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25/12/2012 up until 8pm

Report on the province of Aleppo and its surroundings 25/12/2012 up until 8pm  [SYRIA]

• Summary for 25/12/2012 up until 8pm:

Number of arrests: -
Number of martyrs: 13
Number of demonstrations: 2
Peaceful revolutionary activities: -
Number of demonstrations that had fire opened onto: -
Number of cases of opening fire: 4
Number of shelled places: 9
Number of times that heavy army equipment was used: -
Number of defections: -


• Violations:

1) Injured and wounded:

*Sheikh Khadar: 2 children and an elderly man were injured by Assad’s snipers. They were taken to a medical point to be treated, and it should be noted that snipers in the area are continuously targeting civilians.

*Tareeq Al Bab: a number of civilians were injured, including children, due to the rocket launcher shelling.
-Recovering the remains of a family of: a father, mother and 4 children:
-Recovering female martyr Rasha Saleh and another child:
-A child speaks of the members of his family who are still under the rubble:

2) Sha’ar: impact of the indiscriminate shelling:

3) Tareeq Al Bab: impact of the shelling:

4) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: an attempt to recover an elderly man from under the rubble:

5) Rural Aleppo - Hayyan: impact of the artillery shelling that caused material damage when it targeted civilian houses:http://youtu.be/CyuLHl33E6s


• Cases of gunfire:

1) Aleppo: a large explosion shook the districts Sakhour, Sha’ar and Tareeq Al Bab in the morning.

2) Salah Al Deen: clashes took place between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Assad’s militia in the afternoon in Mistawsef road.

3) Rural Aleppo - Manegh: violent clashes took place beween the FSA & Assad’s militia around Manegh military airport.

4) Rural Aleppo - the Police School: clashes took place between the FSA & Assad’s militia at the police school.


• Places that were shelled:

1) Bustan Al Qasr: artillery and rocket shelling.

2) Sha’ar: indiscriminate shelling.

3) Tareeq Al Bab: artillery and rocket launcher shelling in the afternoon:

* Shelling of rural Aleppo:

4) Injareh: artillery shelling during the early hours of dawn.

5) Duwairineh: warplane shelling of the village in the morning.

6) Khan Al Asal: warplane shelling in the afternoon.

7) Manegh: warplane shelling of the villages surrounding Manegh military airport.

8) Hayyan: artillery shelling in the late afternoon.

9) Safira: rocket launcher shelling in the late afternoon.


• Martyrs:

The number of martyrs in Aleppo and its countryside has reached 13 thus far (8pm), including a child and a woman.

1) Tareeq Al bab: child Rasha Al-Saleh, 3 years, was killed by the shelling of a residential building:

2) Sha’ar: Kamel Khadra, 32 years, was killed by the shelling:

3) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: Abdulwahed Al-Hassan, 60 years, was killed by the shelling:

4) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: Dalal Al-Hassan Bint Ahmad, 50 years, wife of martyr Abdulwahed Al-Hassan, was killed by the shelling.

5) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: Khattab Al-Hassan Bin Muhammad Al-Khattab, 29 years, was killed by the shelling.

6) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: Muhammad Al-Hassan Bin Abdul Ghani, 29 years, was killed by the shelling.

7) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: Zakariya Al-Hassan Bin Yousef Al-Wahhab, 23 years, was killed by the shelling.

8) Rural Aleppo - Injareh: Amouree Mustafa Rastam was killed by the shelling.

9) Rural Aleppo - Injareh: Fuad Abdo Deibo Latouf was killed during clashes at the police school in Khan Al-Asal.

10) Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: Khaled Muhammad Ahmad, 37 years, was killed during clashes in Aleppo:

11) Rural Aleppo - Jarablus: Khalid Taher Al Afan was killed during clashes in Salah Al Deen.

12) Rural Aleppo - Hreitan: Muhannad Na’na’a Ibn Saleh, 22 years, was killed during clashes in Itha’ah in Aleppo:

13) Rural Aleppo - Daret ‘Izeh: Yaser Sha’ban died in a hospital in Turkey from wounds he had sustained a week ago from a roadside bomb. He was a media activist and was ‘Daret ‘Izeh’ on skype.

• Martyrs from other provinces:

-Latakia: engineer Rami Ali Hassan was killed during clashes at the police school in Khan Al Asal:

-Rural Idlib - Jisr Ash-Shughour: Muhammad Younes was killed during clashes at the police school in Khan Al Asal.


• Demonstrations:

1) Rural Aleppo - Ibeen: funeral procession for martyr and engineer Rami Ali Hassan, from Latakia province, who was martyred in the battle to liberate the police school:

2) Rural Aleppo - Manbej: demonstration in solidarity with Hilfaya and the stricken cities:


• Miscellaneous:

1) Marjeh neighbourhood: civilians are suffering from the terrible living conditions, due to a complete power outage and water being cut-off daily for around a month now.


• Delayed news and videos:

1) Maysaloun: 24/12/2012-
-A general view of the destruction in the neighbourhood:
-Destruction around Maysaloun hospital:

2) Aleppo - the industrial city [Sina’iyeh] 24/12/2012-
-Civilians suffering from the cut-off of water:
-Children talking of the suffering:

3) Rural Aleppo - Duwairineh: impact of the rocket shelling 24/12/2012:
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
-Even livestock have not been spared by the shelling:
-Impact of the rocket shelling of the industrial factories:

4) Rural Aleppo - Manegh: devastation caused by TNT barrel sherlling of the villages surrounding Manegh military airport 24/12/2012:

5) Rural Aleppo - Al Atareb: evening demonstration in solidarity with the martyrs’ lives lost in the Hilfaya massacre and in Talbiseh and demanding the fall of the regime 24/12/2012:


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