. Warplane shelling of water tanks located near Icarda.

* Shelling of rural Aleppo-

5. Hayyan: Flight of warplanes and shelling of the outskirts of the city using heavy machine guns.
6. Kafar Hamra: Warplanes shell the town using heavy machine guns.
7. Bayanoun: Warplanes shell the town.
8. Al Atareb: Artillery shelling from the 46th regiment targets the city.
9. Deir Hafer: Warplanes shell the city using machine guns and barrels, targeting the agricultural institute and the eastern entrance to the city.
10. Albab city: More than six martyrs fell resulting from the exploding barrel shelling of a grain factory, also resulted in the injury of more than 13 people, some of whom were left in critical condition.
11. Warplanes shell Al Jabrieh village, located on the way to AlRaqqah, west of Kuweirs airport.
12. Helicopters shell Sha’aleh village using heavy machine guns.
13. Al Safirah: Warplane shelling of the city.


• Field developments of the Free Syrian Army:

1. Alleiramoun: FSA tanks located in the area that was liberated by the FSA yesterday.
FSA tanks shell the areas where regime forces gather.
2. Aleppo- Al Sakhour: Filming confirming the control of rebels of Al Sakhour roundabout.


• Demonstrations:

1. Al Firdaws: Demonstration took off from outside A’rabee mosque in the neighbourhood chanting to execute the dictator, Assad, and to topple the regime.


• Martyrs:

1. Al Marha: Martyr Ismail Ibrahim Hajjo, 25 years old, sniped in Bustan Al Qasr.
2. Al ‘Aqbeh: Martyr Sheikh Hassan Alhoufi, aged 52 years old, sniped outside the Municipal palace.
3. Aleppo- Martyr Mohammad Hajj, sniped near Thiknet Hanano in Al Arqoob.
4. Aleppo- Martyr Mohammad Muwfiq Hassan Sraj Ali, martyred in the liberation battle of Alleiramoun, a unit of Youssef Al Shahba FSA brigade.

Rural Aleppo-
5. Albab: Martyred engineer Adnan Hamza, president of the civil revolutionary council, resulting from the warplane shelling on 04/11/2012.
6. Anadan: Martyr Fadi Eskaif, an FSA unit martyred at a Alleiramoun roundabout by a shell during its liberation.
7. Anadan: Martyr Jumah Ghazal, an FSA unit martyred at a Alleiramoun roundabout by a shell during its liberation.
8. Anadan: Martyr Abdullah Ragheb, an FSA unit martyred at a Alleiramoun roundabout by a shell during its liberation.
9. Albab: Martyr Mohammad Jawhar resulting from shelling of the city.
10. Albab: Martyr Hassan Abd Al Fattah Al Khalaf, 13 years old, resulting from shelling of the city.
11. Albab: Martyr Waleed Abd Al Fattah Al Khalaf, resulting from shelling of the city.
12. Albab: Martyr Hassan Fawas Al Khalaf, resulting from shelling of the city.
13. Albab: Martyr Jowhar Khalaf Al Khalaf, resulting from shelling of the city.
14. Hayyan: Martyr Mohammad Hassan Sraj, an FSA unit killed in Aleppo.
15. Al Abzimo: Martyr Mohammad Abd Alqader Khaleel, killed during clashes in Kafar Naha.

Also documented:

Aleppo- Karm AlTarrab: Martyr Subhi Allaf son of Hassan, 60 years old, killed during warplane shelling of the neighbourhood a few days ago.
Aleppo- Martyr Abd Al Razzaq Al sheikh, killed during clashes between security forces and thugs in Al Sayyed Ali neighbourhood yesterday.
Rural Aleppo- Al Safira: Unidentified martyr from the FSA who was tortured until death by Assad thugs in Al Safirah on sunday 04/11/2012.


• Arrests:

Aleppo- Arrest of a group of young males working for ‘Mubadaret Balad’ that took on a group of young people from Aleppo city, to carry out help and aid those affected civilians as well as spreading awareness to preserve the country and its institutions.


• Peaceful revolutionary activities:

1. Aleppo- Technical and effort output by youth: Shadow scene, episode title ‘Bido yteer’.


• Miscellaneous:

1. Report on the regimes target of mosques in Aleppo.
2. Alleiramoun roundabout: FSA shouting to Assad gangs under siege.
3. Al Sakhour: Cut off of electricity at Al Maktab street part of the neighbourhood since over a month ago.
4. Aleppo- Karm Al Tarrab: Continued suffering of civilians.


• Delayed videos and news:

1. Tareeq Al Bab: evening demonstration 05/11/2012:
(Part 1)http://youtu.be/9mJB71TYVIA
(Part 2)http://youtu.be/2vqjETrMR70
2. Al Sikaree: a letter addressed to the Free Syrian Army 05/11/2012:
3. Old Aleppo - Al Zahrawee souq [market] (Al Sawiqa): a shell fell on the district, which burned a young man in a number of places 04/11/2012:
4. Aleppo- Al ‘Aqbeh: The destruction left behind by regime forces after they  withdrew from a building which was liberated by the FSA on 05/11/2012.
5. Aleppo- Al Sikaree: Effects of indiscriminate shelling of the neighbourhood 05/11/2012.

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