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Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 28/03/2013 [SYRIA]

• Summary for 28/03/2013:

Number of arrests: 1, in addition to a number of undefined arrests of young men in Hamdaniyeh.
Number of martyrs: 12
Number of demonstrations: -
Peaceful revolutionary activities: 6
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: -
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 15
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: 2
Number of defections: 4


• Violations:

1) Injured and wounded:

*Firdous: a number were injured by the shelling.

*Maghayer: people were injured by the mortar shelling.

*Bustan al-Basha: a soldier from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was injured by Assad militia snipers from the direction of Midan.

*Aleppo: the wife and children of Colonel Ammar al-Wawee were injured when his house was targeted.

*Aleppo countryside - Tel Rif’at: over 20 were injured, including women and children, by the warplane shelling:
-A child injured by the shelling:
-A child injured by the shelling:

2) Kallaseh: a rental car was burnt after a mortar shell fell on Kallaseh square in the morning:

3) Aghyoor: impact of the destruction:

4) Hellok: a campaign to clear out rubbish was obstructed due to Assad militia targeting machines of Aleppo city council:

5) Salah al-Deen: destruction in residential buildings around Sa’d Bin Abi Waqas mosque due to Assad militia shelling:

6) Mayassar: great devastation in school complexes in the neighbourhood:
-The role of science and knowledge in the neighbourhood was destroyed by Assad’s militia:

7) Aleppo countryside - Tel Rif’at: cluster bomb shelling from warplanes:

8) Aleppo countryside - Thabiyya: impact of the destruction in the village, caused by shelling from Assad’s militia stationed in Nabi Idrees mountain:


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Aleppo international airport: sporadic clashes took place between the FSA and Assad’s militia around the airport.

2) Hellok: clashes took place between the FSA and Assad’s militia at Shaykh Ruz crossing.

3) Firdous: snipers targeted passers-by between Jisr al-Haj and the Firdous traffic signs for the second day in a row.

4) Saif al-Dowleh: clashes took place between the FSA and Assad’s militia.


• Places that were shelled:

1) Bustan al-Qasr: mortar shelling during the early hours of dawn, which was renewed in the afternoon.

2) Kallaseh: a mortar shell fell in the morning.

3) Firdous: mortar shelling in the afternoon.

4) Ba’eideen: 2 shells fell in the afternoon.

5) Maghayer: mortar shelling in the morning.

6) Hellok: mortar shelling of Shaykh Ruz orchards in the afternoon.

7) Bab al-Nasr: a shell fell in the evening.

8) Sokaree: mortar shelling:

9) Salah al-Deen: 2 artillery shells fell in the morning, in addition to warplane shelling:

10) Aleppo international airport: heavy machine gun shelling from warplanes around Aleppo international airport and Neirab military airport.

11) Aleppo: moment a tank shell was fired by Assad’s militia stationed in Suleiman al-Halabi, towards the areas under the control of the FSA:

*Shelling of Aleppo countryside:

12) Mare’: surface-to-surface rocket shelling during the early hours of dawn.

13) Deir Jamal: artillery shelling at dawn.

14) Tel Rif’at: warplane shelling in the evening.

15) Duweiraniyeh: artillery shelling in the evening.


• Number of times that heavy army equipment was seen:

1) Sokaree: helicopters flew overhead:

2) Aleppo countryside - Hreitan: many warplanes flew overhead in the evening, with tanks surrounding.


• Martyrs:

1-2) Firdous: 2 unidentified martyrs were killed by the mortar shelling.

3) Firdous: child Jalal Mastinee, 17 years, was killed by the mortar shelling.

4-7) Kallaseh: 4 unidentified martyrs, including 3 who were in a rental car and an unidentified child who was crossing road, were killed.

8) Aleppo: Zakariya al-Haj, 36 years, was killed during clashes in Bustan al-Basha.

9) Aleppo countryside - Injareh: child Muhammad Yousef Bin Isma’eel Rastam, 14 years, was killed by a bomb explosion.

10) Aleppo countryside - Tel Rif’at: Yahya Omar Badran was killed by the warplane shelling.

11) Aleppo countryside - Tel Rif’at: female Fawziya al-Sakran was killed by the warplane shelling.

12) Aleppo countryside - Talaleen: Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar, 20 years, was killed during clashes in Sakhour in Aleppo yesterday.


• Arrests:

1) Hamdaniyeh: Assad’s militia carried out a campaign of raids and searches, arresting an undefined number of military-serving age, amid a cut-off of electricity and communications.

2) New Aleppo: a man in his 40s was arrested from inside a minibus at one of the checkpoints in the neighbourhood, giving the excuse that he is from Bustan al-Qasr.


• Peaceful revolutionary acts:

1) Masakin Hanano: the directorate council distributed water do civilians due to its cut-off.
-The directorate council in Masakin Hanano repaired the main water pipes, which have been damaged for 8 months.

2) Intharaat: Aleppo city council sprayed pesticides on residential buildings:

3) Hellok: Aleppo city council disposing of rubbish:

4) Tareeq al-Bab: the city council fixing water pipes:

5) Sokaree: a play by children of Fajr al-Ibtisaam primary school:

6) Aleppo countryside - Safira: a centre was opened to vaccinate children in Safira city, with the help of the Red Crescent and Aleppo Health.


• Defections:

1) the defection of 4 soldiers from in front of the governor's palace was secured.

1) Kallaseh: picture of the car that was hit by a mortar shell, which lead to the martyrdom of 4 people; 3 who were renting a taxi and a child who was crossing the road.

2) Aleppo: letter from Aleppo university to Damascus university: “the university of the revolution heals the wounds of Damascus university with its own wounds”:

3) Intharaat: interview with a member of Aleppo council:

4) Bustan al-Qasr: the power station at Bustan al-Qasr has which has not been operating for over 117 days due to its location Huthaifa mosque. This overlooks most of Assad’s snipers, which caused the refrigerant and other parts to become damaged.

5) Aleppo: burying martyr Sa’eed al-Hajji:
-Burying martyr Basel al-Azraq:

6) Saryan al-Jadida: monitoring the place where Assad’s militia have stationed in the facility of the Jalaa’ sports club:


• Delayed videos and news:

1) Restoring the roads in the northern countryside 27/03/2013:

2) Masakin Hanano: demonstration calling for freedom and saluting martyrs 27/03/2013

3) Firdous: 2 people were injured Tuesday evening after snipers targeted passers-by between Jisr al-Haj and Firdous traffic lights.

4) Sabe’ Bahraat 27/03/2013
-A warehouse was burnt after it was targeted by Assad militia snipers:
-FSA soldiers preparing to put out the fire in the warehouse:
-Inside the warehouse, burnt due to Assad militia sniper fire:

5) Qastal Haramee: monitoring Assad militia barricades 27/03/2013

6) Neirab airport: monitoring Assad militia barricades above the oil factory near the airport 27/03/2013

7) Masakin Hanano: removing accumulated rubbish as part of the campaign “Keep it clean” 27/03/2013

8) Sha’ar: evening demonstration with the participation of residents from Masakin Hanano, addressing the Sharia Authority 27/03/2013

9) Mayassar: civilians queuing to get water 27/03/2013

10) Aleppo countryside - Safira - Khanaser: clashes between the FSA with military reinforcements approaching Khanaser 26/03/2013

11) Western Aleppo countryside - Kafarnouran 27/03/2013
-Colonel Abdul-Jabbar al-Akidee, head of the military council in Aleppo and its countryside, visits Kafarnouran village:
-Colonel Abdul-Jabbar al-Akidee visits the graves of martyrs in the village and reads the Fatiha:


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