Friday, August 16, 2013

Report for the massacre in Bustan al-Qasr/Kallaseh 16/08/2013

Report for the massacre in Bustan al-Qasr/Kallaseh district in Aleppo province 16/08/2013

The districts of Bustan al-Qasr and Kallaseh, in Aleppo city, underwent artillery shelling in the morning, which was renewed in the afternoon and again in the late afternoon. Warplanes also shelled the districts at dawn and again the late afternoon, with explosive TNT barrels being dropped from them.

Dozens were injured and killed as a result, with the death toll currently at 29 confirmed martyrs. Civilians were wounded when a shell landed near one of the mosques in Bustan al-Qasr. 3 residential buildings in Kallaseh were destroyed.

Search operations continue up until now, hours after the massacre took place, with survivors and bodies of casualties fallen trapped in the rubble.


*Video showing the warplane shelling in Kallaseh:

*3 residential buildings were destroyed in Kallaseh due to the warplane shelling of the neighbourhood in the afternoon.

*Kallaseh: search operations take place for survivors under the rubble after the warplane shelling:

*First 5 minutes of the massacre 18+:

*Recovering a martyr from the massacre:

*Moment an artillery shell fell during an operation to recover bodies:

*A child after the shelling:

*A father who lost his family after the shelling:

*A civilian witnesses the massacre:

*Recovering a martyr from under the rubble:

*A state of panic among civilians:

*Aleppo city brigade contributes towards rescuing civilians:

*An interview with a civil defence personnel:

*A father cries after he lost his entire family in the massacre:

*Recovering a woman from under the rubble and a continued operation to recover survivors and the dead:

*An album of more than 45 pictures showing the operation of recovering martyrs and survivors from under the rubble, the great destruction that was caused in residential buildings and the state of civilians after warplanes targeted the neighbourhood in the afternoon:

*Recovering a child on the brink of life from under the rubble:

*The search operation for martyrs and civilians trapped under the rubble is ongoing up until now, 11 hours after the massacre was committed, which claimed the lives of at least 29 martyrs.

-Images of some of the martyred children:

-More pictures and clips of some of the martyrs from the massacre:

*Heavy smoke rising due to the shelling of Kallaseh:

*Videos from the massacre in Kallaseh after it was targeted near Anas Bin Malek mosque by explosive TNT barrels from warplanes:


• Martyrs:

29 martyrs have been documented from the massacre, including 5 children and 4 women. Their full names can be found on the following link (under the heading ‘Martyrs’):


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