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13/11/2012 until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 13/11/2012 until 8pm [SYRIA]

• Summary for 13/11/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: 0
Number of martyrs: 15
Number of demonstrations: 1
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 0
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: 0
Number of cases of opening fire: 6
Number of shelled places: 15
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 0
Number of defections: 0


• Violations:

1) Al Leiramoun: impact of the shelling of the most important industrial factory in the city:

2) Al Sakhour: destruction of the Istihlakiya corporation due to the artillery shelling:

3) Aqyool: destruction in the buildings and infrastructure:

4) Rural Aleppo - Kafar Naya: fire in a plastic grain factory due to the shelling which affected a number of factories in the town:

5) Rural Aleppo - Tel Rif’at: destruction of 2 houses due to the warplane shelling.


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Al Hellok: sounds of heavy gunfire at dawn.

2) Salah Al Deen: violent clashes in the district.

3) Share’ Al Neel: clashes at Shahyan roundabout and Tishreen road, alongside a number of explosions that shook the area and around the Al Tubi Al Arabi checkpoint.

4) Bani Zaid: sounds of violent clashes.

5) New Aleppo [Halab Al Jadideh]: sporadic gunfire from the direction of Bab Al Salam roundabout.

6) Rural Aleppo - around Regiment 46: violent clashes around Regiment 46.


• Places that were bombed/shelled:

1) Al Hellok: artillery shelling at dawn.

2) Masakin Hanano: artillery shelling in the morning.

3) Al Sheikh Najjar: heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes:

4) Al Zahraa’: violent TNT barrel and heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes.

5) Salah Al Deen: a number of shells fell in the late afternoon.

6) Al Heidariyeh: artillery shelling of Jabal Al Heidariyeh and Indarat Al Heidariyeh.

7) Al Sikaree: violent shelling in the evening.

8) New Aleppo [Halab Al Jadideh]: artillery shelling was renewed from the direction of the Scientific Research Society onto the western countryside of Aleppo.

* Shelling of rural Aleppo:

9) Kafar Naha: shelling during the early hours of dawn:

10) Deir Hafer: heavy machine gun and rocket shelling from warplanes of the city in the morning.

11) Al Ibzamo: artillery shelling in the afternoon.

12) Tel Rif’at: rocket shelling from warplanes.

13) Kafar Ameh: artillery shelling of the village in the afternoon.

14) Al Bab: heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes.

15) Jibreen - Al Douyarbana: warplane shelling targeted the railway companies and cotton gins near the 2 villages.


• Martyrs:

1) Karam Al Jazmatee: Ha’el Barakat, 27 years, married with a pregnant wife, was killed as a result of the shelling.

2) Al Neirab: Muhammad Bakree Nabhan Hamashee, 28 years, was sniped near Al Neirab military airport.

3) Al amariyeh: Jaber Al Sheikh Sa’d, 26 years, was sniped.

4) Tel Al Zarazeer: child Khaleel Ibrahim, 15 years, was killed as a result of the shelling.

5) Tel Al Zarazeer: a 3-year-old child was killed as a result of the shelling.

6) Tel Al Zarazeer: an unidentified martyr was killed as a result of the shelling.

7) Al Sikaree: Bashar Lahafee, 37 years, was killed as a result of the shelling.

8) Aleppo: Ahmad Najjar was killed during clashes in Salah Al Deen.

9) Rural Aleppo - Qubtan Al Jabal: Abdul Kareem Jawad Kareem, 65 years, was killed as a result of the shelling of Al Sikaree in Aleppo.

10) Rural Aleppo - Al Sheikh Ahmad village: Muhammad Abdullah Jalmoud, 65 years, was killed as a result of the shelling.

11) Rural Aleppo - Al Sheikh Ahmad vilage: female Awash Al Safree, 60 years, was killed as a result of the shelling.

12) Rural Aleppo - Anadan: Haytham Al Ibrahim was killed during clashes in Al Leiramoun in Aleppo.

13) Rural Aleppo - Ikhtarein: Ibrahim Abbas Al Tamr, 20 years, died from wounds he had sustained during clashes in Al Amariyeh in Aleppo.

14) Rural Aleppo - Tafar Ameh: Ahmad Abdul Qader Bahree was killed during clashes in Aleppo.

15) Rural Aleppo: Abdul Razzaq Haj Ahmad was killed as a result of the shelling of Al Zuhour in Damascus city:

• Also documented:

-Saif Al Dowleh: a martyr from the Abu Dan family, 28 years, was sniped on 10/11/2012.

-Maysaloun: 2 unidentified martyrs were sniped in Al Khadra souq [market] in the late afternoon of yesterday.


• Demonstrations:

1) Al Sikaree: demonstration which condemned the shelling and massacres and saluted the Free Syrian Army.


• Miscellaneous:

1) Al Mogambo: electricity was cut-off in the New Mall building after sounds of severe explosions.

2) Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: a rocket which did not explode in the city:


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Aleppo: news denying the martyrdom of freedom-fighter Sheikh Abu Al Tayb 12/11/2012.


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